The Purple Gallinule of Presque Isle

Purple Gallinule Presque Isle State Park-05/06/2011

Yes, you read it correctly!  There has been a purple gallinule at Presque Isle State Park  that was first seen by our illustrious co-blogger, Brian Berchtold, during the first week in May.  This is only the second recorded sighting of a purple gallinule at Presque Isle.  The first one was several years ago and that was an immature bird.  The bird hanging around this year is a beautiful adult.  S/He’s been seen hanging around with a sora in the reeds at the far north west corner of the bay.  While the purple gallinule is a bird that is most often found in South America and the south eastern United States it can be found far afield, as with our bird.

It’s possible the bird got caught up in the weather front related to the tornadoes down south and got pushed this way. It’s impossible to say for sure how this beauty wound up so far from home, so for now we’ll just appreciate his beauty and hope he enjoys his stay with us.

Just look at those toes!

The gallinule was non-plussed by my bright yellow and orange kayak. I guess when you're as colorful as this guy nothing's too bright.

The gallinule enjoying some blue gill sushi.



  1. WOW, great captures of the Purple Gallinule! Looks like it’s content on being so far away from home.

  2. djc

    Greetings from Ashtabula. We love the pics you post about one of our favorite places. Keep up the good work.

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