Babe in the Woods

Spring has sprung and no where is that more evident than at Presque Isle!  Many of the wildflowers are starting to bloom, the trees are budding beautifully and the birds and bees are…well, you know.  Owls are among the first, if not the first, of the bird species to start their new families in the spring and actually late winter.  We are fortunate to have Presque Isle host a great-horned owl family again this year and I’m glad to be able to bring you a couple of photos.

One of the adult great-horned owls keeping watch on the nest.

Great-horned owl chick, estimated age is one month old.

The Canada Geese are also early (and prolific) in their pursuit of expanding their families.

Mother Goose sits patiently on her eggs.

Things are changing and growing at the park on a daily basis.  Soon the warblers will be warbling as they stop over during their migration from as far away as South America headed for their northern breeding grounds. Please come on down and enjoy all that nature has to offer right here in our own backyard.


  1. Steve

    Back to blogging!!!!!!! My pic not as good as yours.(

  2. Thanks Steve! I’m sure you can make your photo just as good:)

  3. Bill Simbeck

    Very Nice picture .. I’m glad to see they found a new nest tree.
    I got some great photos a couple of years ago..

    I was wondering if some one could give me the location of the new nest.. I would like to take a few more photos..


  4. Thank you, Bill. Out of respect for the birds it is our policy not to publish exact locations of nesting birds. While most individuals who follow this blog are considerate and thoughtful nature lovers, like yourself, we cannot control our readership. Even of those who well-intentioned people, some may not understand the steps necessary to avoid disrupting the nest. Which brings me to my next post…

  5. Bill Simbeck

    I read your post today and I agree very much.

    I photograph Eagles and some of their nests in Warren County.


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