Warbler Mania!

Well, spring migration is starting to wind down  and I’m finally able to stay home for a night and put this post together.  I was kind of holding off hoping to be able to tell you about and  perhaps even share a picture of a Connecticut warbler, but, alas, it’s not to be so…YET!  There’s still a possibility one will show up this week from what I understand.  Fingers crossed:) It really has been a GREAT spring for warbler migration in general with good numbers of the more common migrants, like this handsome blackpoll warbler.

Male blackpoll warbler, Leo's Landing



Male American Redstart singing, Leo's Landing

The American Redstart is another familiar migrant but is also known to nest at the park in small numbers.  I’ve seen pairs on Duck Pond Trail in the summer that I’m thinking must’ve been nesting there.  Below is a picture of a pretty female magnolia warbler. When we start seeing the female warblers in greater numbers than males we know migration is nearing its end.  According to the range maps I’ve reviewed the magnolia warbler probably nests in this part of PA as well as a wide range north of us. 

Female Magnolia warbler, Pine Tree Trail

Female black-throated blue warbler, Fry's Landing

Male northern parula, Fry's Landing

 I enjoyed watching this pretty northern parula forage at just above eye level in this tree until it flew up into a much taller tree, as warblers tend to do.

Male black and white warbler, Pine Tree Trail

 The aptly named black and white warbler is a favorite migratory warbler at Presque Isle maybe because it is one of the more easily spotted and observed warblers because it moves along bare tree trunks and branches foraging for bugs, behaving much like a nuthatch.

Yellow-rumped warbler with a bug, Leo's Landing

 So what’s a birder and nature lover to do now that these beauties are flying off to their summer breeding grounds?  Well, there’s always the “sweet, sweet, sweet, little more sweet” yellow warbler that is perhaps one of the most adundant breeding birds on the park.

Female yellow warbler with nesting material, Gull Point Trail

  Not to mention the seemingly infinite number of other beautiful creatures, plants and scenic views that make Presque Isle such a wonderful destination…but don’t take my word for it.  Come down to the park and see for yourself!!!


  1. Beauties every one! Hope you see th Connecticut!

  2. Michele Franz

    Thanks, Dawn! I hope so too. Have you been to Presque Isle?

  3. Denise Hudson

    Great picture

  4. Denise Hudson

    Great pictures

  5. Great warblers, great pictures!

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