Barn Swallow Babes!

Momma barn swallow with a nice juicy fly.

Well, I did make it back down to the Beach 10 concession stand before the barn swallows fledged and am happy to be able to bring you a few photos of the oh-so-cute nestlings!  As it turned put there were more than just barn swallow nests around as I was able to watch activity at a tree swallow nest,

Momma (or Poppa) takes a look before heading out for more food for the babes.

a flicker nest, 

A pair of northern flickers.

a downy woodpecker nest and a house wren nest (both too high up to get any photos) .  Interestingly the nests, although some high up, were all within 50 feet of the main entrance of the concession stand/shower area which is one of the busiest places on the park. 

Mine, mine, mine!!

 As I stood and photographed the nests many people walked by and asked what I was doing.  I pointed out the many nests around the stand.  Some people were excited, others not so much, yet all were surprised they had missed them. It seems the passersby were almost as unconcerned about the birds as the birds were about the passersby:)

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