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Michele Franz


Hello, and welcome to Presque Isle, Naturally.  If you’ve never been to Presque Isle State Park I hope I can bring to you some sense of what it’s like to experience this wonderful park on the shores of Lake Erie in Erie, PA. If you have been here, you already know what a special place it is and I hope to spark some memories of your time here.   In my “spare time”, when I’m not working as a speech language pathologist in a local progressive nursing/rehabilitation facility, hanging out with my wonderful family and friends, participating in Presque Isle Audubon activities or surfing the net for more photography and birding  equipment, I spend as much time as possible at Presque Isle, enjoying and photographing the abundant and diverse flora and fauna.  I hope you enjoy the photos I am sharing here and that they bring you even a small percentage of the joy I get while taking them.  I also hope the posts are informative and entertaining and impart the abiding passion I have for “the park”. 

 Thanks for dropping by and please come back again!

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