Odanata abuzz in NWPA

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Dragonflies and damselflies (Odanata) inhabit areas near water and wetlands throughout NWPA. These winged insects spend most of their lives as aquatic nymphs under the water’s surface. For a few months during the summer they emerge near pools of water. Dragonflies can hover in place and are also able to move in six different directions…. View Article

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Register for Full Moonlight Madness Kayaking event

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The popular Full Moonlight Madness Kayaking event at Maurice K. Goddard State Park is scheduled for August 8th from 8:30pm until 10:30pm.This easy paced paddle around Lake Wilhelm, in Crawford County, will take place under a full moon.Participants are asked to bring flashlights, bug spray, and to dress warmer than usual.Some kayaks will be available… View Article

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Kayaking classes offered at Presque Isle

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The Presque Isle Canoe and Boat Livery along with an ACA (American Canoe Association) certified instructor  are now offering kayaking lessons. These lessons will include: basic strokes, safety, and boat design. A guided tour of the Presque Isle Lagoons will then test your skills as you admire some of the scenic beauty and natural wonders… View Article

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Campfire on the Beach Outdoor Cooking Event tonight at Presque Isle

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There will be a Campfire on the Beach Outdoor Cooking Event tonight at Beach #11 from 7:30pm until 9pm. Join the fun at Presque Isle State Park and enjoy this outdoor campfire/cooking event sponsored by the Pennsylvania DCNR. Participants are asked to bring a chair or blanket. To register please call (814)-833-7424. The cost is… View Article

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Preseason scouting with trail cameras

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Trail cameras are good tools for scouting deer. Utilizing these cameras to capture photos of animals while you are occupied with other pursuits can lead to a successful hunting season. Having multiple trail cameras set up at several locations allows you to scout different areas at the same time. Setting up cameras along heavily traveled… View Article

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Pymatuning Reservoir and Shenago River Lake PFBC bioligist reports

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        Biologist reports are basically samples of fish populations. These samples are taken by fisheries biologists using nets and electrofishing equipment. This year’s surveys conducted at Pymatuning Reservoir and Shenango River Lake are important because it allows PFBC officials determine how to set seasons, sizes,and creel limits. These reports also let anglers… View Article

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The Allegheny Trail Crew will meet at the Tanbark Trail Saturday

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The Allegheny Trail Crew will meet at the Hearts Content Campground on Saturday at 8am. Hearts Content is located 15 miles Southwest of Warren,PA. The Allegheny Trail Crew is a non-profit organization that helps to open up and maintain trails in the Allegheny National Forest. This weekend’s event will focus on the Tanbark Trail. This… View Article

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Friday Morning Ecopaddle at Presque Isle State Park

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An Environmental Educator will lead a kayaking/canoeing interpretive excursion into the Presque Isle Lagoons Friday morning. This ecopaddle at the Lagoons offers a unique glimpse into the diverse natural world of Presque Isle. Participants can rent equipment from the concessionin if they do not have their own. There is no registration and all levels are… View Article

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The Channel and the South Pier of Presque Isle Bay

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Many boats and large vessels go through the channel connecting Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie each day. Sometimes the Brig Niagara sails through the channel and it is a wonderful sight. Great blue herons and other interesting birds are also found around this area. The South Pier is a popular place for viewing birds… View Article

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Kayaking 101 offered at Pymatuning State Park

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A Kayaking 101 course will be offered from 6-8:30 on Wednesday July 23rd at Pymatuning State Park. Participants will learn about different types of kayaks and how to use each one. This is a great way to check out a kayak before you purchase one or to find out how to use your kayak safely…. View Article

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