Friday Morning Ecopaddle at Presque Isle State Park

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An Environmental Educator will lead a kayaking/canoeing interpretive excursion into the Presque Isle Lagoons Friday morning. This ecopaddle at the Lagoons offers a unique glimpse into the diverse natural world of Presque Isle. Participants can rent equipment from the concessionin if they do not have their own. There is no registration and all levels are… View Article

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The Channel and the South Pier of Presque Isle Bay

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Many boats and large vessels go through the channel connecting Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie each day. Sometimes the Brig Niagara sails through the channel and it is a wonderful sight. Great blue herons and other interesting birds are also found around this area. The South Pier is a popular place for viewing birds… View Article

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Kayaking 101 offered at Pymatuning State Park

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A Kayaking 101 course will be offered from 6-8:30 on Wednesday July 23rd at Pymatuning State Park. Participants will learn about different types of kayaks and how to use each one. This is a great way to check out a kayak before you purchase one or to find out how to use your kayak safely…. View Article

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Sign up for an overnight camp at Presque Isle State Park

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The 3rd Annual Family Camping Event at Presque Isle State Park is scheduled for August 29th-31st. The North Face is sponsoring this year’s event, aimed at getting those interested in camping involved in this great outdoor activity. This program is designed to give first time campers or those that haven’t camped in a while a… View Article

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Summer bronzebacks from flowing waters

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  Smallmouth bass are commonly found in NWPA’s area streams. They have self sustaining populations and are native to most waters of the area. These fish are great fighters and regularly leap from the water when hooked on rod and reel. Using 6lb line on a light rod can make things even more interesting while… View Article

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Camping at Oil Creek State Park

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There are two Adirondack Shelter Areas  located within Oil Creek State Park. The shelter sites are named Cow Run and Wolfkiel Run respectively. Each shelter area includes 6 wooden shelters with an open end facing a built-in fireplace . Firewood is provided at the shelter areas, along with restrooms and a water supply. The shelter… View Article

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Rollerblade the Bay this Sunday

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An interpretive roller-blade tour will be available this Sunday from 10am until 12pm at Presque Isle State Park. This is the first ever tour of it’s kind offered by the Presque Isle DCNR. The leisurely tour begins at the Vista 1 parking lot and continues for about two miles. Topics will include: plant and animal… View Article

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Salamander Safari at Chapman Dam

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On Saturday July 19th, from 3-4pm, there will be an event titled ‘Salamander Safari’ at Chapman Dam State Park. Participants will learn about the salamanders of Pennsylvania while they search Penny Run for newts and salamanders. Bring the kids and some shoes you can get wet as you explore the world of these unique, colorful… View Article

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Frontier Park and the LEAF

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Frontier Park is a 33 acre park located within the city of Erie. It is located along the west side of the Bayfront parkway between West 6th Street and West 8th Street. The park was developed in 1974. There are a half dozen fields, paved walkways, and trails within the park. The park is a… View Article

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Purple Martin Nest Check Friday from 1-2pm at Presque Isle State park

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On Friday, from 1-2pm, a DCNR Environmental Education Specialist and a Purple Martin Conservation Association Field Biologist will lead a nest check event at Presque Isle State Park. Participants will experience conservation efforts with experts who study these birds. Purple martins are the largest swallows found in the State of Pennsylvania. Purple martins nest almost… View Article

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