Birding on the bay

   May 6, 2008 10:40 am    1


Drop what you’re doing and get to Presque Isle State Park this week for fantastic birding before the trees fully leaf out.
A great horned owl, with two of the furriest, ugliest/cutest owlets you could imagine, is nested not so far from the park road. Like the exact site of a fishing honey hole, you won’t find details here; it’s more satisfying to find your own way. But you can’t miss the parked cars and foot traffic.
Don’t approach, though. The owls have grown acclimated to the attention, but give them their space.
The park’s American bald eagles have stuck close to the nest recently, and there’s speculation there could be an eaglet arriving in the next week.
Like the owls, watch from afar.
While you’re about Presque Isle, keep an eye out for orioles. The flash of brilliant orange can’t be missed.
Presque Isle Audubon Society has more sightings.



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  1. Scott Messenger says:

    Speaking of birds on the Penninsula, last night while walking the Sidewalk Trail around dusk, my wife and I saw several pairs of geese and ducks. Also, several Orioles posted on low branches, singing away. The best part of the show was not 1 or 2, but 3 different turkeys gobbling together from the roost.

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