Last chance for steelhead

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Quite a few steelhead still remain in the Lake Erie tributary streams. Monday morning, some of these fish could be seen attempting to spawn in shallower areas of Walnut Creek. A few deeper holes hold fish that are barely visible, if at all, even with polarized sunglasses. Steelhead blend in with the slightly stained water… View Article

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Bald eagles are picking off golden trout

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    Area anglers are reporting that the recovering bald eagle population in NWPA is effecting numbers of golden trout. Anglers are hoping to catch  these fish April 12th in approved trout waters stocked by the PFBC. Last year, trout anglers were growing concerned, after checking to see where these easily spotted golden trout were… View Article

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Sparta Sportsmen Club to host hunters safety classes

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The Sparta Sportsmen Club, near Spartansburg, in Crawford County Pa, will be hosting hunters safety courses. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the Pennsylvania Hunter-Trapper Education courses are six hour courses for first time hunters and trappers. These safety courses are  required by law in order for the first time hunters to buy a license…. View Article

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Blast of wintery weather returns to the region

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Cold temperatures shouldn’t deter us from heading outdoors. A brisk walk through the woods and down to the beaver dam leaves me feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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Lake Erie yellow perch, walleye daily limit set for 2014

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The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has set the 2014 creel limit for Lake Erie yellow perch at 30 per day and the creel limit for walleye at six per day. They limits are the same as they were in 2013. “This year’s assessment showed that both yellow perch and walleye populations remain stable,” Chuck… View Article

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The sound of spring

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Spring peepers are beginning to emerge in NWPA. This is a sign that the spring season has finally arrived!  Spring peepers are usually the first frogs in the region to call in spring.  As soon as the ice melts from the wetlands these vocal frogs will emerge and will gradually increase their calling when  population… View Article

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Increasing numbers of migratory birds including waterfowl are moving into region with warming trend

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The recent warm weather has brought with it increasing numbers of migratory birds to our area. Most recognizably: Canadian geese. A gaggle of these large birds  was recently seen and heard  gathering in a thawing wetland along State Route 8 outside of Union City before sunset. Waterfowl; including many species of ducks, geese, herons, and… View Article

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Rescheduled Mentored Youth Fishing Day prompts trout stocking changes

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The PFBC announces trout stocking changes to accommodate the Mentored Youth Fishing Day rescheduled for May 10th. These changes affect the waters listed below that will be open for trout fishing only to adult anglers (16 years of age and older), who possess a valid Pennsylvania Fishing License and current Trout/Salmon Permit, who are also… View Article

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Warren County and the Seventh Annual Spring Fishing Show on April 5th have a lot to offer trout anglers

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From the trophy trout fishery below the Kinzua Dam, to the 26 approved trout waters ,and the special regulation trout waters, Warren County has a lot to offer trout anglers. Some of these waters also contain wild and native trout. Picturesque scenes can be found along the banks and shorelines of many of these waters…. View Article

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Trout stocking in NWPA continues

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    Preseason trout stocking in Northwest Pennsylvania began earlier this month and will continue until the regular season opener on April 12. Winter weather has continued into the spring season, but area lakes and streams are still being filled with thousands of trout for anglers to catch. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, with… View Article

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