The five-finger discount

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You’d think there would be honor among hunters. But there are some guys who just don’t get it. You know the types: the guy who trespasses to get at that big bird or deer; the guy who sits in some other guy’s treestand; the guy who litters or otherwise disrespects private property. Now I’ve got… View Article

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Birding on the bay

By | May 6, 2008 10:40 am | 1 Comment


Drop what you’re doing and get to Presque Isle State Park this week for fantastic birding before the trees fully leaf out. A great horned owl, with two of the furriest, ugliest/cutest owlets you could imagine, is nested not so far from the park road. Like the exact site of a fishing honey hole, you… View Article

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New on NWPA Outdoors

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Check throughout the week for new content to help you make the most of our area’s outdoors opportunities, and just for fun. New items in the last couple days: – Columnist Mike Bleech is hooked on lake trout fishing out of North East Marina. – Find tips for early-season walleye in Mike’s weekly FishOn!… View Article

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On the waterfront

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Smith’s Bait Stand, the longtime cornerstone business at Dobbins Landing in Erie, is no more. Smitty’s had been in operation since 1938, moving in the last decade from its old digs into a new block building in Wolverine Park. For those accustomed to stopping in for bait of a fishing tip, or even just glancing… View Article

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Packaged and salted minnows must be tested

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At one time it was thought that salted minnows did not carry VHS, but this has since been determined to be in error. According to Tom Tarkowski, assistant regional supervisor for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Northwest Region, the regulations are on-going and changing. If the shiners come from a batch that has been… View Article

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Mark Trail and the case of the missing outdoors superhero

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He wears flannel and brush pants, not a full-body next-generation suit of armor. No mask or cowl for him; it would ruin his “Leave it to Beaver”-era coiff. He hangs out with 50-year love interest Cherry Davis, buddy Johnny Malotte, and best pal Andy, not Robin. Mark Trail’s no comic-book superhero in the conventional sense…. View Article

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Boating season tips

By | April 29, 2008 6:35 pm | 0 Comments


With Lake Erie and inland water temperatures on the rise, boat owners’ attention is turning to the days they can leave land behind for a few hours, a weekend or a long vacation. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has a helpful list of preseason tips for boat owners. Take a look, take action and… View Article

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Eagle watch

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Presque Isle State Park isn’t the only site in the eagle business these days. Erie National Wildlife Refuge in Crawford County has multiple American bald eagles — by one estimate perhaps as many as six nesting pair. The refuge is split into two divisions — Seneca, near Cambridge Springs, and Sugar Lake, in Guys Mills…. View Article

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Erie National Wildlife Refuge wants your opinion

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You can still have your say about the future of the Erie National Wildlife Refuge in Crawford County. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is accepting public comment on the refuge’s comprehensive conservation plan process that started earlier this year with public meetings. The National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 mandates that each… View Article

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Pennsylvania Game Commission adopts 2008-09 seasons

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HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today gave final approval to hunting and trapping seasons and bag limits for 2008-09, including a slate of antlerless deer license allocations for the 22 Wildlife Management Units (WMUs). Following are several articles on meeting highlights from today.

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