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Posted: August 15th, 2011
Some stores accepting food stamps sell limited nutritional items

Sunday’s story examines the growth in the use of food stamps in our area.

One issue brought up in several interviews with social service workers and store owners was how some recipients could be spending their funds more wisely.

Recipients I spoke with said they shopped around, used coupons and found other ways to save money.

Some food-stamp participants, though, purchase steaks and other expensive foods. Others often use their benefits to buy snacks, pop and junk foods.

We don’t know, though, how many of these items are actually purchased. The U.S. Department of Agriculture does not track individual items purchased, only monitoring usage at the transaction level.

The USDA manages the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as food stamps.

Most local grocers, corner stores and markets accept the EBT Access cards issued to food-stamp recipients. You can view a map of these businesses on the USDA’s retailer locator website.

Many local retailers listed offer limited items of nutritional value. Of the 186 participating businesses with Erie addresses, 41 are gas stations and 21 are dollar stores.

Eligible stores must either sell at least three varieties of qualifying foods in each of four food groups or have eligible “staple” foods account for more than half of the total value of all retail sales. The USDA outlines more details on eligibility criteria online.

A complete list of participating businesses with Erie addresses is shown below. Surprised to see any on the list? Let us know in the comments section.


10th And Ash Convenience Store606 E 10th St16503
1of1 Convenience Store2602 Parade St16504
A & J Convenience Store501 E 13th St16503
ABS Store2601 Parade St16504
Aldi 174728 Buffalo Rd16510
ALDI 202647 W 12th St16505
ARNONES INC1711 Cherry St16502
Arts Bakery4380 W Ridge Rd16506
Ash St Market601 E 6th St16507
B & D s Fresh Meat & Deli1001 W 6th St16507
Barka's Market 27-25076211031 East Ave16503
Bayfrent Convenience Store556 W 4the St16507
BELLO'S SHURFINE2650 W 8th St16505
BEL-MART FOODS2176 W 32nd St16508
BIG KMART 41132873 W 26th St16506
BIG KMART 43344401 Buffalo Rd16510
BIG KMART 71871320 E Grandview Blvd16504
Billyums Deli1918 Buffalo Rd16510
Buffalo Speed Check2267 Buffalo Rd16510
cbk variety store560 E 21st St16503
Circle K 42163327 Pine Ave16504
Circle K 42172917 Glenwood Park Ave16508
Circle K 4218603 W 26th St16508
Circle K 42194216 Main St16511
Classic Convenience1022 State St16501
Cornerstone of Erie2720 Peach St16508
COUNTRY FAIR 11939 W 8th St16505
COUNTRY FAIR 1013116 W 26th St16506
COUNTRY FAIR 143501 W 38th St16506
COUNTRY FAIR 2957 E 26th St16504
COUNTRY FAIR 255838 Wattsburg Rd16509
COUNTRY FAIR 272301 Peninsula Dr16506
COUNTRY FAIR 3347 E 12th St16503
COUNTRY FAIR 325211 E Lake Rd16511
COUNTRY FAIR 331904 E Lake Rd16511
COUNTRY FAIR 354646 W 12th St16505
COUNTRY FAIR 381810 Sassafras St16502
COUNTRY FAIR 402617 W 26th St16506
COUNTRY FAIR 433826 Peach St16509
COUNTRY FAIR 485866 Station Rd16510
COUNTRY FAIR 495008 Peach St16509
COUNTRY FAIR 502266 E 38th St16510
COUNTRY FAIR 564753 Buffalo Rd16510
COUNTRY FAIR 594526 Pine Ave16504
COUNTRY FAIR 611449 W 8th St16502
COUNTRY FAIR 658080 Peach St16509
COUNTRY FAIR 662500 Zimmerly Rd16506
COUNTRY FAIR 722905 Buffalo Rd16510
COUNTRY FAIR 732841 W 12th St16505
COUNTRY FAIR 811564 W 26th St16508
COUNTRY FAIR 83810 East Ave16503
COUNTRY FAIR 847400 Peach St16509
Country Fair 902525 State St16503
Country Fair 91803 Brown Ave16502
COUNTRY FAIR 987650 Old Perry Hwy16509
Crosby Mart 921502 Greengarden Rd16501
Crosby Mart 938024 Peach St16509
Crosby Mart 948228 Peach St16509
Crosby Mart 958030 Perry Hwy16509
CVS PHARMACY 23463750 Sterrettania Rd16506
CVS PHARMACY 26781111 Peninsula Dr16505
CVS PHARMACY 31683800 Pine Ave16504
CVS PHARMACY 4082410 E 12th St16503
CVS PHARMACY 42161407 Buffalo Rd16503
CVS Pharmacy 76841535 W 26th St16508
Dollar General 48264669 Buffalo Rd16510
Dollar General 7151824 State St16501
Dollar General 90371501 W 38th St16508
Dollar General 93273742 W 12th St16505
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 1335714 East Ave16503
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 76003785 Zimmerman Rd16510
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 77055051 Peach St16509
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 79102603 W 26th St16506
Dollar Tree 18623708 Liberty St16508
Dollar Tree 21533604 Buffalo Rd16510
Dollar Tree 46592211 W 12th St16505
Eastside Mini Mart2928 French St16504
ERIE COUNTY FARMS2256 Broad St16503
Erie Save-a-lot 247512026 Broad St16503
Erie Speed Check209 E 6th St16507
Europa Delicatessen2404 Peach St16502
Family Dollar 17602226 Broad St16503
Family Dollar 1780155 E 12th St16501
Family Dollar 35291530 W 26th St16508
Family Dollar 3779856 E 6th St16507
Family Dollar 52902036 E 38th St16510
Family Dollar 59102307 State St16503
Family Dollar 83162184 W 12th St16505
Family Dollar 83172923 W 26th St16506
Footies Mini Market702 Parade St16503
G&R GROCERY805 W 4th St16507
Garys Superette4703 E Lake Rd16511
GARY'S VARIETY2521 Buffalo Rd16510
GetGo 30012906 W 26th St16506
GIANT EAGLE 40102877 W 26th St16506
Giant Eagle 40284400 Buffalo Rd16510
GIANT EAGLE 40907200 Peach St16509
GORDON'S MEAT MARKET5037 Peach St16509
Gregorios Deli And Pizza Co3802 Elmwood Ave16509
HENRY LEE'S1825 Buffalo Rd16510
Honey House Holistic Bakery1210 W. 26th St.16508
International Market261 E 28th St16504
Ishtar Grocery1106 Parade St16503
Keiths Corner Market1102 W 10th St16502
KELLEY'S KORNER MARKET3502 Station Rd16510
LARRYS CENTRAL MARKET1626 Sassafras St16502
Le Nails-Goods Supply2122 Buffalo Rd16510
Lindsey Variety & More1620 Parade St16503
Marina s Seafood1619 W 26th St16508
MASON FARMS839 Peninsula Dr16505
MELODY DAIRY MART1402 E Lake Rd16507
Moon Meadows9915 Station Rd16510
N & O MEATS1608 Parade St16503
New Sara's Market460 E 12th St16503
ONE STOP 1601 W 32nd St16508
Oriental Store3858 Peach St16509
Orograin Bakeries Sales Inc 87301860 W 26th St16508
Orsini's231 Parade St16507
Palm2702 Parade St16504
PatRich Corner Store501 E 13th St16503
Quality Markets 6662712 W 38th St16508
Quality Markets 66651328 E Grandview Blvd16504
Quick Stop Food Store408 W 18th St16502
RED APPLE FOOD MART MO3174702 W Ridge Rd16506
Rite Aid 110071338 E Grandview Blvd16504
Rite Aid 11008353 E 6th St16507
Rite Aid 110095430 Peach St16509
Rite Aid 110104145 Buffalo Rd16510
RITE AID 1376916 State St16501
RITE AID 18541709 Liberty St16502
RITE AID 2132715 Parade St16504
Rite Aid 2375925 W Erie Plz16505
RITE AID 2382163 W 26th St16508
SAMMY'S FOOD MART & DELI717 Liberty St16502
Sams Club 66757200 Peach St16509
Sander's Markets838 E 6th St16507
Sara's Market660 E 12th St16503
SAVE A LOT934 W Erie Plz16505
Schwans Home Service ERIE #05070280 Pennbriar Dr16509
SCHWEBEL BAKING CO. OF PA8275 Perry Hwy16509
Sheetz 2454662 W Ridge Rd16506
Sheetz 3674816 Buffalo Rd16510
SHOP FAST34 W 8th St16501
SHOP RITE1031 Parade St16503
SHOP RITE2401 Parade St16503
Smiths Market And Grill1161 Buffalo Rd16503
STATE NEWS & VARIETY431 State St16501
State Street Market1027 State St16501
Stop N Go928 East Ave16503
Sundance Mini Market2102 Parade St16503
Sunnys Variety861 E 23rd St16503
SUNOCO26 E 12th St16501
Target Stores 12876700 Peach St16509
The Lotto World832 State St16501
The Walters Meat Company 010203 Wattsburg Rd16509
TOPS 6011702 E 38TH ST16510
Tops 6021520 W 26th St16508
Traditions by Karen310 E 24th St16503
TRAWKAS MARKET INC712 Payne Ave16503
Tyte's Convenience Store Inc.2001 E 10th St16511
Valu King 55101338 E Grandview Blvd16504
Wal Mart 22781825 Downs Drive16509
Wal Mart 25614950 W 23rd St16506
Wal Mart 54452711 Elm St16504
Walgreens 105203727 Peach St16508
Walgreens 114294309 Buffalo Rd16510
Way 2 Go1002 Liberty St16502
Wegmans 695028 W Ridge Rd16506
Wegmans 756143 Peach St16509
WHOLE FOODS COOPERATIVE1341 W 26th St Ste 10016508
Wykoff Enterprises Inc. 23804 Liberty St16509
Wykoff's Enterprises Inc. 14917 Peach St16509

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6 Responses to “Some stores accepting food stamps sell limited nutritional items”
  1. Jessica C says:

    I’m shocked to see places on here that I can’t afford to shop but yet my tax dollars are letting others eat steak and spend their money on pop, snacks and crap they feed their kids. I wish there was a way to limit what is allowed to be bought with the EBT cards. Working in food service, I have seen WAY too many people buying things I only wish I could afford to eat every night for dinner and then pulling out their EBT cards. It’s disgusting.

  2. Co-conspirator says:

    I agree 100% with Jessica; this Access card stuff is getting way out of control. I occasionally shop at Elm street Walmart and if you use cash to pay for food, the cashiers almost don’t know what to do. They’re so used to seeing the “Card Of America” being swiped there. Plenty of money available though for tattoos, gold chains large enough to be used for towing cars with, 22″ rims on the SUV, cigarettes, booze etc., etc. Also, individuals that get a tattoo on their face or neck where it cannot be covered up should NEVER receive gov’t assistance as they have completely eliminated themselves from any prospect of gainful employment. We should help the truly helpless, and ignore the clueless.

  3. jmikes says:

    How many times have you been in line buying something at Co Fair and have had to wait while the person in front of you buys the store out of candy, pop and chips all on the Access Card? The kicker is when they leave they drive away in a car nicer than your own. God bless “the system”.

    Can’t we limit goods sold on EBT cards? Cheese, milk, meat, veggies, bread, water, fruit… life sustaining things maybe.

  4. sam says:

    This could easily be resolved. The government should use nutritional experts to buy their food for them. They could meet with the family, establish their needs and then purchase the correct types and amounts of food. If that’s not acceptable then they don’t need to receive food that taxpayers are funding. If you truly need the help you’ll except what help is given.

    • Co-Conspirator says:

      @Sam. Please, no more big government. The idea is to reduce/eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in the gov’t “entitlement” programs. Adding another layer of bureaucracy to the problem is still taking away more money from the hard working individuals who are footing the bill. And adding 1:1 ratio of gov’t food counsellors to that bill will add billions. I’m sure big gov’t is drooling over the thought of implementing your idea though. : ) I’m amazed that there isn’t any restriction on which foods can be purchased. Doesn’t the WIC program require that only healthy “authorized’ foods can be aquired? If so the “food stamp” program should simply be modeled after the WIC program.

  5. Danielle says:

    I agree with Jessica and jmikes. I have been in line at many stores before with my calculator, making sure that I can afford everything in my cart, and the most expensive thing in there is usually ground beef or chicken. It’s a good week when I can buy extra potato chips or Italian bread for my spaghetti dinner (usually I use regular bread with butter). Yet people in front of me have steak, sea food, fresh bread, and only the best for their children, yet I work 40 hours a week and cannot afford any of those things. Fresh fruit is a treat, because canned is cheaper and what I can afford, and I have grown to love pastas and things that aren’t expensive. Make the food stamps available for life sustaining things, and let them work for the steak and fresh sea food.

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