More Her Times 5K notes

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Currently, there are 713 women registered for the 5K and 104 kids registered for the Her Times 5K this Saturday!

I’ve received a lot of last minute registrations and, so, at this point, I’m probably out of shirts. If you try to register online & aren’t given a shirt option or…aren’t able to order the size you want…that’s because I’m sold out.  I order based on the preregistered numbers, adding on nearly 75 shirts for late entries, but….seems they’re pretty much gone now. Those who registered by the deadline are guaranteed a shirt.

Online registration will be closed on Wednesday. After that, you’ll need to register in person at Packet Pickup (Best Fitness on Friday from 4-7 or at the Rotary on race day morning starting at 6:30).

* Please note that current registration prices are: $20 for the 5K ($15 without a shirt) and it is CASH or CHECK only. (I have no means to accept credit/debit cards at packet pickup).

The weather doesn’t look promising — 50s & rain – but it’s fine for walking/running. (Not so fun for volunteers, but..). The race goes on rain or shine. Only thunder & lightening can cancel the event…and, in that case, we’d likely delay the start for a 1/2 hour or so to see if the boomers pass over & move on.

Our kids’ race sponsor Erie Moms & Dads have purchased bags for us this year — nice reusable shopping bags for everyone! (Check out ErieMoms&Dads online community)

This year, massage therapists from Nash Chiropractic Healthcare will be on-hand offering free pre & post-race sports massages.

We’ll have HT5K finishers stickers (like the OBX stickers) at the finish line. If you want one, please feel free to take one…if you don’t, just decline…we can use them from year to year.

ALSO….I just got an offer from Erie Ale Works microbrewery to quench your post-race thirst:

“If any HerTiimes 5Ker brings their bib in to Erie Ale Works, we’ll give them a buck off their growler fill!”

Packet pickup:

* Pre-race packet pickup will be held at Best Fitness on 12th street from 4-7 p.m. on Friday, October 3. These are the only hours you’ll be able to pick up your packet — Best Fitness is just letting us use their space — they will NOT have the materials before or after 4-7 p.m. on Friday. Packets will not be available at the Erie Times-News (as they were in past years) either.

* You CAN pick up for friends. If you plan to pick up for a LOT of friends (more than 4) — please, please, please, send me an email (hertimes5K at in advance and I’ll do my best to have the separated & ready for you to pick up in one lump on Friday — be sure to tell me which name to have them under.

* If you can’t make it to packet pickup, you can pick up on race day morning at the Rotary Pavilion starting at 6:30 a.m.

Parking & Babysitting

* Parking is NOT available anywhere near the Rotary Pavilion because we need the entire width of the road for the race. Follow the signs to park at Beach No. 6 or Beach No. 8….both are less than a half mile to the Rotary Pavilion. You can also park in the “Cabins” parking area. You should NOT park on the road or in the grass anywhere along the main road because the park rangers WILL ticket you (trust me).

* Babysitting will be held in one of the cabins next to the Rotary Pavilion…you must sign your child(ren) in and out. Children cannot be dropped off before 7:35 a.m. and must be picked up by 9:15 a.m.


Post-race refreshments

I’ve been shopping! Post-race refreshments for 5K runners will be available in the Rotary Pavilion — fruit, water, some pretzels, animal crackers, some Tootsie rolls, etc.


Other notes

You may want to review these race notes that I posted a week or so ago.

Race course map

Also…here’s a course map:

course map

~ Heather Cass, Her Times 5K Race Director

Weekend race results

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What a FANTASTIC weekend to run/race. Plenty of race results to share today.

* Beat Beethoven 5K here.

* Allegheny Swimming & Diving 5 miler here.

* Race for Recovery 15K & 5K results here.

* Wine Fest Stride & Stomp 5K here.

* Bemus Point 15K here.

* BattleFrog 15K & 5K Obstacle course (near pittsburgh) here.

* The Great Race (pittsburgh) here.

Dan & I battled the Frog…and….wow…was it tough, but fun…but tough. It was a real eye-opener for my runner-only husband who has a new respect for his Tough Mudder wife.  When my muscles recover enough to use a mouse, I’ll write all about it. I’m only half kidding – every single part of my body hurts today — my forearms, my biceps, my quads, my hamstrings, my toes, my back, my abs…..  This is me today thanks to DOMS after the BattleFrog:



Boston qualifyer vs. Boston dud (illustrated)

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These photos of my husband and I running perfectly illustrate why he made it to Boston & I never will.

He’s all business:



Polite wave….


Meanwhile…in Heather land:

Pittsburgh half marathon 2014 -2


Stopping for hugs from the cutest little water stop volunteers ever….




Things I found — 9/25/14

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Worth reading

Now…here’s a truly unique place to go 26.2: Americans can now legally run a marathon in Cuba

Runners World has The Untold History of the Beer Mile.

No surprise to me, but a recent study reveals that runners run better companies.

Give your smoothie a boost with seeds.

Funny Stuff

The 7 Worst Theme Races Ever

T-shirt of the Week


Races galore this weekend (BattleFrog Bound)

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Ah….autumn…football, apple cider, fall foliage and TONS of local races. The cooler temps make for great running conditions and, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities to race before the snow flies. Here are your choices for this weekend alone:

Saturday, Sept. 27

* Battlefrog Obstacle Race (15K, 5K, kids races) – Pittsburgh (Wampum)

* Allegheny Swimming & Diving 5 Miler — Meadville

* Beat Beethoven 5K — Downtown Erie

Sunday, Sept. 28

* 17th Annual Race for Recovery 15K & 5K — Presque Isle State Park

* Wine Fest Stride & Stomp 5K — North East

* Bemus Point 15K — Bemus Point, N.Y.


BattleFrog Bound

While I wish I could support Fred & Rana Evanoff at the Allegheny Swimming & Diving 5-miler on Saturday (we’ll get down there one of these years!), Dan & I are heading even farther south to try out the Battlefrog. It’s an obstacle race designed by U.S. Navy Seals at the Mines & Meadows course in Wampum, Pa. (near the ‘burgh).

“BattleFrog was created as a tribute to our nation’s military and to help people learn about the works Navy SEALs do,” says Donn Mann, Battlefrog chief executive officer and retired U.S. Navy SEAL member of Team SIX. “Our events are unique because actual Navy SEALs are guiding and mentoring the racers who are learning to push themselves beyond their personal physical limits.”


BattleFrog Pittsburgh will be a good gut-check for many OCR athletes,” said Mann. “The BattleFrog team is creating one of our most demanding events ever that takes full advantage of the above-ground and subterranean attributes of the Mines & Meadows park. Frankly, the races at this event will require athletes to have excellent full-body strength along with a great set of running legs.”

Running legs? Check. Full body strength? Ummm……

According to the BattleFrog build crew, this event will be among the wettest they’ve designed so far with all racers participating in the 15K and 5K going through the mines, facing 1/4 mile of subterranean creekbed and then going outside to tackle some of the steepest hills encountered at a BattleFrog event.

Wait….it gets even better…

“Racers and fans will enjoy the popular obstacles known as The Hooyah, a 12′ high slant wall leading to a platform from where racers descend down darkened tubes into a mud pit, and The Tsunami, a signature 16′ high triple-lane wave wall requiring racers to run and climb up the slide, often requiring help from others, and then slide down the other side.

Rhu rho, Reorge. I better be sure to wear my big-girl panties and pack my badassery .

Having done a Tough Mudder this spring (though under extremely awful conditions), it will be fun to compare the two. I’ll be sure to report back.

Know the lingo: Taper

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When you’re just getting started in a sport, it’s hard to learn all the lingo. Running and walking, like any sport, has it’s own special language and local phrases. Each week, I’ll define a term or phrase that will help you not only walk the walk (or run the run), but talk the talk.


Runners usually cut back mileage (or taper) one day to three weeks (depending on race distance) before a big race. Tapering helps muscles rest so that they are ready for peak performance on race day.

From the Runner’s World’s Glossary of Running Terms.

Just Write 52 ~ Strength in numbers

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“Ok, we’re going to finish up the night with a little fun,” he says with a devious smile.  Everyone groans. Doc’s idea of “fun” usually involves pain.

“We’re going to have a plank-off. Last person planking wins a 6-punch workout card,” he says.

I had run four miles at 5 a.m. that morning and a half marathon two days before that. No way I’m going to outlast the 20+ other people here tonight, I thought as I got down on all fours.

“I’m going to cap it at 7 minutes.”

At that, I snort out loud and say to no one in particular, “SEVEN minutes. He’s insane. Three minutes is the most I’ve ever done.”

“And….Go! Remember keep your butts down.”

It’s one of those odd nearly-autumn days where it’s sunny, but cool and strangely humid. Sweat drips off my face into the grass below. I keep my head, like my butt, down. I have no idea that half the field has dropped out before three minutes.

At three minutes, I think I can hang a little longer. I lift one foot and put it on top of the other.

Four minutes.  I switch feet.

May as well go to five. I can’t believe I can actually go to five minutes.

Everyone is cheering and offering encouraging words for the remaining plankers: “You can do it. You got this.”

I don’t know how many are left. I’ve got my head down.

“What happens if more than one person goes to 7 minutes?” someone asks.

“Anyone who makes it to 7 minutes gets a card,” Doc says.

At that, Kristen who is still planking next to me says, “We got this, Heather. We can do this.”

I can only groan in response.

“Six minutes.”

I’m shifting my weight from foot to foot every 10 or 15 seconds. My back is starting to hurt like hell, but I can’t quit now.

“45 seconds.”

Our fellow Team Adrenaline members cheer louder.

“You can do anything for 45 seconds,” someone yells.


Oh my God, my back.

“…3, 2, 1. Done!”

Seven minutes. I planked for SEVEN minutes.

A personal record and a personal victory over that doubting bitch in my own mind who tells me what I cannot do.

Even better, I got to share the victory with two equally determined and tough girlfriends. Had he said only one could win, I’d have quit at five or six minutes.  I don’t really like to win. It embarrasses me. I’m uncomfortable being the center of attention. I don’t like the spotlight.

Unless I can share it with others.

There’s strength in numbers, you know.



About Just Write “What ends up revealing itself when free writing is that everything has meaning. That is a magnificent gift of writing. If we write from a free heart-gut place, our souls start speaking.”

Monday Motivation: hurt

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Things I found — 9/18/14

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Worth Reading

* 12 signs you need to eat more protein.

* Forget biking to work…run to work. Here’s how some people make a running commute work.

Funny Stuff

* 25 worst questions to ask a runner

This poster  (below) speaks to me. I’m a mean marathoner. Also don’t ever tell me I’m “almost there” at the 25th mile (and definitely don’t do it at 24, 23, 22 or any mile before 26).


T-Shirt of the Week

Because kittens. And barbells. And sweatbands on kittens.