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Another ERC Turkey Trot is in the books and it was the largest one yet with more than 2,500 runners (and it’s probably the largest ever since that’s about all the crowd the Peninsula can handle).

Dan & I helped at registration/packet pick up at the Erie Community Blood Bank garage on Wednesday evening. By the end of the night, we had just 50 timing chips left for day-of-race registration. We ran out of those by about 7:30 a.m. on race day.


Once we were out of timing chips, we told people they could run, but…they wouldn’t have a time recorded nor would they be in the running for the awards. I was surprised at how many didn’t care and ran anyway.

There were 1,692 finishers in the 5K and 580 in the 10K….including a turkey carrying a sign suggesting we eat more pierogi.


I’ve always done the 10K at the Trot, but this year, I did the 5K with my 8-year-old daughter (her first 5K!).  (Funny thing is….I found out I was pregnant with her before the Turkey Trot 9 years ago….and Thursday, she was there toeing the line beside me.)


Anyway…doing the 5K was a whole new experience — it was jam packed at the start. I knew we should’ve have lined up as far forward as we did, but…we, literally, couldn’t make it further back — it was THAT packed.

When it was time to go, Kelly took off, of course (rookie mistake). I was there to pull her back and set a pace she could handle. She whined quite a bit in the first mile, frankly, but…once we got to the turn-around, she was fine and she ran the rest of the way in.



Though I missed racing the 10K Trot, it was fun to take it easy and introduce Kelly to a sport I love. I hope it becomes an annual family tradition. That is…if I can ever get the little one out of the car (she was watching a DVD on my laptop) and onto the course!


Race results are here.


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  1. Ann Kaspick says:

    I do the Turkey Trot with my son, 10, too.Last year we both did the 10K.This year he chose the 5K and I stuck with the 10K.When we do 5Ks together he always beats me so we really don’t run together anyway.I still love the fact that he’s there running and dad is always there to keep track of him while I run.He is a great runner and I really do hope he sticks with it but as you said I don’t push it. I just secretly hope he continues.He has great potential.The race was great and we enjoyed ourselves very much.We both had our best times ever.I’m happy the race continues to grow in popularity.Thanks for sharing your mother/daughter story.

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