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As a, ahem, veteran mature master 15-year runner,  there aren’t really any running milestones I haven’t passed. I’ve done all the distances from 5K to marathon. I’ve raced nearly every local race in the Erie area at least once. And a 12-mile run at Presque Isle is just another Saturday morning.

So I have to get my runners’ high from the newbies and, thankfully, I never seem to have a shortage of them in my life. I truly love hearing listening to them and feeding off their excitement when they accomplish something they never thought possible.

I recently got a note from a friend who found a unique way to remember the longest run she had ever done.

“Did 12 miles all by my lonesome today. Did a Forrest Gump thing and said,  “I’m heading out for a run. I’ll call you after a little while.”  I called them after an hour and said, “I’m still going…” Checked in at an hour and a half later, and again two hours later. I made it from my house to Freeport Beach in 2 hours and 13 minutes. I picked up a beach rock for a souvenir–wrote TWELVE on it and the date. It was the coolest thing I ever did.”

That last line kinda choked me up.

I found myself thinking about her miles stone when I ran the next morning and, suddenly, the  routine, ho-hum morning 6-miler that I’ve been running for a dozen years didn’t seem so routine or ho-hum.

I love that.

* Do you, too, love encouraging and/or just listening to newbies talk about running?

* Ever find your runs rejuvenated by a newbie?

* Don’t you love the idea of picking up a rock to mark your personal running milestones?






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3 Responses to “Mile stones”

  1. Linda says:

    I wondered if you ever thought about a 25K trail run. This weekend heading to the Mohican Forget the PR 25K, Dan is running the 50K. I thought if you & Dan might ever want to try it out, just for the fun of it. This race has nice cut off times too to finish. And I’m taking my camera. Not to worried about time, just going to have fun & get some time on the trail with 30 other friends. I’ll let you know how it is.

    • Heather Cass says:

      We did a trail run at Ellicottville one time. I was the one of the LAST ones out of the woods –as was Dan because I MADE him stay with me. So…not a great experience. If I could do it again with friends….might be different. The few times I ran at O.C. with Jan, Mike & Fred & others…it was fun. We enjoyed it. Let me know how the race is.

  2. Linda says:

    I ran the short race at Ellicottville. I was one of the last ones walking up that horrible hill at the start. But I got to meet a mother of four who was just glad to be out on the trail, time to herself, time to just think. What I like about trail running is that freedom of not looking at your watch, keeping pace. It’s peaceful. It’s different than road running. And the workout is ALOT harder. Your mph could go from 8 minutes to 15 mins. on the trail,for me longer. It’s slower. But the scenery & peace are well worth it, just ask that Mom of four. :)

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