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My husband Dan helped me with the race shopping on Saturday night.

We’re (almost) ready for you, ladies!

By the way, there are a lot of great guys who make this women’s race possible, some have been with me since that first horrible (sleet, rain, hail, snow) race — like my husband, Dan; my faithful friend and old running partner, Chuck O.; our D.J, Larry Kisielewski; ERC Pres. Dave Comi; my big brother Joe K., etc.   I think I need to introduce you to some of them in a future post (stay tuned).

Race Notes

Here, in no special order, is a giant list of crap you need to know about the race. This will be handed out with the packets, but…I figure some of you like plan ahead, so here you go:

• The race goes on rain, shine, snow, sleet or hail. No weather will stop the race with the possible exception of lightening, in which case, we’ll have a rain delay.

• I have the world’s worst weather luck — plan for rain….likely cold rain :-)

• There will be NO WATER STOPS on the course. Please carry water with you if you think you might need it. There WILL be water at the finish line and in the Rotary Pavilion after the race.

• If you picked up your shirt and race number on Friday, you need not check in anywhere on race day morning. Just report to the start line in front of the Rotary Pavilion before we yell “go” at 9 a.m.

• You must have your bib number and it must be pinned to the front of you (on top of your clothes/jacket).

• You must have a bib number to get results and to be eligible for awards.

• We are not using chips. Jim Lang (Big White Trailer) is bib timing.

• We start at 9 a.m. sharp.

• There are restrooms at the Rotary, but not many, so expect LONG lines. Do what I do and stop at the Ranger Station or McDonald’s on your way down.

• Park at Beach 6 and walk .3 miles to the start (Rotary is between beaches 6 & 8).

• Beach 8 is also available for parking and is also .3 miles from the start.

• Don’t park on the road or side of the road, or the rangers will ticket you.

• There will be NO PARKING at the Rotary Pavilion. The race takes up the entire width of the road, so no cars will be permitted.

• Day-of-Race registrants may not get a shirt on race day. We will give you a discounted price or you can choose from the shirts that are leftover. We won’t order for size unless we need dozens.

• Her Times shopping bags are for those who pre-registered by the deadline (9/21). We ordered based on that number (500). Kids will not receive a bag.

• Babysitting will be held in the Rotary Pavilion. A troop of Girl Scouts and their leader will be babysitting. You must sign in and you must pick up your child by 10:30 a.m.

• DJ Kelly will be playing all your favorite women’s power songs to get you raring to race.

• Kids races are informal and start about 11 a.m. with the 1-mile race, then the ½ mile, then the ¼ mile, then the Toddler Trot.  Kids can do whatever distance they want. They will not be timed.

• The race course start/finish has changed from previous years, but it’s still a loop with a dog-leg start/finish.

• Stay on the inside lane at all times. Near the end, you’ll be instructed to crossover to finish on the lake road.

• Road marshals will help guide you. If you have the energy/breath, please thank them. They are all volunteers.

• There are no separate divisions (or awards) for the run/walk. You can run, walk or do a combination of both. Walkers will be asked to line up in back at the start.

• If you are running, you should be COLD at the start. If you are comfortable, you are overdressed.

• If you are walking, you should dress for the weather because you won’t get as heated as the runners.

• Bring a warm, dry shirt or sweatshirt to change into if you’re staying for the kids’ races/awards. You’ll get very chilled after running when your body cools and sweat dries.

• Pace yourself. The No. 1 mistake made by new runners is the start too fast.

• When you finish, run into the “chute” next to the clock. Volunteers will tear the bottom portion of your bib number off — this is how we compile results.

• It’s IMPERATIVE that you stay in line when you enter the chute so that results are accurate.

• It’s IMPERATIVE that you not go back through the finish line chute (or go in & come back out) once you finish so that results are accurate. If you go back to finish with a friend, please don’t go through the chute again — it really causes problems.

• There will be water at the finish line.

• There will be fruit, coffee and refreshments in the Rotary after the race.

• Awards will start about 10:30 a.m., before the kids’ races.

• Run results will be posted at the Rotary a ½ hour after the race. They’ll also be posted online at www.bigwhitetrailer.com and www.goerie.com/blogs/runnersnotes and www.erie-runnersclub.org.

• There will not be an ambulance on site, but we will have a first-aid kit and all the marshals/volunteers will have cell phones.

• The people helping at the race are all volunteers — please be patient & courteous.

• The ERC will be there selling merchandise & they’ll be offering some special prices for the ladies. Bring cash, though, because they don’t take credit cards.

Course/parking Map

Packet pickup

Packet pickup is on Friday, Oct. 5, at the Erie Times-News (front lobby) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. (please don’t come before 11 because there is no one there to help you).  You can pick up for as many people as you like…if you’re picking up for a whole office, do us both a favor & email me in advance (hertimes5K at aol) so I can get them ready for you.

If you can’t pick up Friday, you can pick up your packet at the Rotary Pavilion on race day morning beginning at 7 a.m.

Remember, packets will not be mailed in advance. Shirts don’t even arrive till Thursday.

We are OUT of bags for anyone who registered after the deadline (9/21). Pays to register early! :)


* Are you running?

* Any questions I didn’t answer?






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