Loaded question (and one for you)

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The most loaded question in racing is — How did  you do?

I stopped asking this question of race finishers years ago because:

A.) It’s all relative. Your worst 5K time might be my PR.

B.) I don’t really care what your exact time is, and I sure can’t do the math to figure out your pace. So, unless you’re near me, I won’t know how you did anyway.

C.) It usually makes people feel bad — either because they were behind me or because they blew my doors in (few are few who openly relish it, though I suspect most of us secretly do).

So instead of “How’d you do?,” I ask “How’d you feel today? Were you happy with your time?”

Because all that really matters is how you feel about how you raced and if you did the best you could do that day.

By that measure, every race you finish is a personal best.

That’s what I love most about running, whether I do it well or not, it’s all on me.

Quirky Running Habits

UM….speaking of questions, here’s my question of the week for this blog: What’s your quirky running habit? (clothes, mileage, routes, form, etc.).







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