What’s Topping Area Runners’ Wish Lists

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I asked area runners: What running-related item are you hoping to find under the tree this year?

The Nike fuel band is pretty interesting. — Jessie Zahner

I’d love to see a Garmin Forerunner 610 under the tree. — Bethany Kelley

The time & energy to run again! — Renee York

I’d like a new reflective jacket. My old one is slowly wearing out from constant use. — Christine Vassen

New running shoes from Achilles Running Shop! — Michelle Hetrick

New toenails! — Ange Eberlein

Yaktrax, unless our winter is like last year’s winter…which is also a request! — Greg Cooper (EDITOR’S NOTE: Check out these new Yaks, made especially for running shoes)

A headlamp — Rob Kolodziejczak

The only thing on my wish list is my wonderful girlfriend and awesome elite runner, Allison Jeric-Carroll. — Pat Krott

Gloves! — Eloise Hawking

A new P.R. — Tom Toale

As for me, here’s what’s on my wish list (and, no, Dan, this doesn’t mean that you should run out and put all this on our credit card!):


Running Medals Display – $28 at Etsy

Pathfinder Soft-shell jacket — $75 at LL Bean (this is for skiing more than running, but…still)

Sport Journal’s Beginners Guide – $6 at sportjournals.com

Winter running beanie(s) with ponytail hole — $15 to $20 (cause, yep, I have a little ponytail now!)

• A new windbreaker or two — $20 to $30 (mine are showing their age!)

Garmin Forerunner10 — $120 (so I can sell that complicated and hated Forerunner 405 that I have)

Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health & Whole-Foods Lifestyle paperbook — $22 at Amazon.com.

“Born to Run” – kindle version. I have a hard cover copy of this book, which I never read/carry around because it’s enormous.

Need more ideas?

Check out this Active.com slideshow listing the top gifts for athletic women. I wouldn’t mind receiving a few of these, especially the Yurbuds because I have never been able to wear earbuds while running.



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