Snowflake 5K results & photos

   December 9, 2012 2:09 pm    1


Photo of Jenny Turak (23:25) by Mike Conway for Street View

While there were more raindrops than snowflakes on Saturday, there were plenty of runners for the Erie Runners Club’s Snowflake 5K race. A total of 298 runners went the distance on what ended up being an ideal day for running — cool with no ice/snow/slush to deal with.

Top runners were:

* Mike Williamson (first male overall) with a 17:19

* Mike Lawrence (first male master) with a 19:32

* Ange Eberlein (first female overall) with a 21:05

* Pam Wassell (first female master) with a 21:30

See complete results here.

See 127 photos here.



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  1. Tom Madura says:

    Wow – there’s actually some pretty good pictures in there. As you have written about before, Heather, a lot of people end up looking pretty crappy in race photos! Must be the Christmas spirit or something making folks smile! I actually liked some of the shots of me for a change. I may even have to order a couple for myself!

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