Things I found — Dec. 13

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* How running explains the world

* Test your Survival Skills with this Outdoor Magazine quiz. (Let’s just say I’d be dead 10 times over)

* CrossFit Endurance’s Unconventional 12-Week Marathon Training Plan (hmmm….very interesting)

  “Brian MacKenzie has a few pointed words about your endurance workout. “If you’re running five miles a day at the same speed and think you’re getting a lot out of that, you’re sorely mistaken,” says the founder of CrossFit Endurance. “If you’re not trying to improve, what’s the point?”

* Race registration insurance sparking debate

* 5 vitamins that speed muscle recovery

Video of the Week

Cheetahs on the Edge–Director’s Cut from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.

T-shirt of the Week

Available here for $26.



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