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* Who knew there was a market for vintage running shirts? Huh. Time to raid my dad’s t-shirt drawer.

* NomNom Paleo: Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs. Some great tips here. I turn off the water as soon as is comes to  full boil and let the eggs sit in the hot water–no flame–for 15 minutes, then immediately cool them down with running cold water)

* Four Hens and a Rooster: I Don’t Care About Your Diet or Your Extra 5 pounds

Here’s what I want to say to each of you who are wringing your hands over your weight: I love you. I love the person you are, and I do not see what you’re talking about when you start poking and prodding at your body. I choose to be friends with you because you’re awesome, you make me laugh, and you put up with my crazy ideas and sense of humor. I really don’t want to count calories with you — I would much rather have a good, healthy meal and an amazing glass of wine, and have the conversation be about ANYTHING other than calories, carb intake, and the benefits of tofu (there are none, in my opinion). And honestly, you bore me to tears when you go on and on about your “fat thighs.”

Words to live by

Video of the week

Who needs hockey with track meets like this?

T-shirt of the week

I know a few local runners this shirt would fit perfectly (crazy boys):

Available here in various styles for $25 & up.




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