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I love the ERC race series, but one race I almost always opt out of is the Valentine’s Prediction Run.

I usually pass on this race not because I’m not good at predicting my pace (actually, I’m pretty dead on) and not because I don’t like running a race of unknown distance (it’s kinda fun, actually), or because I don’t like chocolate prizes (chocolate is like a food group for me), but because it’s February and I hate being cold. And I don’t like to do a lot of racing in the winter because I truly believe the body (at least mine) needs to heal from near-constant racing from summer through fall.

But I’ll be toeing the line at this year’s Valentine’s Prediction Run because here’s what you get for running:

An ERC duffle bag (13.5”H x 27.5”W x 14.5” D) in your choice of colors: gold/gray or royal blue/gray (provided you preregister, day-of-race will have to take what’s left).

You are, of course, kinda paying for it since the registration fee ($35 preregistrated/$40 day-of-race) has to cover the bag, but if you’re going to buy the bag, may as well run the race, right? (BTW — you can opt not to get a bag and run the race for just $10 preregistered/$15 day-of-race).

Now about the race. This is a different kind of event — one in which the organizers turn the tables and the first ones across the line aren’t necessarily the winners.

May the best pace prognosticators win

Whether you are a 6:39-minute-miler or a 12:45-minute-miler, you can win the Erie Runner’s Club Valentine’s Day Prediction Race because the “winners” are the runners who can most accurately predict their race pace not the ones who cross the finish line first!

It works like this: You will be asked to predict your pace-per-mile, based on the road and weather conditions that morning, and race organizers will calculate your predicted finishing time. Those participants who finish the run in a time closest to their prediction will receive a choice from a delicious selection of chocolate awards. Racewalkers are welcome to compete.

The distance? That’s the unknown part of the equation. The race director WILL tell you that it’s between 4 and 6 miles, but you will not have an exact distance (then it would be too easy to calculate your pace).

For the sake of fairness, you are asked to refrain from wearing a watch or other timing or pacing device during the race.

Did you see that note above? You win CHOCOLATE. Combine that with the duffle bag and now you see why I’ll be dragging my freezing butt to the peninsula on Sunday, February 10.

* Application & more information here.

P.S. Remember that the V-day Race Application you received in your ERC newsletter has an error, regarding the duffle price. Jim Lang send the following:

The app included in the ERC Newsletter has an error that some of you
may have already caught. In the upper part of the app, prices indicate
that the duffel bag (premium) is $25, and the lower part indicates the
bag is $15.  The $25 price is correct, so the with-premium price of
$35 (before 31 Jan) is the correct price.

If you do happen to use the older app, be aware that $35 is the
correct price.



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