Things I Found – 1/31/13

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Worth Reading

* Dear P.E. Teacher: There’s an athlete in each of us

“You missed your opportunity. You had a runner in your class. You had someone who LOVES running right in front of you and you didn’t give her the time of day. Instead, what you saw was an overweight, shy, introverted girl. You dismissed her, and so many others like her.”

* Lolo brought home gold again…in bobsledding(?). Here’s another great read and photographic proof that the woman is ripped and could totally smoke any of us at any distance, any time, any where on any given day — even on ice.

* Is that ice thick enough to skate on? Hmmm….only if we’re in Antarctica. JMO, of course, but I’m terrified of falling through the ice (must’ve drown in a previous life). Hey, you can do what you want, but don’t expect anyone to pull your butt out of the half-frozen bay, which reminds me…stay the hell of the ice dunes at Presque Isle, people; they’re HOLLOW!

History of Running Mantras


Tshirt of the Week

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