What gets you out the door?

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What gets you out the door for a run?

100% commitment.  99% is hard, 100% is easy. It’s non-negotiable.   — Mike Lawrence

A friend waiting for me! — Tracy Jenks

Blue skies and warm temps make it very inviting….  — Tom Toale

Calm, non-mommy time! — Christine Vassen

Running buddies — Lisa Shade

A bear in the house — Corey B. (my nephew…who is a non-runner…and a bit of a wiseass ;-)

My husband! — Bethany Kelley

For me, particularly in winter when my motivation wanes, the most important piece of running gear is a running friend—or a whole pack of them—waiting for me. Misery loves company on these cold, dark winter days.

I also know for a fact that I never, ever regret a run and it’s almost never as bad outside as it seems. Once you get going…you don’t even notice the weather, the wind, that ache in your knee, etc.





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