If I didn’t run I ___________

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Finish this sentence: If I didn’t run I _______________

…would gain weight. — Linda Straub

…become a pretty crabby person to be around. — C.V.

…my family would hate me. — Ange Eberlein

…would definitely do some other form of exercise. — Tom Toale

…would not have real girlfriends to run with; it’s just not the same running with a guy. — T2

….would be locked up in some asylum somewhere. — Jennifer Bach

…would walk. LOL! — Jodi

…would never be truly happy. I need to run. — Sandie Sweet

…would be SO stressed out! — Gina Klofft

…would ride the bikes in my garage that have been gathering dust. — Pat Krott

…would lose my mind. — Dennis Albrewczynski

…wouldn’t have met a lot of great people!! — Karen Manganaro

…would just sit on the couch and get fat again. — Theresa Konzel

…would combust. — Eloise Hawking

…get very cranky. — Pat Bruce

…would be committed. — Suzanne Clickett

…wouldn’t be able to dip chocolate in coffee every Saturday and Sunday morning. — Cyndie Zahner (Editor’s Note: Damn Cyndie for teaching me this because now I have to go home & dip chocolate in my Saturday post-long-run coffee. Love it!)

As for me, if I didn’t run I seriously don’t think I would enjoy life as much as I do. It keeps me healthy, it makes me strong, it empowers me, and it keeps me sane.

Also, if I didn’t run I wouldn’t have the awesome network of friends that I have now. Runners are blessed with a welcoming, accepting group of people from every walk of life.  We’re all very different people who share this one trait that makes us all family. That’s pretty cool.



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