Friday ? – Pet Peeves (and ’80s movie poses in jammy pants)

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This week’s question: What’s your biggest running-related pet peeve?

• Dan’s is cars that don’t move over even in the dark when he wears a reflective vest & carries a flashlight. Mine is running with my hubby & hearing “come on, pick up the pace!” — Linda Young

• Blisters — Theresa Konzel

• Dogs that run out at you, chase you or follow you. I love dogs but they need to be tethered or under control at all times. — Sandy Sweet

• People that run in place at stop lights. So weird. — Patrick Krott

• Runners who run on the wrong side of the road. — Karen Manganaro

• Fast runners who scoff at slowpokes like me. Or worse, post online about slow runners & walkers being “in their way”. — Rhonda Berlin

• Two dogs.  Dog #1 chases me and the owner watches and does nothing — at least that dog is friendly but he makes me jump every time as he runs and he jumps on me. Dog #2 has taken my favorite hill run from me. He goes right onto road with teeth bared and fur raised. There’s no getting past this dog and not one ounce of friendly in him. The wwner appeared once – made eye contact. Never called the dog and shut door.  — Christine Vassen

• Totally agree with the lack of responsibility of some dog owners. The other thing that bugs me is when I run on the road (when I don’t have a sidewalk option) and am hugging the shoulder,  and the approaching vehicle is driving at least 20 miles over the speed limit. One pothole (which I think we have a few of around here?) and I’m toast. — Tracy Jenks

• Dogs that run out, cars that come to close, and kids that unplug my Garmin and don’t plug it back in so it’s dead when I go to run. — Dan Cass

• Dogs seem to be the theme here.  It’s ironic because I was bitten by a dog while on a run a month ago.  That being said you would think it would be my biggest peeve. My biggest peeve however, is cars or specifically car drivers, that when given several options, i.e. move over, slow down, stop or accelerate, they often choose accelerate and move closer to me. Another car related peeve is while running in the winter, drivers will move over from straddling the sloppy slush in the middle of the road to riding with their passenger tires through it to maximize the spray of slop! — Mike Lawrence

• People who don’t observe trail rules at the peninsula …… there’s nothing worse than settling into a nice pace only to be slowed down or brought to a complete stop by a whole family spread out across the trail . Also , other runners who chose to run in the middle of the trail or worse, on the wrong side of the trail …. drives me absolutely bonkers ! — Raymond Patron Jr.

Me? I’ve got a few. Most of them have been mentioned above, but you know I have to elaborate, right? ;-)

1. It’s been said again & again up above, but probably my biggest pet peeve is loose dogs/careless owners.

A.) I don’t want to watch your dog die when it runs out in the road toward me.

B.) I don’t want to get bit.

C.) I don’t want to have to sue you and/or report you to the Dog Warden (but I will).

I  absolutely RESENT it when I have to change my course because irresponsible pet owners don’t keep their dog contained. It’s not fair.

2.  People who say “I’d never run unless someone was chasing me.”  It makes me want to give chase and make them prove it.

3. Chafing. Anytime. Anywhere. ’nuff said.

4.  Three or more people running together side-by-side in a race, taking up the width of the race lane, making it nearly impossible to pass. It’s just rude.

5. Runners who don’t wave, nod, smile, or in any way acknowledge me when we cross paths. Boils my blood!  I’ve been known to scream…”GOOD MORNING!” just to prove my point. (This does not apply on the PISP trail or at any race where there is a large volume of runners/walkers).

6.  Being hit with wet slush in winter. I’ve perfected a “please don’t spray me” pose that helps with the clueless drivers who are trying to be nice and move over  to give me space only to drive right into the slush pile, thereby spraying me with wet slush from head-to-toe. Be advised that this pose doesn’t work on a&*%hole drivers who get some sort of sick pleasure out of soaking you.

If you’d like to try my “please-don’t” pose, it basically looks like this:

slush defense pose
Which…I just now realized looks very, very much like this:
karate kid

*Got any running pet peeves to add to the list?

* Do you have a slush pose? (Send me a photo!)

* Would you ever put a picture of yourself in jammy pants on your blog?



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