Can you handle The Cinco?

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Are you the kind of runner who enjoys a challenge? Do you always sign up for BOTH the 5K & the 10K at the ERC’s Turkey Trot & the St. Patrick’s Day race? Never miss the ERC’s Presque Isle Endurance Classic and a chance to run for 12 hours straight?

Then, I’ve got a new challenge for you: The Cinco—a half marathon followed by 5-mile, 3.1 mile, and a 1.5-mile races for a total of 22.7 miles!

Here are all the details:

The hills of northwestern Pennsylvania along the Allegheny River and Conewango Creek are set to play host for the first time in 2013 to the Cinco Races Half Marathon, 5K, 5-Mile, 1.5-Mile and 22.7-Mile runs, all of which are open to runners as well as walkers — with the exception of the longest race, which is open to runners only.

Set to take place on the day before Cinco de Mayo (Saturday, May 4, 2013) the race follows an out-and-back course that starts in the parking lot of the Warren Mall, just off the Market Street Extension. From there, runners head east along Hatch Run Road over Conewango Creek and then north on Conewango Avenue Extension, followed by a left turn to head east on 4 Wheel Drive.

Once runners hit Big 4 Road, they make a right and head north, starting a long stretch of the race that unfolds alongside the creek for the next few miles. After runners pass the mile 2 marker, Big 4 Road turns from pavement to a combination of dirt and hard-packed gravel, running along the creek as it winds through the woods here along the edges of the Allegheny National Forest. Organizers note that this stretch will be closed to traffic during the race, to allow runners to use the entire width of the road.

The half marathon route brings runners north all the way to Akeley Hollow Road — they’re cautioned to be on the lookout for potholes along this stretch — where they make a right and head east for another few miles until they reach the half-way turnaround point, just past the intersection with Cole Hill Road. After they make the turn, they retrace their steps along the route they’ve just run, all the way back to Warren Mall for the race finish.

The race’s most unique feature is its 22.7-mile “Come & Go” Race (ever heard of a 22.7-mile distance, by the way?), in which runners will get to participate in every one of the day’s races in order from start to finish. They’ll start with the half marathon and next run the 5-mile race, the 5K and the 1.5-mile to finish it all off.

Scheduled starting times are: 7:15 AM for the half marathon, followed by 9:30 AM for the 5-mile race, 10:25 AM for the 5K and 11:00 AM for the 1.5-mile race.

The Cinco is a Cinco deMayo-themed event offering crafts, entertainment, and fiesta food for the whole family. Kids and adults love to dance with the growing herd of Cinco bulls and scramble a tthe Cinco pinata smash that ends the event.

Along with free Tim Hortons coffee and hot chocolate prior to the race, racers will enjoy the traditional fruit, water and chocolate milk as well as fiesta beer provided by Michelob Ultra and awesome tamales, nacho chips and pan dulce.

The Cinco has great swag, including a moustache mug. Check out all the stuff you will get here and what you can get if you place.

Currently, the Cinco is $80 (price rises April 5) and individual events are: $60 for the 1/2; $25 for the 5-mile; $25 for the 3.1 mile; $20 for the 1.5 mile.

Need more inspiration, watch this 1-minute video:



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