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RW’s brief history of the running shoe

By | May 14, 2014 1:20 am | 0 Comments

Check out this cool infographic in which Runner’s World give you a brief rundown of the evolution of running shoes (and casts an eye forward to 2044).

brief history of running shoe

A post for the ladies

By | May 6, 2014 1:20 am | 1 Comment

Guys…you can probably scroll right on by this post…but ladies, you’ll enjoy it.

Remember when Victoria Secret tried to get cute and sex-up sports bras? I wrote about it back in 2012.

Putting some Sex Glam Sleeze Sparkle Into Running?

It was only a matter of time before Victoria Secret decided to sex up the sport of running with some $60 sports bras…with matching capris…with sparkles. Of course.  Can you HEAR my eyes rolling? How do you think these super-special supermodel bras hold up to gallons of sweat and 9,000 washings?

Well, the latest news, which comes as no big surprise to any actual athlete, is that the sexy sports bras are not selling.

My favorite Jezebel writer, Erin Ryan, hilariously summed up the whole fiasco in Nobody Wants to Buy Victoria Secret’s Dumb “Sexy” Sports Bras. (Warning: Lots of swear words, so if you’re easily offended, you might not think she’s funny).

Then, I came across this sports bra parody that made me giggle. While I’m not, ahem, well endowed enough two need super-supportive, boob-smashing bras, I have doubled up when my bras are nearing the end of their life (and losing elasticity).

Enjoy, my sisters

Things I found — 4/24/14

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Worth Reading:

3 Tips for running downhill.

Planning to try a tri? Here’s a 12 week sprint triathlon training schedule.

Amby Burfoot: 7 great things about the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Kristen Armstrong pays tribute to her most loyal running partners in Pause for Paws.

Funny stuff


T-shirt of the Week

Wish I’d had this shirt when I still had my Y membership and worked out in the weight room. Nothing pissed me off more than muscle-heads who left 100 lb weights on the leg press.


Things I found — 4/17/14

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Worth reading:

Dr. George Sheehan wrote this essay in 1976. He was a man who was way ahead of his time: You Let a Girl Beat You?

According to this article, what you eat the week of a marathon can make or break you. Meh…I don’t know. I suppose it probably matters, but “make or break” seems pretty dramatic. My husband can run a 3:30 marathon on chicken wings and beer.

Q&A with Shalane Flanagan, a hometown Boston girl and our best chance for an American female winner on Monday.

Speaking of marathons, here are 10 mistakes to avoid on marathon day.

Runner’s World’s best new gear choices for 2014.


T-shirt of the Week


Things I found — 3/20/14

By | March 20, 2014 1:44 am | 0 Comments

Worth Reading

Star Tribune: She found running and left troubles in the dust

How to pick the right running partner (Tip: If your goal is to get faster, your best running partners are those slightly faster than you. This means you may curse them while running because they will push you, but…that’s how you improve).

Because we can: Why we all need to run

Undies for running women (cute concept, but…pricey — 3 pairs for $48. Ouch).

Forget Fitbit -  This T-shirt embeds fitness sensors into fabric (interesting)

Funny stuff


How Are You Training? from Boss Hog on Vimeo.


Things I found — 2/27/14

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Worth Reading

* You don’t need a gym membership or weights so strength train. Use your own body weight.  Check out these exercises that will  challenge your whole body (and there are links to more, too).

* The Art of Running Shoe Maintenance has some interesting tips (some I’ve never heard before) to keep your running shoes in top form.

* Beware of signing up for any races directed by The Shadiest Man in the Racing Business.  (Can you imagine signing up for a marathon, doing all the training, booking the hotel, and then find on race morning that there is no race???)

* Runners are often Type-A people who don’t love to sleep know, it’s just not that productive and they’d much rather be doing 10,000 other things and maybe go for another run, but making time for serious Zs is just as important as your weekly long run (maybe more). Need more convincing? Here are 25 things that happen if you don’t get enough sleep. (and having made an effort to increase my own sleep time, I can tell you it makes a world of difference).

* A friend and I were just talking about the latest FitBit craze and we both agree, we won’t be getting one…pretty much for the reason this woman dumped her Nike Fuel Band.




Things I found — 2/20/14

By | February 20, 2014 1:52 am | 0 Comments

 Worth Reading

* Let’s keep it real.

* 17 things you should know before you date a runner. (“If you ever consider going on vacation together, chances are they will look into running a race while they’re out there.” LOL…true dat).

* 11 charts that show everything that’s wrong with our modern American diet (No. 1 is shocking..and, yet, not. And, no. 11 is eye-opening; I’m still angry about it…we were duped my friends.)

* There is such a thing as too “healthy”: The end of hyperbole as we know it.

“You don’t have to study physiology for very long before you discover that Goldilocks was right; there’s always a sweet spot between the extremes. Laboratory research and personal experience tell us that things that are beneficial in small amounts often become toxic in larger doses.”

* Need some new tunes? Check out Another Mother Runner’s list of 50 perfect running songs.




T-shirt of the Week


Available here for $20.


Get funky

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Did you know there’s a whole website dedicated to funky running gear?

I didn’t until Tom Madura, Erie’s barefoot runner, sent me this note:

Are you still looking for feedback on what gear people got for Christmas?

I got a great Nike Dri-Fit cold-weather shirt, and three new pairs of tights from Running Funky.
As soon as the Arctic temperatures subside I’ll be rocking these on the road!
Because, you know, running barefoot doesn’t attract enough attention.

Here’s Tom in his funky tights:


Running Funky has dozens, literally dozens, of funky fabrics (click on the drop menu under “tights colors”) you can choose from and  tights are just $53, which isn’t a bad price considering a pair of boring old black Under Armour tights (like the 18 pairs I have in my closet) will run you $60 to $100 each.

Aren’t these way more fun?


polka riot-228x228
Polka riot

Solar flare


Wild turkey (order now for the ERC Trot!)

And, good news…there’s still time to order these for the St. Paddy’s day run:


If you  hurry, you might even be able to get these in time for the Valentine’s Day Prediction run on Feb. 15:

Pink Hearts-228x228

And now, I must share this earworm because I want to take you to…I want to take you to funky town:

Things I found While Looking Around — 1/16/14

By | January 16, 2014 1:56 am | 0 Comments

Worth Reading

* 7 Habits of Highly Effective Runners and Eaters

* Don’t be fooled by the claims on the front of the package. Check the nutrition facts. Here are 16 supposedly healthy foods with more sugar than a Snickers bar

* Tight shoulders are common among runners, particularly among runners who have desk jobs. Here are some tips to help you loosen up.

* Completely unrelated to running, but Outside online wrote a fascinating piece on Iditerod racer Lance Mackey: The world’s toughest athlete.

* Again, not running related, but…cycling is good cross-training and I stumbled upon this offer for a free e-book from Vello Mom — Road Biking for Beginners. You have to join their mailing list to get a link to the book (a 22-page PDF). I haven’t read it all the way through, yet, but it looks worth reading.


Video of the Week

T-shirt of the Week

back to the gym

Available here for $12.



Things I found while looking around — 10/17/13

By | October 17, 2013 1:42 am | 0 Comments

Worth Reading

* So the last 40 years of federal research into nutrition has been fatally flawed? I’m not surprised. I figured out I’d been hoodwinked a couple years ago. Truth: I think the food pyramid and it’s emphasis on grains & corn is what made America fat …well, that and highly-processed and genetically modified foods and the fact that food manufacturers have inserted sugar (in some form) into nearly everything.

* Speaking of processed foods: Why you can’t resist Doritos (Confession: Doritos are the only “chip” I can’t resist…so yeah, they got me with the nacho cheese).

* One marathon is refusing to publish complete results, citing privacy issues.

* The government shut-down could mean a shut-down of the Marine Corps Marathon (*shakes head*)

* I sure hope some runner went and adopted Boogie, the 1/2 marathoning dog.

Funny Stuff

True for me:


T-shirt of the Week


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