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Things I found — 5/16/12

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 Worth Reading *Big Brother Fitbit Flex is watching tracking you. If you’re looking to get a handle on exactly how much exercise you’re getting every day and are considering strapping on a fitness tracker (think those armband things you wear that meausure your activities, calorie burn, sleep, etc.), word has it the new Fitbit Flex… View Article

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Things I found — 5/2/13

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Worth Reading * Genetically Modified Foods: 7 Things Every Shopper Needs to Know * If you haven’t had a tick on you yet….it’s a matter of time, especially for those of you who run trail…(If this doesn’t make you itch, I don’t know what will): The Rise of the Tick & 9 tips for Avoiding… View Article

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More Yoga for Runners Workshops scheduled

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Saturday’s Yoga For Runners workshop at Yoga, Pilates & More was well attended, very warm, and quite informative. Yoga, Pilates & More owner Elyssa Lindenberger taught the class full of runners how yoga poses and help relieve (and prevent) some of the most common running injuries.  She led us through a 1-hour practice, then we… View Article

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A new use for your foam roller

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Did you happen to notice that an Erie native was quoted in the January issue of Runner’s World magazine (above)? Tyler Travis is the executive director of the LECOM Wellness Center and he was quoted on “The Body Shop” page, in which he teaches us a whole new way to use every runner’s best friend… View Article

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Words to Run by: Rest before your body rests you

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“It’s tempting to focus your training on building toward harder workouts, and schedule rest when your body “needs” it. Studies have found that inexperienced athletes make exactly this mistake, steadily increasing training until fatigue or injury forces them to back off—then repeating the cycle.  Experienced athletes deliberately plan their recovery. By taking a rest before… View Article

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Yoga, Pilates & More offering Yoga-for-Runners Workshop

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Elyssa Lindenberger, above, is a runner, chiropractor, and proud owner of the newest yoga studio in town —Yoga Pilates & More — 2425 West 26th Street (in the Young Chiropractic plaza across from Champion Ford at the I-79 interchange) which is holding its grand opening tomorrow, Saturday, January 19. Elyssa is an Erie native who… View Article

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Things I found — 1/17/13

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* 3 ways to build an injury-proof body (solid advice here) * 5 one-pot meals for runners * Rejoice! Salt may lose it’s rank as public enemy No. 1. As runners, we lose a lot of salt in our sweat.  I’ve never limited my salt intake and always heed my body’s craving for more despite… View Article

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Things I found — Dec. 13

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* How running explains the world * Test your Survival Skills with this Outdoor Magazine quiz. (Let’s just say I’d be dead 10 times over) * CrossFit Endurance’s Unconventional 12-Week Marathon Training Plan (hmmm….very interesting)   “Brian MacKenzie has a few pointed words about your endurance workout. “If you’re running five miles a day at… View Article

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Things I found — Oct. 25

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Pull Your Sweet Tooth Charlotte of The Great Fitness Experiment gives some solid advice for recovering sugar addicts (and, um, we all are) in her blog post 10 Tips for Silencing the Siren Call of Sugar (Sugar is like Crack). In the last 9 months, I have managed to eliminate most of the obvious sugar… View Article

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Psoas 101

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Source sss-so-ah-what? I had never even heard of these muscles and I’ve been running (and, presumably, using them) for 15 years. The thing is, most runners don’t even know they have a psoas, or that they even have TWO, until they start getting these weird deep, stomach pains. Sometimes it’s lower back pains, or the… View Article

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