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Weekend race results

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Another fine weekend for race, although hot and humid on Saturday and later in the day on Sunday.


Wilderness Lodge Trail Run

I volunteered at the inaugural Wilderness Lodge Trail Run and was dang glad I didn’t run it because it looked really hot…and hard…and hilly. I was happy to stand in the shade swatting deer flies and cheering. More than 150 runners took the challenge at the lodge and completed one of the races — 20K, 10K & 2K.

The post-run atmosphere at the Wilderness Lodge was unlike most races.. Maybe it was because there was a full-service bar nearby, maybe because so many of the runners know each other (from other trail runs…from skiing at the lodge in winter), maybe because there was a campfire already burning, or maybe because there was live music.  I can see this race growing larger in future years. It was more like a gathering of friends — who just happened to go out and run all over the trails, which are MUCH easier to ski!

Kudos to the race organizers for a unique addition to the local running lineup. Hope this one will be back on the schedule again next year.

Complete race results for all three events can be found here.

Photos from the event here.

Bemus Point Summer 10K

In nearby New York, nearly 100 participated in the Bemus Point Summer 10K. 

Results here.

Dam Tri Triathlon

The weather — warm, but overcast — couldn’t have been more perfect for the Dam Tri in nearby Meadville. I did my first ever tri — the sprint — and it was fun. Well…maybe fun is not the right word, but it was a challenge. The swim was better than I thought it was going to be and the bike was worse than I thought it was going to be. The run was hilly, but a portion of it was through the woods, which I really  liked. As a runner, I couldn’t wait to get to that last leg, the one leg I KNEW I could rock. I ran a 27:27 in the 5K, which I cannot complain about considering the 1/4 mile swim & 11.5 mile bike ride that came before it.

I’ve got much more to say about the tri and my experience there, but it will have to wait a bit. For now, you get results (here). You’ll notice a lot of Erie names (of course) among the Sprint and Olympic distances.

P.S. I ended up 5th in my age group and 78 out of 135 total in the sprint. Not too bad for my first time, especially on that challenging course!




Biggest loser race results & photos

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On Sunday, hundreds of Biggest Loser 1/2 marathon & 5K participants were introduced to my running life — traversing the hills in and around Penn State Behrend when the college hosted this year’s Biggest Loser event.

Judging by the comments, the weary looks on the runners’ faces and this guy:


…I’m thinking most didn’t care for the course.

But, here’s the thing….it’s a challenge. If you spend all your time running on the nice, flat peninsula or a treadmill, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. Hills make you stronger. And if you’re used to them, they can give you a substantial advantage in a race.

Now…that’s what I was doing on Sunday:


We cheered for the half marathon participants, and it was fun. We chalked inspirational messages on the road, blared the ’80s channel from our car, and gave the runners lots of high fives and cowbell (Sam, our dog, not a fan of all the cowbell).

Dan actually went out early that morning, with a Biggest Loser route map in hand, and did the half marathon course. I didn’t run because I absolutely refuse to walk in a race and I’d have killed myself to not walk in the B.L. race and I’ve got a triathlon next week (my first!). I can’t risk injury/fatigue now. The tri wins.

It was a spectacular morning for a run, though it did heat up considerably by 10 a.m.  While I know the course was more challenging than most people around here are used to, I do hope they enjoyed the views and scenery available in my beautiful stomping (running) grounds and the gorgeous green campus of Penn State Behrend.

* Complete Biggest Loser results here (5K & Marathon)

* Hundreds of photos from the 5K here.

Here are a few photos I took:


Cute Superhero costumes.


Adam Rowe, 2nd place finisher.


We chalked the names of people we knew were running. I even brought chocolate for my friend, Jen.


Leading woman at the half way point…not sure if she ended up being the women’s overall winner


Billy Kuhn, 14, goes to my daughters’ school and turned in an impressive, 2:04 on a tough, hilly course!


I love this barn that I pass on my drive to & from work every day. I’ve taken pictures of it in all seasons.

DSC_0964  DSC_0966

Cheerleaders laying down on the job.

DSC_0968 DSC_0970

Definitely the most colorful runner.


It says: :-) U Love this!


Erie Runner wins North Face Endurance Challenge 50K

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Congrats to Erie runner, Dino Montagna, 32, who recently WON The North Face Endurance Challenge— a 50K trail race in Sterling, Virgina.

According to the challenge organizers, “the course keeps runners on their toes with ever-changing terrain. Overall, the course consists of 50% single-track, 30% dirt or gravel double-track, 10% gravel carriage road and 10% paved road.”
Local finishers are below, in bold.
Top three men overall:
1. Dino Montagna (32), Erie, 3:58:10
2. Steve Hoogland, Springfield, VA, 4:08:20
3. Alberto Camerdeil, Caracas, Venezuala, 4:15:52
Top three women overall:
1. Kara Waters, Ellicott City, Maryland, 4:26:10
2. Alex Wang, Great Falls, Virginia, 4:32:11
3. Sonja Hinish, Arlington, Virginia, 4:35:22
315: Sharon Wesoky, Meadville, 7:13:07

Weekend race results

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Weekend Race results for the Race to Wellness (Ripley, N.Y.), the PR Run (Oil City) and the ERC Father’s Day run (Presque Isle) can be found here.

Looks like the Erie Runners Club had a nice turnout for the Father’s Day race with more than 220 completing the 5K. Top honors went to:

Male overall

1. Curt Bachus, 49, Akron, 18:04

2. Kevin Haight, 15, Erie, 18:37

3. Jack Dey, 16, Erie, 18:38

Female overall

1. Aimee Deyoung, 41, Saegertown, 21:08

2. Jenna Fatica, 25, Erie, 21:043

3. Kate Ziesenheim, Golden, Colorado, 31, 23:21

ERC Board Member, Greg Wigham, posted more than 100 photos from the Father’s Day race to the club’s Facebook page. Check them out here.


Art & Sole 5K and Bobcat Country Run results

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art andsole

Saturday was the Art & Sole 5K in downtown Erie. The race, which starts and finishes at the Neighborhood Art House (and benefits the art house) has grown steadily, likely thanks to the not-often-offered city route and the one-of-a-kind age group awards (art created by students at the art house).

230 participated in the 5K with top honors going to:

Top three men

1.  Leif Schmidt, 32, 16:54

2. Alex, 25, 17:07

3. Andrew Holland, 35, 17:16

Top three women

1. Andrea Patmore, 32, 20:59

2. Sarah Holland, 35, 21:48

3. Kate Amatuzzo, 29, 22:20

Complete Art & Sole 5K results here.


Bobcat Country Run

The inaugural Bobcat Country Run was held last Saturday, May 31 at Seneca High School. It was a true cross-country event with a course that included hills, grass and trail through the woods. The reviews were good for this first-time race with a well-marked course, quick results and lots of age group awards.

There was also a 1-mile kids race with age group awards (you don’t find too many of those).

This is one race you may want to put on your list for next year (scheduled for Saturday, May 30, 2015). I have a feeling it’s going to grow as word spreads (and, no, it’s not far — just 8 miles from I-90).

Top three men:

1. Alexander Zarger,25, 17:52

2. Phoenix Myers, 15, 18:32

3. Hudson Harrison, 29, 19:30

Top three women:

1. Elizabeth Galkowski, 36, 25:17

2. Christine Wnukowski, 21, 27:49

3.  Jenesia Buschman, 30, 28:01

Complete results can be found here.

Lots of photos from Rich Wise of Four Mile Photography can be found here. 


Mother’s Day 5K results

By | May 11, 2014 10:23 pm | 2 Comments


Nearly 550 runners enjoyed near perfect running conditions (cool, but sunny) and use of the ERC Beach No. 1 pavilion for Sunday’s Mother’s Day 5K.

While there were no age group awards, every runner got a Stefanelli’s chocolate bar (waaaaay better than a plaque or medal, in my opinion) and Big White Trailer did compile official results which can be seen here.

Top 3 overall:


1. Derek Sherman, 16, 19:41

2. Nick Traud, 24, 19:56

3. Michael Clark, 17, 20:14


1. Ange Eberlein, 38, 21:04

2. Chris Hilling, 25, 22:34

3. Dawn Betza, 46, 22:40

I don’t think the GoErie Street View photographer was at the event, but…I see the club has posted nearly 500 photos from the race on their Facebook page. Check them out here.

Law Day 5K

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The Law Day 5K is always one of the most competitive 5Ks in the Erie area. I’m thinking it has something to do with the driven, competitive type of folks who are drawn to law and law enforcement professions. The winning time? 15:02. That’s not a misprint. And while Aaron (Mr. 15:02) is not a lawyer, he sure can run with the big dogs.

Top times:


Aaron Rowe, 33, 15:01

Justin Allen, 25, 16:03

Peter Boyd, 39, 16:47


Carrie Chelich, 22, 20:13

Emily Dopierala, 28, 20:47

Pamela Wassell, 50, 21:10

Complete results here.

See 102 photos by Goerie Street View photographer Mike Conway here.

Weekend race results

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Ah…spring…when you never know what the heck Mother Nature is going to give you. Signing up for a race this time of year is always a leap of faith — you could get snow…ice…rain…wind…warmth…just never know.

Saturday brought wind and some rain, but nearly 80 still completed the 5K for Parkinson’s. Top honors went to Adam Rowe with an 18:35 and Katie Joseph with a 21:57.

Complete 5K for Parkinson’s results can be found here.

Sunday was a much better day for racing with cool, but clear conditions for the Miles for Mercy 5K. Complete results for Miles of Mercy can be found here.

Slush run results

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More than 70 participated in this weekend’s Slush Run 5K in North East.

Top finishers (male & female) were: Dan Dygert, 37, Linesville, 17:57  & Rosie Cooper, 25, Jamestown, N.Y., 25:52

Complete results at


ERC St. Patrick’s Day Distance Festival Results & photos

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More than 700 participated in the ERC’s St. Patrick’s Day Distance Festival this weekend — 452 in the 5K, 256 in the 10K and 10 in the 2 mile walk. It was cold, but the roads were clear (some puddle-dodging required) and there was no precipitation falling…that’s about as good as it gets in Erie in March.

Top honors go to:



1. Andrew Holland,  35, 17:09

2. John Lacy, 18, 17:14

3. Michael Williamson, 21, 17:19


1. Lori Beth Nunemaker, 22, 21:04

2. Kelly Latimer, 30, 21:08

3. Andrea Patmore, 32, 21:15



1. Justin Allen, 25, 35:21

2. Eric Walsh, 45, 35:27

3. Andrew Holland, 35, 35:42


1. Brittany Kaltenbaugh, 22, 41:44

2. Emily Ahrens, 20, 41:49

3. Kelli Proctor, 36, 42:22

There was some complaining about the new awards structure that race director Jim Lang instituted. Here’s what he said about it. AND…he’s welcoming comments):

It was my decision to change to 10% depth (1 minimum) instead of 3 in each age group. I feel about awards the same as I feel about finishers medals – they should mean something. 3rd (of 3) is not the accomplishment that 3rd of 30 is. Awards should reflect that.

In addition, last year’s awards resulted in nearly half of the awards purchased being wasted. Incomplete age groups and folks leaving without them left 2 boxes of plaques with nothing to do with them. That’s wasteful, and a real pain to deal with.

The 10% awards was NOT an attempt to be cheap. It was an attempt to make the awards meaningful and less wasteful.

I would consider 20%, min 1, up to 5 deep. If we were to go back to 3 in each age groups, I would restrict it to pre-reg, so if there are only 2 registered by 1 week out (when awards are ordered), there would only be 2 awards. If there is nobody in the age group, we would get no awards. Or something else.

IMHO – awards/plaques/medals are just clutter. It’s the accomplishment that matters…not the token. As a race director, I know how expensive medals are (that’s why I don’t give medals at my race) and I know that the majority are never picked up.


Complete results for the 5K, 10K, 2 Mile Walk and the St. Pat’s combined 15K (those runners who took the challenge and did BOTH the 5K & the 10K) and the Winter Series results (Turkey Trot, New Year’s Day 5-Miler and St. Patrick’s Day) can be found at

Photos, photos, photos

Photos from GoErie’s Street View here.

My photos are below.

Groooovy beach towels

Speaking of the ERC Winter Series….this year’s series premium was a very cool tie-dye beach towel in your choice of five colors. Missed out on the series prize? Don’t fret, I have it on good authority the club will be selling leftovers at the ERC merchandise table at future races. No word on the price yet.


Also…if you missed out on the ERC flipflops (premium from the Valentine’s Day race), you can now purchase those for $10.