Things I found — 10/2/14

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A random collection of blog posts, articles, videos and other stuff I found while surfing the ‘net.

Worth Reading

* Running shouldn’t be the be all and end all of your fitness routine. Check out these 7 ways to become a better runner without running.

* Q&A with Shalane Flanagan On Targeting American Marathon Record In Berlin

* 25 3-ingredient smoothy recipes.

* Exercise is ADHD medication.  Makes you wonder if all those kids on medication are really just in need of an extended gym class…or more regular breaks in which they could move around/burn off energy.

* The Runner’s Guide to Better Writing.…which reminds me of this Will Smith classic in which he reveals the keys to life – Running & Reading.

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Things I found — 9/25/14

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Worth reading

Now…here’s a truly unique place to go 26.2: Americans can now legally run a marathon in Cuba

Runners World has The Untold History of the Beer Mile.

No surprise to me, but a recent study reveals that runners run better companies.

Give your smoothie a boost with seeds.

Funny Stuff

The 7 Worst Theme Races Ever

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Things I found — 9/11/14

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Worth Reading

File this GOOD news: According to Atlantic, wine & exercise is a promising combination

This is fantastic: 10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out

So is this: Stop Telling Women Their Bodies Suck (Amen. Seriously…stop. I’m so done with it. All of it. Including “women’s events” in which they do nothing but try to sell you things to fix all the sh%^ that’s wrong with you).

If the short film on the Kickstarter page is any indication, this film is going to be pretty cool.  (What moves you?)

True ‘dat (or ‘dis):


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Things I found — 9/4/14

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Worth reading

5 Ways Running Makes us Better Parents. I know this (below) is true for me:

“Parenting can be lonely or challenging. The more you have people around to support you, teach you, challenge you, show you, talk with you, laugh with you, and love you, the easier things will be.”

If you can master the art of running negative splits, you’ll have a huge advantage over 90% of your competition in races. Here’s how to finish strong.

Like to go long…really long? Heed Hal Koerner’s ultrarunning commandments.

While it’s not really practical for long distance runners, I assure you it works: A Call For a Low-Carb Diet that Embraces Fat


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Things I found — 8/28/14

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A random collection of things I found while surfing the ‘net that I think are worth sharing:

Worth reading

 * The key to eating healthy is planning ahead. This basic slow-cooker chicken will give you a good base for creating a quick dinner.

* Need that extra motivation to get your butt out of bed in the morning? How about that good old fashioned mom tool — shame. Pavlok Fitness Bands will give you “not just the carrot, but the stick,” too.

* Ever get a metallic taste in your mouth when you run? Here’s why.

* In Ferguson, running bridges the races.

* Kristen Armstrong shares 10 lessons learned in her 42nd year. “Sometimes we train to run far. Other times we train to run fast. If we train to run joyfully we find our pace for life.”

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This one is eerily true for me this week:


Things I found — 8/21/14

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Worth Reading

* From Run the Edge: “She is 40. She has two children. And now she is the oldest woman to win a gold medal at the European championships 10,000-meters.”  This video says it all..and it is pretty awesome.

* Why stair-climbing is good for runners.

* I’m not an energy bar fan, but…I know many of you are, so here are 6 of the best news ones, according to Outside Magazine.

* Is there such a thing as exercising too much? (uh..definitely and, for some, it’s an addiction).

Funny Stuff

* Running inventions we’d like to see. Mark Remy cracks me up again.

* Peyton Manning doesn’t want you to drink Gatorade: THIS is awesome.…and, seriously, they should do this. The number of people drinking Gatorade for no damn reason just blows my mind. It’s nothing something you should be drinking unless you’re running many, many miles.

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I know a few people who need this shirt:


Things I found — 8/14/14

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Worth Reading

Why running –no matter the distance — makes you live longer.

Want to find new routes, ward off injury, or stay safe? There’s an app for that.

Robin Williams had deep running roots.

New to running? Don’t make these 9 mistakes.

Need to incorporate some cross training? (Trust me, you do) Try this 8-minute medicine ball workout.


Funny Stuff

Context is everything. Here are 22 words that have a totally different meaning when you’re a runner.

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Things I found while surfing around — 8/7/14

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Worth Reading

Sometimes these types of articles annoy me and I realize I’m preaching to the choir here, but there’s some thought-provoking info in Salon’s 10 reasons America is morbidly obese.

Are you new to running and just can’t seem to get your breathing right and/or keep getting side stitches? Runners World has some good advice for you. 

I love this woman for being true to herself: Maggie Vessey’s Racing Outfits Punch up Track Fashion. A true trendsetter.

Got a bumper zucchini crop this year? Here are 35 healthy things you can make with it.   I can’t wait to try this and this (I totally just bought a shredder thing so I can make it) BTW…if you are drowning in squash, I’m jealous because I’ve gotten, like, two zucchini and one yellow squash out of my garden this year. I don’t think the square foot gardening thing is working out for us.

Runner Claire Wyckoff elevates running route mapping to an art form — making drawing with Nike+ Map.

Worth watching

In no way related to health or fitness or running, but too awesome not to share. Also, she reminds me of my daughter when she was a baby. Enjoy!


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You know who you are. LOL.


Things I found — 7/24/14

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Worth reading

* This blog post — Do you have good scars? — is pretty awesome. Seriously…read it.  Very inspiring.

* What goes through your mind on a run? 75 thoughts every runner has when out for a run.

* Need motivation to exercise? Reader’s Digest say they have 13 tricks you haven’t tried before.

* Outside  magazine says smaller runners have the advantage at Badwater.

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Things I found — 7/17/14

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Worth Reading

* Wouldn’t you be the s$%# if you showed up at the races with this tailgating bad boy: The Coolest Cooler

* Need a new challenge? How about the world’s toughest race?

* How much does sitting negate your workout benefits? (This is sort of depressing for people like me…who sit all day)

* Tempo runs explained.

Funny Stuff

* A Non-Runners Guide to Runners by Mark Remy

* 8 of the worst things that happen while running

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