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Things I found — 6/12/14

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Worth Reading

Does combining two performance-boosters (caffeine & carbs) make a difference in race times? Not really.

You say you love running and cats…then this is the Twitter feed for you.

ElliptiGo: Meb’s No-impact workout weapon.

Need some inspiration? Read all about Harriett Thompson, 91, a cancer survivor who just finished a marathon in San Diego.

I find the headline to be a little dramatic, but Huffington Post says this is The One Exercise That Just Might Change Your Running Forever.

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Bayfront Connector trail (a hidden gem worth exploring)

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Ever notice the paved path that runs alongside the Bayfront Connector in east Erie? I’m routinely surprised at how many local runners/walkers/bikers are completely unaware of it…or how to get it on it…or where it goes.

The trail starts on the campus of Penn State Behrend and runs all the way to Frontier Park (it may appear to end in place, but it doesn’t until Frontier). From there, you can grab bikeway path on 6th street and go all the way to the Sara’s at the Peninsula for a 11 mile (one-way), downhill trip from Behrend.

I recently wrote a blog post all about the trail for Penn State Behrend’s blog. Check it out here. It contains links to a “map my run” map and estimated mileage for several distances (all from Penn State Behrend).

One thing I didn’t cover (as the post was written for the school’s blog) was parking. In summer, you’re OK parking in the Erie Lot or the Logan House lot without getting a visitor’s pass, but when school is in session, I’d suggest you stop by Police Services (directly across the street from the Erie parking lot) and getting a free visitor’s pass. They make it easy with a convenient drive-thru window.


Things I found — 6/5/14

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Worth Reading

Not sure I care for the tone of this, but it does speak the truth: 22 Things Fit Women Over 30 Experience

Actually, this would come in pretty handy for use on the Multipurpose Trail at Presque Isle in the summer.

Over 1 in 3 adults are obese worldwide So…is no one putting together the fact that developing countries are getting fat because developed countries are sending them food that makes them fat — corn, grains, processed foods, fast food, sugar- and preservative-laden “foods.”

Thirty ways runners are like toddlers. (LOL)

My Tough Mudder review. Yeah, so it’s a few weeks late.

HERSHEY has a half marathon???? Oh…that’s going on my to-do list along with a couple of these other races with the sweetest swag.

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Guaranteed to scare the s#$@ out of your competitors, or at least make them think you’re insane…which, you know, could be a fun race strategy:


Things I found — 5/29/14

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 Worth Reading:

* Do diet beverages really help people lose weight? A study seems to have found the definitive answer. But…for what it’s worth, water is best. Why ingest chemicals?

* The only running app you need, according to Runner’s World’s Mark Remy. ;)

* How to keep your water cold longer in the summer.

Funny Stuff

A little long, but funny:


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Things I found — 5/22/14

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Worth Reading:

* Are your five-fingers shoes dangerous? Mark Sisson says no.

* I finally figured this out a couple years ago & I can’t say it enough: A calorie is not a calorie. Calorie restriction is pointless…fruitless and bound to fail.  Finally, the tides may be turning: Always Hungry? Here’s why.

* Completely unrelated in any way to running, but so cool that I had to share: How a single drop of seawater looks when magnified 25 times.

Worth watching:

* The Science of Stupid – Treadmills. Guaranteed to make you say “Ouch!”

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Things I found — 5/15/14

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Worth Reading

* James W. Parker Middle School sixth grader Libby Woods recently ran a half marathon, finishing in 2:15:48!

* Beer Mile Championships on Tap

* Super simple black bean brownies

* I, personally, like my Vibrams, but I don’t really run in them all that much because I had a pretty sneaking suspicion that they weren’t all that great for my feet  when running distance (I mean, come on…it’s not rocket science), but people say they were deceived and so there was a lawsuit and now there’s lots of money available for those who bought into Vibram’s advertising claims (ya’ll know most advertising is bunk, right?) Anyway….if you’re looking to get a piece of the refund action, Runner’s World has all the details.

* Erie Times-News health reporter Dave Bruce did a piece on Team Adrenaline: Erie Fitness Group Combines Sweat and Fun (It really is fun, I swear). Photos here.

* Beer Mile Championships on Tap.

* Super simple black bean brownies.

Funny Stuff

10 inadvisable ways to run a mile

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Things I found 5/8/14

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Worth Reading

Common Running Injuries and How to Fix Them

Got stuff to carry? Here’s Runner’s World’s list of the best gear for storage while running.

Shin splints are preventable…and treatable. Here’s how.

What Shalane’s Boston Marathon Taught me about Running.

Outside magazine: If you’re not eating enough, you might gain weight (I’d guess the vast majority of us eat way too much — we’ve learned to eat based on time and social cues instead of actual hunger — but…just be aware that if you’re severely restricting calories, your body will fit tooth & nail to keep every one of them. Our bodies are designed for survival…they could give a shit what you look like in jeans).



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Saw this at the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo and it cracked me up…I can imagine Pittsburgh Dad saying this. Available for $26 here.

Things I found — 5/1/14

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Worth Reading

Sufferfests make you stronger: Runner’s World has three workouts to increase your pain tolerance.

10 best mobility exercises for runners.

Walk of No Shame “Slowing down during runs will make you stronger and faster, so no more regretting the times you break into a stroll.”

Outside magazine gets Inside Meb’s Win at Boston.

Don’t believe everything you hear: 10 running myths that are slowing you down.

Funny Stuff

Forget all that B.S. from Fitness and Self and all those other fitness rags. Mark Remy gets honest and give us a list of the REAL Best food for runners.


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Here’s one for you science nerds (and I say that will all kinds of love & affection as I love science nerds):


Things I found — 4/24/14

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Worth Reading:

3 Tips for running downhill.

Planning to try a tri? Here’s a 12 week sprint triathlon training schedule.

Amby Burfoot: 7 great things about the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Kristen Armstrong pays tribute to her most loyal running partners in Pause for Paws.

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Wish I’d had this shirt when I still had my Y membership and worked out in the weight room. Nothing pissed me off more than muscle-heads who left 100 lb weights on the leg press.


Things I found — 4/17/14

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Worth reading:

Dr. George Sheehan wrote this essay in 1976. He was a man who was way ahead of his time: You Let a Girl Beat You?

According to this article, what you eat the week of a marathon can make or break you. Meh…I don’t know. I suppose it probably matters, but “make or break” seems pretty dramatic. My husband can run a 3:30 marathon on chicken wings and beer.

Q&A with Shalane Flanagan, a hometown Boston girl and our best chance for an American female winner on Monday.

Speaking of marathons, here are 10 mistakes to avoid on marathon day.

Runner’s World’s best new gear choices for 2014.


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