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Things I found 5/8/14

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Worth Reading

Common Running Injuries and How to Fix Them

Got stuff to carry? Here’s Runner’s World’s list of the best gear for storage while running.

Shin splints are preventable…and treatable. Here’s how.

What Shalane’s Boston Marathon Taught me about Running.

Outside magazine: If you’re not eating enough, you might gain weight (I’d guess the vast majority of us eat way too much — we’ve learned to eat based on time and social cues instead of actual hunger — but…just be aware that if you’re severely restricting calories, your body will fit tooth & nail to keep every one of them. Our bodies are designed for survival…they could give a shit what you look like in jeans).



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Saw this at the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo and it cracked me up…I can imagine Pittsburgh Dad saying this. Available for $26 here.

Things I found — 5/1/14

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Worth Reading

Sufferfests make you stronger: Runner’s World has three workouts to increase your pain tolerance.

10 best mobility exercises for runners.

Walk of No Shame “Slowing down during runs will make you stronger and faster, so no more regretting the times you break into a stroll.”

Outside magazine gets Inside Meb’s Win at Boston.

Don’t believe everything you hear: 10 running myths that are slowing you down.

Funny Stuff

Forget all that B.S. from Fitness and Self and all those other fitness rags. Mark Remy gets honest and give us a list of the REAL Best food for runners.


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Here’s one for you science nerds (and I say that will all kinds of love & affection as I love science nerds):


Things I found — 4/24/14

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Worth Reading:

3 Tips for running downhill.

Planning to try a tri? Here’s a 12 week sprint triathlon training schedule.

Amby Burfoot: 7 great things about the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Kristen Armstrong pays tribute to her most loyal running partners in Pause for Paws.

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T-shirt of the Week

Wish I’d had this shirt when I still had my Y membership and worked out in the weight room. Nothing pissed me off more than muscle-heads who left 100 lb weights on the leg press.


Things I found — 4/17/14

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Worth reading:

Dr. George Sheehan wrote this essay in 1976. He was a man who was way ahead of his time: You Let a Girl Beat You?

According to this article, what you eat the week of a marathon can make or break you. Meh…I don’t know. I suppose it probably matters, but “make or break” seems pretty dramatic. My husband can run a 3:30 marathon on chicken wings and beer.

Q&A with Shalane Flanagan, a hometown Boston girl and our best chance for an American female winner on Monday.

Speaking of marathons, here are 10 mistakes to avoid on marathon day.

Runner’s World’s best new gear choices for 2014.


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Things I found — 4/10/14

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Worth Reading

* What’s the best way to plank? Depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

* As if a traditional foam roller wasn’t torture enough, I give you: The cold roller (Actually, this might feel really great this summer).

* While I’m not big on “rules,” (you can the rebel girl out of Jr. High, can’t take the Jr. High rebel out of the girl), I am doing pretty well on these New Rules of Fitness as I pretty much follow all of these now. How about you?

* If you Run Slow, Who Cares? (“There’s always someone faster: Unless you’re Kenenisa Bekele, Mo Farah or Galen Rupp, chances are there is always going to be someone faster than you. Fast is relative.”)

No, Eating Fruits and Vegetables aren’t bad for you. You know that the only good “diet” is one with protein and lots of veggies and some fruits. Avoid processed foods and chemical-filled “diet” foods.


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Available here for $22.


Things I found — 3/27/14

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Worth Reading

Screw up like a pro: With a little stubbornness and stupidity, you can injure yourself the way the elites do.

Best headphones for running.

Katherine Switzer launches race series to get International women running.

Researchers from the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory in Luxembourg say Cushy running shoes don’t reduce injuries.

5 things runners should know about knees.

Video of the Week

Imagine a world transformed:


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Things I found — 3/13/14

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Worth Reading

* Got a kettle bell? Check out this 20 minute workout routine.

* Ah…now here’s a nice, warm & fuzzy story that will make you think spring: A Man Going For A Jog Found This Baby Bird. You Have To See Next 36 Days. (Be aware that in PA it is illegal to have a wild bird in your care without the proper permits.)

* When the going gets tough we runners get going.

Whether it’s a beginner’s first mile or an Olympian’s marathon, there’s something about suffering (even in a trivial way) again and again—then living through it every time—that creates this wellspring of strength and resilience. It’s something we can turn to in our own bodies, yes, but even more significantly, in our hearts.

* The Barber Beast Blog did a nice little Q&A with Erie-area runner, Eric Ellis.

* Outside Magazine: Ultra Running Gets Serious (because 100 miles just wasn’t enough)

Funny Stuff

* 9 snow day activities for runners


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Things I found — 3/6/14

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Worth Reading

* Sugar is killing us, and it doesn’t take much.  “If your heart is palpitating with dread at the very thought of giving up sugar, you’ve arrived at one of the reasons why we eat so darn much of it. Some say it’s addictive, and a 2007 study found it gives your brain a reward even greater than that of cocaine.” (You can give it up. I did and it’s crazy, but the cravings GO AWAY…GONE).

* 11 things women runners (and probably all runners) can understand.

* Doing an obstacle race this year? Here’s a 6-week training plan. (Hint: 400 meters is one loop of a standard running track).

*Should you walk or jog between intervals? Runner’s World’s Alex Hutchinson says you should jog (Cyndie Z., I guess you were right).

Funny Stuff

Here’s what you can say next time some 7-minute-miler complains about their race performance:


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Things I found — 2/27/14

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Worth Reading

* You don’t need a gym membership or weights so strength train. Use your own body weight.  Check out these exercises that will  challenge your whole body (and there are links to more, too).

* The Art of Running Shoe Maintenance has some interesting tips (some I’ve never heard before) to keep your running shoes in top form.

* Beware of signing up for any races directed by The Shadiest Man in the Racing Business.  (Can you imagine signing up for a marathon, doing all the training, booking the hotel, and then find on race morning that there is no race???)

* Runners are often Type-A people who don’t love to sleep know, it’s just not that productive and they’d much rather be doing 10,000 other things and maybe go for another run, but making time for serious Zs is just as important as your weekly long run (maybe more). Need more convincing? Here are 25 things that happen if you don’t get enough sleep. (and having made an effort to increase my own sleep time, I can tell you it makes a world of difference).

* A friend and I were just talking about the latest FitBit craze and we both agree, we won’t be getting one…pretty much for the reason this woman dumped her Nike Fuel Band.




Things I found — 2/20/14

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 Worth Reading

* Let’s keep it real.

* 17 things you should know before you date a runner. (“If you ever consider going on vacation together, chances are they will look into running a race while they’re out there.” LOL…true dat).

* 11 charts that show everything that’s wrong with our modern American diet (No. 1 is shocking..and, yet, not. And, no. 11 is eye-opening; I’m still angry about it…we were duped my friends.)

* There is such a thing as too “healthy”: The end of hyperbole as we know it.

“You don’t have to study physiology for very long before you discover that Goldilocks was right; there’s always a sweet spot between the extremes. Laboratory research and personal experience tell us that things that are beneficial in small amounts often become toxic in larger doses.”

* Need some new tunes? Check out Another Mother Runner’s list of 50 perfect running songs.




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