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Things I found — 6/26/14

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Worth reading

What’s the best workout for weight loss? Outside magazine says it’s not just one thing.

Newbies tend to get injured because they try to do too much, too fast. Here, according to Runners World, are the 6 best exercises for new runners.

Speed laces may not be the best choice.

Behold: the most punishing man in fitness. This guy — founder of the Sparta race — is insane, but in a good way, I guess. Great read.

Funny stuff

Running your first 26.2? Heed this humorous (though mostly true) advice from The Oatmeal

T-shirt of the Week

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Friday question: chafing prevention & remedies

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The summer heat & humidity = painful showers and chafing scars for many runners. I asked: How do you deal with chafing? Share any prevention tips and/or remedies!

Body glide, no issues. But, if you already have chafing, aquaphor or diaper cream works well.  — Pat Krott

I also use body glide. It’s the best! No issues when using that! — Jessie Zahner

Body Glide ….  and compression shorts ….. that’s all you need. — Ramon Patron Jr.

Calluses. Develop calluses and chafing is no longer a problem. — Jim Lang

Aquafor…..helps prevent chafing, and works magic on fixing things if you missed an are. — Christine Vassen

Glide, glide, glide. And don’t wear cotton clothes. — Leslie Cooksey

Chamois Butt’r or Body Glide.  Chamois Butt’r is the “balm.”  ;D — Mike Lawrence

I use baby powder. I have not chafed since I started using before races and long runs.  — Jameel Gavin

Copious amounts of baby powder in the boxer briefs!! For a cooling effect the medicated Goldbond is awesome. Speaking of briefs, I love Under Armour Heat Gear boxer briefs — goood support, moisture wicking, and durable. One of the pairs I have have been through 4 tough mudders, 2 muddy vikings, a beast on the bay, and a bunch of runs. I have a bunch of other brands too, but UA nailed it with their style. Also…band aids on the nips — depending on how much running (and sweating) I do, my shirts (and kind) chafe my nipples. In winter, I use a compression base gear, but in summer,  just use a with old Band-Aids. — Matt Kleck

Aquaphor rules, hands down, even in rain. Lube up! — Sean Donachy

Old school: Vaseline for the arms/sides, Band-aids for the nipples for my marathon on Saturday. (For clarity, as a guy, I don’t wear a sports bra). And I have bloodied singlets on long runs without Band-aids (not to mention the discomfort that gave me a new appreciation for the difficulties that half of the human race deals with). — Michael Morris

More advice from the gurus at Runner’s World.

Things I found — 6/19/14

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Worth Reading

5 routes to run through London (in case you’re planning to hop the pond anytime soon)

 Love National Parks, hate lines? Check out these parks with the least waiting lines.

Funny Stuff

Amen, brother Remy:


Video of the week

We should all run this happy:

T-shirt of the week


Photos: Jog ‘n Hog & 3Mile Isle

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Photos by Mike Conway

GoErie Street View photographer Mike Conway was at two running events this weekend.

Check out photos from the Jog ‘n Hog here and from the 3 Mile Isle adventure run here.



Weekend race results

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Weekend Race results for the Race to Wellness (Ripley, N.Y.), the PR Run (Oil City) and the ERC Father’s Day run (Presque Isle) can be found here.

Looks like the Erie Runners Club had a nice turnout for the Father’s Day race with more than 220 completing the 5K. Top honors went to:

Male overall

1. Curt Bachus, 49, Akron, 18:04

2. Kevin Haight, 15, Erie, 18:37

3. Jack Dey, 16, Erie, 18:38

Female overall

1. Aimee Deyoung, 41, Saegertown, 21:08

2. Jenna Fatica, 25, Erie, 21:043

3. Kate Ziesenheim, Golden, Colorado, 31, 23:21

ERC Board Member, Greg Wigham, posted more than 100 photos from the Father’s Day race to the club’s Facebook page. Check them out here.


Things I found — 6/12/14

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Worth Reading

Does combining two performance-boosters (caffeine & carbs) make a difference in race times? Not really.

You say you love running and cats…then this is the Twitter feed for you.

ElliptiGo: Meb’s No-impact workout weapon.

Need some inspiration? Read all about Harriett Thompson, 91, a cancer survivor who just finished a marathon in San Diego.

I find the headline to be a little dramatic, but Huffington Post says this is The One Exercise That Just Might Change Your Running Forever.

Tshirt of the week


Father’s Day gift ideas for runners

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Sunday is Father’s Day. I know! It came as a surprise to me, too. I find it impossible to buy gifts for my dad because he doesn’t have many hobbies. If, however, you have a running dad in your life, things are much easier. There are tons of gift ideas for fitness-freak dads. Here are a few you can buy/make/order with rush shipping:

THAT paragraph up there is as far as I got when drafting this post before I got distracted — SQUIRREL! — and checked out Facebook and saw that Runner’s World had beaten me to the punch. At first I was all….heyyyyyyyy! Then, I was all…yayyyyyy! Now I can just link you to RW and go swim laps tonight. Win-win!

The running dad in my life (the hubby) is, indeed getting a cool running gift, but I can’t tell you what it is because every once in awhile he drags out his Kindle Fire and actually reads my blogs, so….

ERC Father’s Day 5K

Want a local Father’s Day gift for the running dad in your life? Pay for their entry (and join them) in the Erie Runners Club’s  Father’s Day 5K on Sunday at Presque Isle State Park (9 a.m.) There’s a 1/2 mile kids fun run, too. Get all the details here.

Guest Post: Getting to know Norman “Bud” Stark

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By Larry Kisielewski

“What you see is what you get.”

How many times have you heard that saying, and how many times have you been disappointed when what you get isn’t what you see? With our June GTKY subject, however, that statement is very true. When he talks of his devotion to God and to his family, believe it. But there is more to him than that, much more. I would like you to meet Norman “Bud” Stark.


Norman Anthony Stark grew up in Erie, the first son and second child of Norman Howard and Marie Antoinette Stark. By his first birthday, his older sister, Stephanie, had massacred the word “brother” and he has been known as “Bud” ever since.

He wrestled and played football for both St. Andrew’s grade school and Cathedral Prep. During his junior year at Gannon College, where he majored in accounting, he met a pretty Polish girl in the library. Beata Ann Raguza was freshman who had come to the US at age 8, resided in Philadelphia, and was attending Gannon as a bio/chem major. On their first date, where she popped out his Beach Boys tape and suggested instead that they pray the rosary, Bud knew that he had found a woman with values.He graduated in 1984, one year ahead of Beata, and they married in ’87 and moved to Pittsburgh, where Buddy found work as a CPA. Later, they moved to Philadelphia so Bud could attend law school at Villanova.

During his second year of law school, first son Peter was born, with complications. He had only half a heart, and the many subsequent operations produced enough anxiety to try any marriage. But Bud and Beata were staunch in their faith, which they credit with getting them through their ordeal. Peter is now a healthy, normal, motivated 23-year-old, working for Omni Hotels in Atlanta.

Once Peter’s health improved and stabilized, Bud was ready to come back to Erie. With law degree in hand, he moved Beata, Peter, and newborn son Joseph to Erie, took the now-empty U-Haul back to Philly, and biked home across Pennsylvania, a 430-mile, four-day journey with nary a cell phone or GPS to be found. He found employment with a local law firm before starting his own practice in 1999.

By this time, Beata had delivered daughters Zofia and Catherine and son Norman Francis. She was pregnant with fourth son Francis when she earned her second degree, this time a bachelor’s in nursing from Edinboro.

Joseph, now 22, is a recent graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, and an ensign in the US Navy. Zofia and Catherine are both currently students at Annapolis. Norman is a senior at Cathedral Prep, a year ahead of brother Francis.Also in the mix are John Paul, an 8th grader at St. Luke’s, and Mary Claire, a 7th grader.

Bud is now with the law firm of Marsh and Spaeder and Beata is the head nurse at East High. Their lives are the snow globe of activity that comes with eight active children. Bud is regularly asked, “How do you do it?” To which his reply is always, “You can’t do it on your own. God’s grace and His serenity get us through.”

Bud rises at 5:30 a.m. for his workout at the Y – run, bike, swim, or lift. Then he’s back home to fix breakfast and get the kids off to school. Off to work himself, pick up the kids from 5 to 7 and in bed by 11. The Starks regularly pray the rosary together and engage in many activities as a family. They piece things together as best they can, and somehow it all works out.

(Our interview was conducted in three sessions. The first was in Bud’s law office between clients. The second was at the Y as he watched son Norman swimming 15 miles in preparation for this summer’s planned swim of Lake Erie, and the third session was on a cell phone as he, Beata, and his uncle Pete finished up a Sunday morning bike ride at the peninsula.)

Bud prefers to talk about his kids’ athletic accomplishments: Joseph’s pool records at Behrend, Catherine’s state swim records, Zofia’s and Catherine’s US national triathlon trials, John Paul and Mary Claire’s diocesan championships, … But when pressed, he will admit to being a pretty good athlete himself. Beata jumps in to reinforce my suspicion that Bud could be a major force in Erie-area athletics, but he prefers to train with and encourage the kids, letting them set the tone of their workouts. Even so, he still has an impressive resume.

In addition to the aforementioned cross-state bike ride, he once rode across Europe for two weeks with his dad and his brother Brian. He started running for fitness in 1984 and has run three marathons (including a 3:05 in the 1987 Marine Corps Marathon), the Philadelphia Broad Street 10-miler in 60 minutes, and several 10K’s in 36 minutes. He has swum the Seattle mile, our Bay swim, the PI mile, and has earned awards in triathlons, swimming, biking, and running. At age 53, he still runs a seven-minute per mile pace in local 5K’s.

He is definitely a “no nonsense” guy, with no “other side.” With Buddy, what you see is what you get: God, family, athletics. Now you know Norman “Bud” Stark.

Vital Stats
Clubs/Organizations – family memberships in the Erie Tri Club, Erie Runners Club, Presque Isle Cycling Club, and Wilderness Wildcats
Interesting vacations – Poland (twice), Ohiopyle (every other year), Ocean City (near Annapolis)
Music – Country (Garth Brooks, Josh Turner)
TV – not much. EWTN/ESPN (lacrosse)
Websites – GoErie, Facebook, ERC, ETC, WOWSA (open water swim)
You’d be surprised to know – he loves the outdoors, and is an avid hunter – bear, deer, duck, turkey – in the Pennsylvania woods.
Motto #1 – The family that prays together stays together.
Motto #2 – I am third.
Admires – Pope Francis, St. Anthony
Fantasy – cycling across the USA.
Blood donor – every 56 days.
Cool transportation #1 – inherited Grandma’s ’89 Olds Sierra. It goes 0-60 eventually.
Cool transportation #2 – although he grew up in a boating family, he has down-sized (for now) to a two-person kayak.
Charity – Catholic radio station 89.5-FM.
Favorite sports teams – whichever teams his kids are on!
Musical talent – No. But the kids are performance-level on the violin and piano.
Scouts – earned his 1st class badge.
Pet peeves – none.
Most famous person met – in college, he took Mike Love of the Beach Boys out on his dad’s boat, following the group’s local concert.
Inspired by – ultra-runners and the compassion of fellow runners.
Final words – son Norman is planning to swim across Lake Erie in July to benefit the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. A total of $7,000 has been raised so far. Contributions can be made to

Getting To Know You is reprinted with permission from the June 2014 Erie Runners Club newsletter.

Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon race report

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group finish pix copy

Last weekend (May 31-June1), I traveled with 20+ friends to Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada) to do the Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon. You may remember that I did the inaugural NFWH in 2012, and I’m happy to tell you that the event has only gotten bigger and better.

The women I traveled with were of various paces/abilities and most were fairly new runners. Several were actually running their very first half and the NFWH was a great place to do it. A women’s race is always a really supportive environment, but…even more so when you bring 23 girlfriends with you.

Here’s my take on the race — the good, the bad & the ugly.

Art & Sole 5K and Bobcat Country Run results

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art andsole

Saturday was the Art & Sole 5K in downtown Erie. The race, which starts and finishes at the Neighborhood Art House (and benefits the art house) has grown steadily, likely thanks to the not-often-offered city route and the one-of-a-kind age group awards (art created by students at the art house).

230 participated in the 5K with top honors going to:

Top three men

1.  Leif Schmidt, 32, 16:54

2. Alex, 25, 17:07

3. Andrew Holland, 35, 17:16

Top three women

1. Andrea Patmore, 32, 20:59

2. Sarah Holland, 35, 21:48

3. Kate Amatuzzo, 29, 22:20

Complete Art & Sole 5K results here.


Bobcat Country Run

The inaugural Bobcat Country Run was held last Saturday, May 31 at Seneca High School. It was a true cross-country event with a course that included hills, grass and trail through the woods. The reviews were good for this first-time race with a well-marked course, quick results and lots of age group awards.

There was also a 1-mile kids race with age group awards (you don’t find too many of those).

This is one race you may want to put on your list for next year (scheduled for Saturday, May 30, 2015). I have a feeling it’s going to grow as word spreads (and, no, it’s not far — just 8 miles from I-90).

Top three men:

1. Alexander Zarger,25, 17:52

2. Phoenix Myers, 15, 18:32

3. Hudson Harrison, 29, 19:30

Top three women:

1. Elizabeth Galkowski, 36, 25:17

2. Christine Wnukowski, 21, 27:49

3.  Jenesia Buschman, 30, 28:01

Complete results can be found here.

Lots of photos from Rich Wise of Four Mile Photography can be found here.