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Things I found while looking around — 10/10/13

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Worth Reading  * Herald Sun: The truth about modelling: What I wish I’d said to my fans . While this isn’t running related, it’s quite interesting. * The Reebooted Body: The Health and Fitness Industry is Dead (And That Includes You, Paleo). A must-read for anyone concerned about their own health, diet and fitness, you… View Article

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A new use for your foam roller

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Did you happen to notice that an Erie native was quoted in the January issue of Runner’s World magazine (above)? Tyler Travis is the executive director of the LECOM Wellness Center and he was quoted on “The Body Shop” page, in which he teaches us a whole new way to use every runner’s best friend… View Article

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Erie’s Mizikowski Competing in CrossFit Games

By | July 10, 2012 3:17 am | 0 Comments


Christopher Millette/Erie Times-News   If, like me, you’ve been wondering where Erie’s uber-athlete, Debbie Mizikowski, has been. The front page of  the sports section in today’s Erie Times-News clears things up. She’s been in the gym — a lot. And, now she’s headed west to compete in the CrossFit Games this weekend (which would explain… View Article

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Common weight training mistakes

By | January 31, 2012 4:33 am | 1 Comment


We’ve been blessed with some fantastic winter running weather this year, but when the white stuff does pile up and makes outdoor running difficult/miserable/hell-on-Earth, most runners would do well to spend some time in the weight room at the gym. Runners often think they don’t need weight training, but most do. Ever heard of the… View Article

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Q&A with Joe Kitts, Warrior Dash finisher

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Joe Kitts, North East, after finishing the Ohio II Warrior Dash on Sept. 10 1.  Where/when was the Warrior dash you participated in? I participated in the Ohio II Warrior Dash in Carrollton, Ohio, on September 10th. 2. Was the location hard to find? The location was in the middle of nowhere but the directions… View Article

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7 laws of leanness hold true

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When a friend posted a Facebook link to this article promising the “7 Laws of Leanness,” I clicked on it with a snort and an eye roll. I expected to see the usual crap like,”write down every single thing you eat,” and “don’t eat after 7 p.m.” and “choose low-fat versions of your favorite foods” … View Article

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