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Lake Erie Speedway to Be Overrun By Zombies

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Looks like I can finally spill the beans on this new event at the Lake Erie Speedway, as organizers just sent out this press release:

Registration for Zombie Extreme and Zombie Black Ops races currently open

The Erie Sports Commission is pleased to announce that The Zombie Run: Extreme and The Zombie Run: Black Ops races will be held Saturday, May 17th at Lake Erie Speedway.

The event will feature two untimed races – The Zombie Run: Extreme and The Zombie Run: Black Ops.

The Zombie Run: Extreme begins at 9 a.m. and takes place on a mud-filled, 5K obstacle course through a zombie-infested wasteland. Racers will be tested as they dodge an army of brain-thirsty undead while scrambling through a series of rugged obstacles. The Zombie Run: Black Ops starts at 9 p.m. and offers a chance to tackle a terrifying nighttime obstacle course of fire, obstacles, smoke and zombie-infested darkness.

The event will be working with the Erie Playhouse as a benefiting nonprofit.

Registration is now open at with reduced rates available until March 31st. Zombie registration is $35 and human registration is $65. Teams of four or more zombies or humans will receive an additional $5 discount per person. All participants will receive a t-shirt and a drawstring bag. Humans will also receive participation medals while all zombies enjoy a zombie makeover prior to the start of the event. The Zombie Run: Black Ops participants also get a LED bracelet.

“The Zombie Run is a great way to add an exciting event to our race calendar and take advantage of some of the natural landscape offered here at Lake Erie Speedway,” said Branden Kaczay, Executive Vice President – Business Operations of Lake Erie Speedway. “We have the track, open land and wooded areas which creates an awesome environment for this type of race.”

“This is a themed event that will provide all sorts of fun in addition to physical challenges,” said Erie Sports Commission Executive Director Ron Sertz. “Lake Erie Speedway offers an excellent diversity as far as terrain is concerned and that will make the event even better.”

For more information visit

Seven 5Ks + 2 1/2 marathons = lots of options this weekend

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There’s a 5K for everyone this weekend with seven — count ‘em, seven — of them being offered in nearby locations this extended holiday weekend (Monday is Columbus Day…so get out all your Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria decorations!).

Saturday’s racing options:

* 5k Run to End Trafficking – Corry American Legion, Corry, Pa.

* Harvest Hoof-It — Penn State Behrend, Erie, Pa.

* Zombie 5k — A zombie fun run put on by the Erie Playhouse at Brown’s Farm, Millcreek, Pa.

* Lucy Town 5k — Jamestown Savings Bank Arena, Jamestown, N.Y.

* Hermitage House 5k Run/Walk — Hermitage House South Campus, Cambridge Springs, Pa.

* Warren SuperKwik Half Marathon Challenge — Warren, Pa.

Sunday’s options

*Lucy Town Half Marathon — Jamestown Savings Bank Arena, Jamestown, N.Y.

* Pink Warrior 5k — Presque Isle Wine Cellars, North East, Pa.

Monday — special Columbus Day 5K offering

* Columbus Fire Dept 5k — Columbus Vol. Fire Dept., Columbus, Pa.

As for me, I’ll be joining four girlfriends for 26.2 miles around Baltimore, Maryland.  If you care to track me, Cyndie, Robin and/or Leann, you can sign up to do so here. Don’t expect much….our intentions are to run slow, talk all the way and make Jessie & Leann’s first marathon a fun and memorable one.

Zombies have moved to Brown’s Farm (register now)

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The Erie Playhouse has brought back their bloody-fun 5K Zombie Run for 2013, with a slight location change from Frontier Park to Brown’s Farm, which is even creepier and has even more bushes and trees and wild things for the Zombies to hide behind. (Mmwwaahhhh).

You can register to be a runner or a zombie (just $5 to get  a professional makeup done by the E.P. makeup folks!). You just need to decide…do you want to chase or be chased?!

This is a really fun event for a worthy cause. And, who better to stage an authentic-looking Zombie Run event than the Erie Playhouse? Just checkout Mike Conway’s GoErie Street View albums from last year’s race: The Making of Zombies and the Zombie 5K run.

Here are all the race details from the Erie Playhouse website: 

Join us for the 2nd annual Zombie 5K at Brown’s Farm (Sterrettania Rd./Rt. 832 across from Walnut Creek Middle School). Registration will be open online on August 1.

Click here to register.

* Runner/Zombie $25 includes t-shirt – register by Sept 28 to guarantee a t-shirt.

* Participants must be 12 years old by race day.

* Registration begins at 7:30am/Race time 9:00am

* Click here to view the Course Map

* Runners, Zombies and Spectators will be expected to sign a photo release and waiver upon arrival.

Thank you to our sponsors: WJET/FOX, Star 104

What exactly is this?

A Zombie 5K is a fun race that is 3.1 miles in length. Runners wear flag football belts with two “brain flags” and zombies try to eat their brains (take the flags) along the course. The runner with the most flags and the best time is the Winner. The zombie with the most flags is crowned the “Most Lethal.”

Spectators are welcome.

Rules and Stuff:

Things to leave at home:
1. Weapons
2. Pets
3. Bad attitudes
4. Extra stuff that is valuable – we don’t have lockers or a coat check. You will get your t shirt after the race so you don’t have to worry about that.
5. Alcohol

Things to Bring:

1. $5 cash if you are having your makeup done. (see Zombie Rules)
2. Good attitudes
3. ID for registration
4. Proper attire for the weather

Runner Rules:

Your objective is to finish the race with your “brain flags” still attached. (It’s just a flag football belt with two flags – but that just doesn’t sound as fun). The winner will be the runner with the best time AND the most “brain flags”.
1. Your flags must be visible throughout the race -not tucked into your clothing, secretly safety pinned or glued; and by all means do not try to smuggle in extra flags.
2. Do not injure the Zombies. They have been instructed to “act” like they will kill you, not actually harm you in any way.
3. Complete the race after you have been “killed”, it’s still fun.
4. Turn in your belt and any flags after the race at the registration table.

Zombie Rules:

Your objective is to dress up like a Zombie and capture as many “brain flags” as you can.
1. No biting – sorry, this includes eating runners’ brains.
2. No hitting
3. No tripping
4. You can only pull one flag at a time. If we see you grab more than one, you will be disqualified. Please don’t touch the runners except for grabbing their flag.
5. You can crawl, sit, climb trees, stumble, roll, whatever, but please don’t put the runners in danger.
6. You can growl, hiss, moan, bark, etc. Acting is strongly encouraged. Please remember the key word –ACTING. We want everyone to have fun and stay safe!
7. If you sign up as a Zombie you must wear makeup. You can do your makeup yourself or choose to have your makeup done by one of our professional makeup artists. The cost is $5 for a basic makeup.
PLEASE BRING CASH – you will pay the makeup artist directly.
8. No fake weapons. No real ones either.
9. Turn in all Brain Flags after the race.

Zombies will be competing for the following titles:
1. Most Lethal (1st & 2nd place) – the zombie who gets the most “brain flags”
2. Best Zombie Costume

Race Day

Check the weather! We race rain or shine! Dress accordingly.
Consider carpooling. Parking is available but limited. Nothing ruins a fun day like a parking ticket.
Give yourself time! The race begins at 9am sharp. Registration and makeup will begin at 7:30am. Zombies who need makeup should definitely come early!
Make your way to the Runner and Zombie registration tables, get a number and get ready for fun.

Race Day Schedule

7:30am – Registration opens. Registration is located at the picnic pavilion. Proceed to registration tables to receive numbers, belts, and further information.
7:30am – Makeup will be available for zombies.
8:40am – Review of rules for all runners and zombies at starting line.
8:45am – Zombies will disperse and hide along route.
9:00am – Race begins. Air horn #1 will signify beginning of race.
9:05am – Zombies attack. Air horn #2 will signify beginning of attack.
Air horn #3 – will signal the end of the race and call in all zombies.

After the race, proceed to your registration table. Turn in your number, belt, and flags and hang out while we calculate the winners. You will receive your T-Shirt when you check back in. Water will be provided.
The Awards Ceremony will take place at the stage near the registration tables.

Good luck! Have fun! See you there!

Adventure Run Round up – Get your fun on

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So….a reader requested a list of area adventure & fun runs within a 2-hour driving distance and, I was like…sure, no problem. Then I spent like four hours compiling this list because there are so many! Who knew? Now we all do.

Whatever trips your trigger (mud, color, girls-only, seriously tough, etc.), there’s a race for you nearby. Heck, there are 5 cool ones right here in Erie!

BTW — there are many more races in PA, Ohio & NY…I just stuck to the ones that I felt were within an easy driving distance. If I’ve left any off the list, comment below or email me at zipdang22 at aol.


* Jog ‘n Hog — Presque Isle State Park – June 15  (Run 2 miles, eat pepperoni balls, run back 2 miles)

* Erie Day School Fun Color Run & Walk — Camp Notre Dame in Fairview — June 15 (color run/walk, not timed, very family friendly)

* 3 Mile Isle – Presque Isle State Park – July 27 (Three-mile obstacle/adventure run)

* Beast on the Bay - Presque Isle State Park – September 7 (Erie’s biggest obstacle course — 4, 6, 8 and 12-mile options)

— Join the ERC Beast Team

* Zombie Run (this is LAST YEAR’s info) — Frontier Park – Date TBA (I think it’s 10/12) — 5K Zombie Run put on by the Erie Playhouse


* Mud on the Mountain — Seven Springs, PA — May 11 (7.7 mile/26-obstacle mud/adventure run)

* Dirty Girl 5K — Pittsburgh, PA — June 8 (5K mud run that caters to women)

* Project Mud — Wampump, PA — July 13 (5K mud run)

* Run for Your Lives —  Wampum, PA — August 3 (5K obstacle/zombie course)

* Muddy & Messy 5K — Conneaut Lake, PA — July 27 (5K mud/adventure run)

* Warrior Dash — Long Pond, PA — Aug. 24 (3.32-mile mud run)

* Gladiator Rock ‘n Run — Export, PA — Sept. 7 (5K mud run)

* Savage Race — Albrightsville, PA — Sept. 14 (4-6-mile mud run)

* Hardcore Mud Run — Phillipsburg, PA — Sept. 28-29 (6.5-mile obstacle course with 18 to 20 obstacles -hardcore)


* Warrior Dash — Butler, OH — June 1-2— (3.2 mile mud run)

* Cleveland Challenge Urban Adventure Race — Cleveland, OH — June 8 (5K “Amazing Race” style scavenger hunt race)

* Dirty Girl 5K — Cleveland, OH — July 20 (5K mud run that caters to women)

* Color Run — Cleveland, OH — Sept. 21 (5K “color run”)

New York

* Kiss me Dirty 5K — Kissing Bridge Ski Resort — June 1 & 2 (5K mud run  for women — men can race in drag!)

* Holiday Valley Mudslide — Ellicottville, N.Y. — June 15 (3.5 or 5.4- mile mud run — no shocks, no fire, no barbed wire)

* Color Me Rad — Darian Lake, NY — June 22 (5K color run)

* Tough Mudder — Andover, NY — July 27 & 28 (10 to 12-mile obstacle course – hard core)

* Color Run — Buffalo, NY — Aug. 17 (5K “color run”)

* Hardcore Mud Run — Swain, NY — Aug. 17 (6.5-mile obstacle course with 18 to 20 obstacles, hardcore)

* Run For Your Lives — Batavia, NY — Aug. 17 (5K obstacle/zombie course)

* Tough Mudder — St. Clairsville, OH — Aug. 24 & 25 (10 to 12-mile obstacle course – hard core)

* Dirty Girl 5K — Buffalo, NY — Sept. 7 & 8 (5K mud run that caters to women)

* Muddy Viking — Bemus Point, NY — Oct. 5 (Four-mile mud run)



Zombies, mud and 3 really long races

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Seems there was nothing normal about racing this weekend.

While some runners were getting down and dirty over in nearby Bemus Point, New York, and others were going long (very, very long) in Titusville, still more runners were dodging “zombies” in Frontier Park.

Photo by Mike Conway for

Zombie Run 5K

Looks like the Erie Playhouse had another hit on it’s hands with Saturday morning’s Zombie Run 5K in Frontier Park. There were 159 5K finishers, but I don’t think that includes the Zombies who were making it hard for the runners to get to the finish line with all their brains (flags) intact.

There are results here, but Jim Lang from Big White Trailer warns:

“More than a few folks went off course, so take results as information, please. This does NOT affect brains collected or saved.”

You’ll definitely want to check out Mike Conway’s GoErie Street View albums from this race: The Making of Zombies and the Zombie 5K run.

Judging by all the flags in the hands of those zombies, it looks like some of the “undead” can haul ass, eh?


Muddy Viking

The Muddy Viking, a 4-mile adventure run, in nearby Bemus Point, N.Y., gave whole new meaning to the phrase down-and-dirty as the very last obstacle had runners (including yours truly) belly crawling through 1-foot thick cold mud. We also ran through Lake Chautuaqua (twice), flew down two homemade slip-n’slides, crawled over smashed pumpkin goo, climbed several walls and barriers, and slogged through the “cess pool” — a thigh-high, super-smelly pass through a rotting marsh.

I’ll give a full report in a separate post, but for now, suffice to say there were a total of 21 obstacles — some easy, some tough, some fun, some not so fun, some very dirty, some very cold. Suffice to say, it was a freaking blast.  I would do it again in a heart beat — yes, even on a 32 degree day again!

There are results for those who chose to get a chip (it was optional).  Most participants were there to have fun and, really, I can’t imagine how accurate the results could be since there’s no way of knowing who did all the obstacles and who went around them, you know? But…for what it’s worth…here are the Individual & Team results.


OC100 Trail Runs

While the rest of us were out there having “fun,” there were a couple hundred very serious runners taking on the trails and hills in Titusville at the OC 100 Trail Runs.  There were three divisions — the 100 mile run, the  100K run and the 50K run.

I know that several Erie runners went the distance in OC this weekend, including: Dan Young, Linda Young, Suze Carstarter, Karen Manganaro, Julia Roussos, Patrick Krott, Chris Coulston, and  Christine Kalie.

I’m in awe of them all.

Results are here.






Zombie 5K coming to Erie…or should we say Eerie?

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For all you zombie fanatics out there, this is just in from the Erie Playhouse:

Just getting the details together, but we will be holding a Zombie 5K on Saturday, October 13, at Frontier Park as a fundraiser for the Erie Playhouse! You may enter as a Zombie or a runner, and the objective is to be the runner who crosses the finish line first with the most flags (Zombies try to steal flags as you run).

Organizers promise to keep you posted via the event’s Facebook page.