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ERC race dates for 2015

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Save the date, er ….dates for all your favorite ERC races. Here’s the official lineup for next year:


1/1/2015 Thursday New Year’s Day 5M Race Rotary Pavilion
2/8/2015 Sunday Valentine Prediction Race Rotary Pavilion
3/14/2015 Saturday St. Patrick’s Day – Distance Festival Rotary Pavilion
4/18/2015 Saturday 5K Poker Run/Walk ERC Pavilion Third Saturday in April
5/10/2015 Sunday Mothers Day Race ERC Pavilion
6/21/2015 Sunday Father’s Day Race ERC Pavilion
7/19/2015 Sunday Presque Isle Half Marathon ERC Pavilion Third Sunday in July
8/2/2015 Sunday ERC pavilion Beach 1 mile race ERC Pavilion New 1 mile race.
8/16/2015 Sunday UPMC Hamot 10k / Mayor’s Cup 2nd & State Third full weekend in August
9/13/2015 Sunday Erie Marathon Rotary Pavilion
10/3/2015 Saturday Her Times 5k Rotary Pavilion First Saturday in October
10/10/2015 Saturday Presque Isle Endurance Classic Shelter #2 Changed from 10/17/15
11/26/2015 Thursday Turkey Trot ERC Pavilion
12/12/2015 Saturday Snowflake 5k Rotary Pavilion Second Saturday in December

Monday Motivation: Live fully

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live fully

Friday Question: Runner’s wish list

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’tis the season, so I asked area runners: What running-related gift are you hoping to find under the tree this year?

Here’s what they’re hoping for:

New running gloves. — John Hutchison

Money. — Pat Krott

Running Yak Tracks  — Bethany Kelley

New running hat. — Karen Beebe

Reflective running vest and new yaktrax! — Lesley Cooksey

Some fancy new running clothes – the brighter the better! — Bri Hodges

A Nike+ watch- since my new phone doesn’t support the Nike app. — Angie Faulhaber

Garmin GPS watch. — Michelle Latzo

Brooks utopia thermal hoodie. — Kristen Currier

A running belt to hold my phone, keys, etc. — Melissa Skinner

I already have them but a good one that used to be on my list was waterproof socks! They’re awesome to have especially when it’s slushy! My socks underneath stay bone dry. — Jenny Cadden

New legs! —Kira Lynn

I’m no longer running, but for working out, I’m hoping for some Bolder Bands. — Michelle Hetrick

Running Yak Tracks — Stacy Hammer

NYC marathon entry or Boston — I’m not picky (wishful thinking ). Realistically, new running jacket and lights. — Amy Cronk

Gift certificate to my favorite running gear store, Skinny Raven! — Michael Morris (Mike’s an Erie native who lives in Alaska)

Handmade redeemable gift certificates for any race of choice. It would be a wonderful gift to know I was sharing my race/run with that person in that way. It will motivate me to push harder. —Dawnmarie Dumond

Pepper spray.  — Erin Ryan

New running shoes with a lift built on. — Cathi Mitchell

Wireless headphones. — Renee York

Illuminite vest and strobe light for running at night! — Cynthia Tickle

New Buff. — Diana Leroux-Woolf

As for me, I already bought myself a pair of new running Yak Tracks, but I have a new Illuminite jacket on my list as well as a pull-up bar. 

The husband is hoping for another one or two Saucony Drylete Baclavas for those really cold days.

I’m working on a Runner’s Gift Guide & will have a lot more ideas for you early next week!

Things I found — 12/4/14

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Worth Reading

Newbie’s guide to shoes: How to buy running shoes.

Putting compression socks on is always a struggle. Runner’s World has figured it out. Check it out.

Chug four, run one: After discovering an unexpected talent for running while imbibing, a Texas-based mother of six finds herself the top-seeded woman going into the inaugural Beer-Mile World Championships.

Ever wonder what — exactly — Gu is? Wonder no more.

T-shirt of the Week

(I should buy this for my daughter, Lauren):


Rise to the Challenge (December challenges for runners)

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November & December seem to be the months we all want to “challenge” ourselves — probably because they coincide with the season of excess — food, drink, Christmas cookies.

If you weren’t up for the Hill Repeats from H$#@ challenge (Wise choice…my butt is killing me and we’re only in week 2!), I’ve got a few other suggestions for you.

A friend posted this on Facebook today:



OR….you could do some cross training:



OR… could take Erie Doc Steve Krauza’s personal Holiday Challenge to his Team Adrenaline workout group:

Anyone who wants to try this with me can. I’m setting a goal of 4000 push ups, 2500 pull ups, 1000 pike sit ups, and 300 miles on the bike for the month of December. Split ‘em up however you want, but this gives me a goal for the month of debauchery.

OR…. Team Adrenaline member Eloise’s revised Doc Krauza Holiday Challenge:

OK, here’s mine for the month of December: 1333 push ups, 1023 burpees, 1023 pike sit ups, 43 miles on the feet.


OR….you could just do this one:


Pick your poison!

You asked, I answered: Tips for running in the dark

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Q. What are the dos & don’ts of running in the dark? — J.M.

We are in the darkest days of the year right now and, so it’s likely most of us will be running or walking in the dark (or low-light conditions…which is almost worse).  Runners should always run defensively, but it’s even more important in the dark. Here are a few safety tips you should heed:

* Always run against traffic. Never run with traffic or you won’t be able to see potential danger and/or get out of the driver’s way. Don’t even think about getting into a battle over space with a 2,000 lb. vehicle — you won’t win — just get out of the way.

* Never cross an intersection without making eye contact with the driver(s) waiting. I know of three friends who have been hit (on separate occasions) when they stepped into a crosswalk (they had the walk signal) and a car that was turning right on red failed to look right before they turned and nailed them. (In all cases the friends were OK, but…had weeks or months of healing).

* Be visible. Wear light colored clothing and put on lots of reflective gear. There’s no such thing as too much reflective gear (particularly if you run early in the AM when bleary-eyed drivers aren’t expecting to see someone running down the road). There are a reflective running clothesthat don’t look “dorky.” I own a couple of Illuminite jackets, and two different kinds of vests (a mesh one for warm weather, a thicker one for cooler weather).

* Know that light colored or neon clothing isn’t good enough. Light colored or neon colored clothing doesn’t cut it — it’s not enough — neither is reflective “piping.” Light yourself up like a Christmas tree….your life is worth it.   I just saw some reflective slap bracelets at Home Depot this weekend and bought them for my daughters who often walk the dog with us at night. They are just $8 and easily slapped onto your ankle(s) or arm(s).

* Carry a small flashlight. Get yourself one of those little 6-inch Mag-lights or use your daughter’s Disney Princess flashlight…doesn’t matter what it looks like — it just needs to fit comfortably in your hand (flashlights with a wrist strap are great). Flashlights are useful to alert drivers to your presence (for instance, we turn ours on when running on a busy road or a road with a blind curve) and are also useful for determining whether that dark spot in the road is a shadow you can run through or a splattered raccoon you’ll want to run around.  TIP: Point the flashlight down at your feet…or aim it just a foot or two ahead of you.  If you hold it out toward the oncoming car, they are just blinded and confused by it. If you point at  your feet, they know immediately what is ahead.

* Carry I.D.  No need to stuff your license in your undies…just get yourself an ID (you could even make one at the pet store…who said pet tags are only for pets). Not into dog tags? Check out where you can buy ID tags that strap to your ankle or wrist or thread onto your shoelaces.

* Vary your route. Runners are creatures of habit, but it’s smart to vary your route and days you run. I realize you may not be able to vary the time, but…don’t let your morning routine become predictable. Potential attackers can easily find a place to hide in the shadows.

* Leave the music at home. I love to run with music, but once it gets dark, I often run without it. I’m just not comfortable having two of my five senses handicapped. If I can’t see, I need to be able to hear potential danger.

* Carry a cell phone. I don’t carry my phone when I run in the summer — shorts and tank tops just don’t offer much space to stash a phone, but once winter comes, the weather turns colder and the mornings are dark, I often carry it in my jacket pocket.

* Run with a buddy. No doubt there is safety in numbers. Not only are you less likely to be victimized if you’re running with someone else, but…if you should fall in a pothole or off a curb (cause it’s dark and you can’t see) — there’s a friend to help you hobble off the road and, then, run for help.

* Follow your instincts. Ladies (in particular), you have sixth sense and you know it. When something is not right…you feel it all over. Go with that. If you’re feeling creeped out some morning (or evening) — trust your gut and run on the treadmill.

Friday Question: What are you thankful for as a runner?

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This week’s question….in honor of yesterday’s Thanksgiving Day holiday: What are you thankful for as a runner?

Friendships. — Jen Kelly

I’m thankful for a great group of running friends! — Stacey Hammer

The ability to run. My brother has a hard time walking a mile due to a brain injury and my mom has M.S. — Trisha Schrieber

Friendships! And the freedom of being able to lace up and move. — Leslie Cooksey

Being able to run! So many things in life we take for granted! — Shana Krivonak

I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made running, and nipple sized bandaids… lifesavers. — Matt Kleck

Running buddies! — Betsey Haffely

Just grateful to be able to run. Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to after injuring my knee. —Chris Farrell

I am thankful that I can run and for friends to talk to while running. I am also thankful for my friend Eloise that taught me that I don’t always have to run for time, instead I can go out and just have fun. — LeAnne Morton

My great group of running friends, a wonderful family who supports my running and the ability to run. — Bri Hodges

For my legs. — Eloise Hawking

That I CAN run! — Allison Jeric-Carroll

This one is easy – after an injury-filled year I’m extremely thankful for just being able to run! I’m also very thankful for all my running friends. — Sandie Sweet

The ability and desire to move; the friends can’t be beat! — Kristen Currier

My running buddies who will get up early on a Saturday morning to run 10-20 miles with me. I wouldn’t make it without them! — Jessie Zahner

That running lead me to my beautiful and awesome wife, Amber Christine Smith! — Dan Smith

That I’ve been mostly injury free and I’m often able to help others with their running and training. I’m also thankful that running allows me to explore places I otherwise would never see. — Pat Krott

The friends I’ve made along the way! — Karen Groshek

Meeting my adopted dad David Comi and then my husband Jim (aka the big scary bald man). Of course also the great feeling after an awesome run. — Jennifer Lang

Getting to add 2 notches to my belt, my first Marathon and first 50k Trail Race. A couple years ago I never would have even considered this. — Dennis Albrewczynski

My running friends! — Lisa Shade

Trails, roads that don’t slant, and feeling strong after recovering from an injury. — Karen Beebe

The amazing people who have come into my life through running.— Christine Vassen

My health so that I can run….and the many great running friends I have made along the way!!! — Brenda Carr

Running with my 9 year old son every Wednesday and enjoying his excitement. — Amy Cronk

The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ability and capability to continue running. — Ginny Sackett

The running buddies! How strong, thankful, and free I feel when running! — Cindy Tickle

Friends to run with, ERC, running friends, Presque Isle state park. —Suzy Carstarter

Being able to run, running friends, supportive family, volunteers at races, my pillow at the end of the day. — Jennifer Bach

All the people whom I no longer consider running mates… but rather family!! — Carol Crandall

For all the wonderful people I’ve met! — Rachel Prozan

Many things!
The ability to run/ waddle
The drive to do so
The area to run roads easily and safely as well as access to trails paved and unpaved.
The ability and drive to host a race that benefits an awesome charity.
The ability to volunteer at other events and help other groups give based on running Events ie oc100.
To be associated with your awesome group of Wednesday night running group and be blessed enough to know I can never keep up with them for long.
To understand the camaraderie of group runs and long distance runners and the benefits if each.
To understand the affect that running has on my mind and the benefits of re prioritizing thoughts, clears clutter, allows time to study difficult tasks from a distance allowing solutions to become obvious.
It gives me the time to not think but just do.
Then there is the benefits of weight loss etc.

And…my wife says my temper is much less active when I run so I guess that is good too.

Stephen Haeseler

I’m thankful for the huge “family” I have met through running. I’m thankful for my good health. I’m thankful that I’ve been wearing the same size clothes for a decade (thanks to running). I’m thankful for the opportunity to see, witness and really experience was a limited few do: frigid, but stunning sunrises in March (they are most beautiful then), a whole new view of the cities and places I visit, the opportunity to have deep heart-to-hearts with friends on a weekly (or more) basis, and the serenity and peace to be found in a silent solo run (especially in winter). I could go on & on & on… but, then…I’m sure we all could.

Aren’t we lucky?

ERC Turkey Trot results

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Photo by Mike Conway for GoErie Street View

The weather doesn’t get much better for running in November in Erie than what we had for the ERC’s annual Turkey Trot this morning. It was cold, but the roads were ice and snow free and there was no wind at all.

More than 3,000 participated in the 5K and more than 400 in the following 10K. Results are here.  I’m not sure how many did both races, but…when that info is available, it will be posted here.

Read about the race and see videos and photos at There are 160+ photos from the GoErie StreetView photographer here.

Hope everyone had fun!

Things I found — 11/27/14

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Worth Reading

8 weight loss mistakes runners make.

Your “feel good” story of the week: 91 year old marathoner is a true inspiration.

How cold is too cold to run? Some solid advice here.

For the ladies (or long-haired guys): Easy mid-length hairstyles (though…none…none…will beat my friend Heather D.’s indestructible ‘do. Her hair looks exactly the same at the start and finish of every marathon/race).

Also for the ladies (or maybe some guys…not judging :-)) — turns out some runners really should wear heels. Maybe this is why my one & only battle with the dreaded plantar fasciitis ended so quickly — I almost always wear a low heel.

At the movies: Memorable Running Scenes

Tshirt of the Week

Um…hello….it’s a Turkey Trot shirt with a “Hungry Games” theme and 12 colors representing the 12 districts (and tie-dye for the Capitol , i.e. volunteers & race officials). That’s just cool. Props to Dave Comi, ERC president, for the concept and Creative Imprint Systems, for the the artwork & silkscreening.

tureky trot shirt