Things I Found — 11/13/14

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Worth reading

Knee problems? Strengthen your hips.

Thinking about getting inked? 38 Amazing Running Tattoos

Women’s beer mile world record shattered.

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Hill repeats from H@#$ starts Nov. 23

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The Hill Repeats from H#@# Challenge is back again for the third year and….when better to tackle some hills, than November when we ALL need a push to get out there and workout. Here are all the deets from the official Facebook Events page:

Quick and dirty:
Week One (Nov 23 – Nov 29): 25 hill repeats
Week Two (Nov 30 – Dec 6): 50 hill repeats
Week Three (Dec 7 – Dec 13): 75 hill repeats
Week Four (Dec 14 – Dec 20): 100 hill repeats

IMPORTANT: That is 25, 50, 75, and 100 hills for THE ENTIRE WEEK, not each day! For example, during Week One, you could do five per day for five days, or twenty in one day and five on another day. Do whatever works for you!


Pick a hill that’s relatively short (but not too short!). Remember, you’ll want to be able to do 100 repeats in the fourth week (but obviously it should be VERY challenging). Going outside your comfort zone is essential for growth!

Be sure to warm up before starting your hills. Run the hills at 5k effort, or about 90% of maximum effort. Maintain good form while going up the hill. Eyes forward, upright posture (maybe a slight forward lean, but you should not be hunched). Drive your arms forward and back, not side to side. Try to maintain good form throughout each of the repeats. Dig deep!!

To recover, you can walk or slowly jog back down the hill.


GET STARTED EARLY in the week. Each day you put off and say “eh, I’ll just do more the next day” makes it much more difficult. And no, you cannot start on the next week’s hills until you reach the start date for the next week.

IT IS ALWAYS BETTER WITH FRIENDS! Find a hill, grab a few crazy like-minded friends, and get out there and run! It’s especially helpful to do it with friends on the cold blistery winter days that you’ll likely encounter.

If you’re running on trails, use a stick to keep a tally in the mud (or snow!). It’s sometimes hard to keep track after a few!

Post updates on the Facebook page! Let’s encourage each other and help one another stay accountable. Additionally, if you’d like to post about other training you’re doing, and successes (or failures) with your diet and nutrition, you are more than welcome! We do this as a group to stay moving and stay strong during a time of the year when it’s often too easy to slack off.

Above all, HAVE FUN!!!

I took the challenge last year and actually enjoyed it. I did some of my repeats on my lunch hour at work. Penn State Behrend offers plenty of hills to choose from, of course, and November’s cool temps mean you can get away with a lunch run without tooooo much sweating.




Guest Post: Getting to Know Michael Maring

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By Larry Kisielewski

Throughout the history of the QUAD Games, most participants were resigned to the fact that they would finish behind Mike Maring in the bike and ski events. They knew, however, that they had a good chance to catch him in the swim and the run. That has now changed. Mike Maring is now a force to be reckoned with in all four events. But it’s not the older Mike – it’s the new improved version, MM 2.0. And the younger Maring isn’t just an athlete – he is quite an interesting young man. I would like you to meet Michael Maring.

Michael Edward Maring was born on November 26, 1999, the only child of Michael Howard and Lydia Jo (McClure) Maring. Being the son of two active, athletic parents guarantees that genetics will probably be in your favor, but it doesn’t assure success or drive. Those have to be individually developed and accomplished, and Michael has done both.

He started on his athletic path early, downhill skiing at the Peak at age 5, and eventually branching into cross country skiing and participating in the Wilderness Lodge Wildcats cross country skiing program at 10. But skiing wasn’t his only sport. He started Y soccer at 5 and competed for his Klein Elementary team beginning in 4th grade. Swim lessons at the Y started at age 8 and personal coaching by notable swimmers like Devon O’Hern has aided his progress. With both Mom and Dad excelling at cycling, Michael soon took to the bike like a duck to water.

The Marings are longtime family members of the ERC, and so triathlons were an obvious progression. Michael has competed in the North East kids’ tri, the Dam tri, and, of course, the QUAD Games. He has been a bowhunter for three years now, and recently made the difficult decision, because of concurrent seasons, to choose soccer over running cross country in high school. After last year’s 11:20 two-miler, it’s likely the XC coach was disappointed with the decision. Michael’s 34:45 effort in this year’s QUAD 5-miler shows that he has potential for the longer distances, and his 1:12 QUAD swim is equally impressive. Weight lifting three times a week at school rounds out his busy athletic schedule.

But Michael isn’t just an athletic phenom.  He is an honors student at Harbor Creek, and looks toward college by taking AP course in science, English, social studies and math. He volunteers as a road marshal at some of the local cycling events when he isn’t competing, and has participated in the Ride 4 the Refuge, Harbor Creek’s World Vision program, and Craig Latimer’s two-day ride acrossPennsylvania.

His commendable character was revealed to me when I gave him a chance to brag about himself and rag on his dad when Jr. beat Sr. in the latest QUAD ski. To his credit, Michael said his dad is still the better skier and just had a bad race, tripping three times.
Scholar, athlete, volunteer, and all-around classy young man – now you know Michael Maring.

Vital Stats

Pets – one rabbit named Shadow, a gift from one of Mom Lydia’s patients, and two shelter dogs, Ruby and Jack
Memorable vacations – ski trips to Vancouver, Canada and park City, Utah
Dream vacation – Grand Canyon
Hobbies – X-box (FIFA soccer)
Music – Disturbed
TV – Walking Dead
Favorite subjects – social studies/history
Admires – Dad

** Getting To Know You is reprinted with permission from the November 2014 Erie Runners Club newsletter.

Recipes for runners: Sugar & spice almonds

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So I stumbled across this great blog – The Runner’s Kitchen — and found a whole list of great recipes.

If you’re in love with almonds as much as I am, you may want to try this one (below), which sounds perfect for the upcoming holidays:

Sugar & Spice Almonds


  • 3 cups of raw almonds
  • 1/2 cup of pure maple syrup
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1/4 tsp each of nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and cardamom


  • Preheat the oven to 35o degrees, cover a baking sheet with several pieces of aluminum foil.
  • Mix the almonds and maple syrup in a large bowl
  • Mix the spices together in a small bowl and then add the spices to the almond-syrup mixture. Stir well to combine.
  • Bake almonds for 10-15 minutes (stirring after 5 minutes) or until toasted and golden brown.
  • Allow nuts to cool briefly and then immediately transfer them to a large bowl (work fast or they’ll stick to the foil!). Once completely cool, store in an air-tight container.



ERC T-trot art

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This year’s theme for the Erie Runner’s Club’s annual Turkey Trot: The Hungry Games. Which district will you fall into? Depends on when you pick up your packet!

tureky trot shirt

Things I found — 11/6/14

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Worth reading

* The harsh truth: Running on Instagram versus Running in Reality

* Who is making big money off your race fees? Running’s most lucrative marathons. (This does not suprise me….I think the $175 registration fee for Boston is insane, but I love my husband so I paid the ransom)

* For the ladies: The undress lets you change in public…without ever getting naked. Interesting. At first I was like….stupid…but then I watched it & thought…well…hey…it would be useful. Women…what do you think?

* Are online race registration companies scamming you? Let’s just name names, folks — we’re talking about Active and the answer is…Probably. Word to the wise — if you register for any events on Active…be very, very, very careful about what you agree to and read every single line, box & pop up.

Useful info


In case your kids still have any candy…that you’re still sneaking when they go to bed:

candy calculator - burpees

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Making up words just like Apple

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If Apple can go around just making up words like phablet, then why can’t I, right?

My running friend, Lisa, and I came up with the following running-related words that we are totally going to start using:

Ritching — running and bitching.

Binjury — condition caused by too much alcohol the night before which affects performance.

Runover — running with hangover.

Froscara — ice on your lashes after a run in a blizzard.

Shoefies — selfies of your and/or all your running friends’ colorful shoes.

Yakstack — the pileup of clingy snow that occurs under your Yaxtrax when you run through wet snow.

Yakstomp – stomping that must be done mid-way through a run to dislodge yakstacks.

Linedance – what you do while waiting in long porta johns before or after a race. Also, can refer to movement done to stay warm at the start line on a cold race day.

What would you add to the list?





Friday question: Halloween treats worth running for

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Happy Halloween!

In honor of all hallow’s eve, I asked area runners: What candy or Halloween treat would you put extra miles in for?  Here’s what they say is worth running off:

Dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups! — Jennifer D.
An ice cold bottle of Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale! Or maybe a Kit-Kat bar. Or a Kit-Kat bar washed down with Pumpkin Ale! That's it! —Tom Madura
Sponge candy. They have a Hot Chocolate Run in Phoenix every year. It's chocolate but nothing like the stuff in Erie.​ — Paul Bressen
Romolo's chocolate covered strawberries. — Mary Connerty
Reese's cups. — Megs Shearman
No candy here but a Burger King milkshake!  Not sure what it is about them, but, damn, it's good after a long run! — Ron Church
Reese's peanut butter cups. — Angie Faulhaber
Smarties. — Leslie Cooksey
Kit-Kats. And Snickers. Also Reese Cups. Oh, and Milky Ways. I really like chocolate. — Karen Beebe
Peanut M&Ms — Betsy Haffley 

Snickers! — Stacey Hammer
Southern Tier Warlock, Pumking and Harvest. Sam Adams Oktoberfest. (Oh....Candy....LOL) — Matt Kleck
Reese's cups. — Lisa Meyer
Pumpkin cookies and half a Pumpking !!!! They pair well together and it's totally worth the workout. — Erin Ryan
3 Musketeers. — Jen Kelly
Reese's — Brenda Carr
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pumpkin. — LeAnne Morton
Take 5 bars, Nestle's $100,000 bars, Snickers pb squared are my three faves. The sad part is I'm not much if a runner, but I eat them anyway. — Cindy Slivinski
Those witches broom things that always show up at the Endurance Run. I am a sucker for those. — Dennis Albrewcynski
Candy corn pumpkins, Take 5 bars, and donuts. Lots of lots of miles for lots and lots of donuts. — Patt Krott
Reese's cups. — Michelle Gonda
Any Full size candy bars either dipped, stuffed, or layered with chocolate! — Teri Zalewski 

Peanut butter cups! — Jessie Zahner
Butterfinger. Fo sho. I have a serious Butterfinger problem. — Bethany Kelley
Peanut butter snickers. — Jennifer Bach

Panera frosted pumpkin shaped sugar cookies!! — Ginny Sackett
Almond Joy! — Joseph Hunt
Kit-Kats. — Lisa Shade
Milky Ways.  — Amy Cronk
Potato chips. — Jan Vieyra
I <3 candy corn. — Rana Evanoff
Beer!  — Dave Lesher
As for me, I’ll be raiding my kids’ bags for York Peppermints and Junior Mints. I also usually steal a few Kit-Kats, too. And, I get all the dark chocolate they don’t want.
Now that we’ve talked about what’s worth spluring on….here’s what some of your faves are going to cost you in minutes/miles to burn off.