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Posted: December 2nd, 2010
Obversations from Miami @ Cleveland: 2nd Q

1. Dwyane Wade started second Q
2. Chris Bosh playing soft. Turning ball over
3. James Jones 9 points 3-of-3 from 3.
4. Ramon Sessions 3pt play.
5. D-Wade dunk. Got LeBron off the bench.
6. 3 Mario Chalmers 3 (LeBron stood up on the bench)
7. LeBron James coming back in.
8. Juwan Howard cut (bucket)
9. 6:02 James in.
10. Anthony Parker 3
11. LeBron talking to Cavs bench. Seems to be joking with them.
12. Joey Graham getting physical with LeBron (LeBron took a dive, Graham called for foul)
13. 3 for LeBron
13. Z/Mo smiling at each other after Mo got fouled by Z
14. Pick and pop with James (Bost J)
16. Andy lays out Z on pick (Offensive foul)
17. Wade drive
18. Bosh J
19. Talking to Cleveland bench, again. Is it Bobbie. Or Poe.
20. Half Miami 59-40 (James 14 points 5-of-13)

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