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Posted: December 10th, 2011
McCrommon living life of family man pursing his basketball passion…

Chaz McCrommon

On Nov. 30, Chaz McCrommon was in Pittsburgh for the birth of his third child, Ava Simone.

The next day, he was back in Erie for a D-League basketball game.

When you’re trying to make the NBA as McCrommon is, these things happen.

It’s not easy, though.

“The challenge is not knowing where you’re going to be year to year,” he said. “Not having a typical 9-to-5 job you know where the money is coming from. Kind of wait and see where you’re going year by year. So sometimes it puts your family life on hold. We try not to do that. That’s why we kept having children. We didn’t want to wait until I got done playing because who knows when that will happen.”

A small forward for the BayHawks, McCrommon, 29, and his wife Chelsea, 29, have three children. Two boys, Elijah, 7, Mykel, 3, and now a baby girl.

“Sometimes you’ve got to uproot your family from home and sometimes you’ve got to be away from your family when trying to be a professional athlete,” he continued. “So that’s the biggest challenge. Being away from your family and not being there and being a parent in your kids’ lives everyday or a husband to your wife everyday. Trying to do a lot of parenting and relationship-stuff over the phone.”

The day before the baby was born, McCrommon went to Pittsburgh because his wife went into labor. He found out during practice.

“It was a false alarm,” McCrommon said. “So I was like, I’m going to come home just in case it does happen. So I stayed the night and I was going to come back to practice Wednesday morning, but she went into labor 6 o’clock in the morning. She had the baby Wednesday. I stayed home all day and then came back up Thursday morning for shootaround.”

Perfect timing.

“She could have had the baby when we were on the road,” McCrommon said. “We could have been in Texas still. I was happy because obviously, I didn’t want to miss it, but if it happened that way, I would have had to deal with it. So I felt like everything worked out. I was able to be there when she went into labor. I helped her out through the night. The baby came out. The baby was healthy. Everything went well. Then I was able to come back here with the peace of mind knowing that my daughter was perfectly fine.”

Leaving wasn’t easy, though.

“Coming home and then I got to tell my kids I got to leave and them not understanding, you know,” McCrommon said. “She’s happy for me. She wants me to be happy. She knows this makes me happy, but it’s tough for me to leave her, too.”

One Response to “McCrommon living life of family man pursing his basketball passion…”
  1. Kesete Thompkins says:

    I have had the privilege to know Chaz McCrommon for over 15 years now. His hard work and dedication to both his craft and his family is admirable. He works harder than most, and continues to stay humble and driven towards his professional and personal goals. He never complains, gets upset, or gets down. Those who don’t know him should take the time to, as they will find one of the hardest workers out there. He is a true testament to the idea of determination.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you for the story.

    K. Thompkins

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