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Posted: October 15th, 2010

This picture is hanging on my wall. Check out the fro people. Dr. J. was one of the all-time great leapers, period.

These guys did more than just jump out the gym.

They made you go, “Oh lawd” like the late Bernie Mac used to say.

We’ll always miss you, Bernie.

Anyway, these guys had crazy hops and did things that no one else can duplicate. You got guys who can dunk, but can they have the hang time, elevation and do so with a forcefulness?

That’s the definition of a leaper to me.

So before continuing, you know the routine people.

These guys are not on my list: Kenny “Sky” Walker, Dee Brown, Harold Minor, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin (he may be in the future if he stays healthy), Larry Nance, Steve Francis, Kobe Bryant, J.R. Rider, Josh Smith or Gerald Green.

So with that being said, let’s get to it.

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Posted: October 10th, 2010

Glen Rice could light it up.

Boy, not putting Wilt Chamberlain on my greatest 1-on-1 players in NBA history caught me some flak.


Not putting the greatest of all time,  Michael Jordan, atop that list caught me even more flak.

Even better.

I’m trying to make you all think out the box a bit. So today, I’m talking about the guys who jump shot I envied. The guys who when they shot it, you thought it was going to go in 10 times out of 10 because it looked so good coming out of their hands.

Now before I go any further, these guys are not only list: Dennis Scott, Allan Houston, Rick Barry, Pistol Pete Maravich, Peja Stojakovic, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce, Stephen Curry, Wesley Person, George Gervin, Alex English, Hal Greer, Michael Redd, Michael Jordan or Chris Mullin.

Trust me, I want to put Mullin on this list. Sorry Chris.

Here we go.

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Posted: July 15th, 2010

Here’s the 15-minute interview my girl, Rachel Nichols of ESPN, did with LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade after James and Bosh decided to join Wade in Miami to play for the Heat.

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Posted: June 21st, 2010

If Kobe Bryant wins a sixth NBA championship next season, can he then be on share the same stage with Michael Jordan?

The Los Angeles Lakers did it again.

Having been out of town and off work since Thursday’s Game 7 the Lakers won to win back-to-back NBA titles, I just got back at it today.

Very interesting Game 7, but the better team won the game and the series.

The Lakers have the best player in Kobe Bryant, the best coach in Phil Jackson and had home-court advantage.

Got a little help when Pau Gasol traveled on that inside bucket late in the game, but if Ron Artest can hit a 3-pointer in the clutch after building  town homes with all those bricks he was hoisting from behind the arc in this series, the Lakers were destined to win the game anyway.

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Posted: June 15th, 2010

Jordan Farmar served up a facial on Kevin Garnett. Ouch.

The Los Angeles Lakers showed up tonight.

Well, the real Los Angeles Lakers showed up and put a hurtin’ on the Boston Celtics, 89-67, in Tuesday’s Game 6 to force and seventh and deciding game Thursday in Los Angeles. 

They clamped down defensively, Ron Artest showed up and Kobe Bryant set the tone. Couple that with Boston center Kendrick Perkins going down with a knee injury in the first quarter and that was the beginning of the end for the Celtics tonight.

Now Perkins did walk out the arena on his own, but if he can’t go for Game 7, Boston is done. 

Coming into the game with a 3-2 lead, the Celtics had a chance to close out the series, but also realized they had a game to play with. So you didn’t see them come out with the emotion needed to win on the road.

No need to talk too much about this because there isn’t much to discuss.

The Celtics played poorly (shot 33 percent for the game), the Lakers played better and Bryant was the best player on the floor (26 points, 11 rebounds).

So what are keys for Game 7?

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Posted: May 18th, 2010

He's not considered the game's top player today, but Kobe Bryant is hearing "MVP" chants during the playoffs. He's seven wins away from winning his fifth championship ring.

Although Kobe Bryant is only 31 years old, he’s a 13-year veteran and has played in 1021 regular-season games, 186 playoff games.

So he’s not an old man, but after the wear and tear of playing that many games not including his run with Team USA for the 2008 Summer Olympics, Bryant is no longer a young pup with no facial hair, either.

However, Bryant looked like the man teams hate to see come playoff time in putting up 40 points for the Los Angels Lakers in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns on Monday night.

The Lakers won, 128-107. Game 2 is Wednesday in Los Angeles.

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Posted: April 27th, 2010

He looked up to him as a kid.

Wears his same number, for now.

And who knows, LeBron James may own a team someday like Michael Jordan, who is runnings for the Charlotte Bobcats. I asked James about the possibility before Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

“I would love to be in that position. It’s a great position to be able to own a team and be able to put pieces together and things like that. Make decisions. It’s definitely a tough job, but I love the game and I know talent. If that opportunity presents itself later on in my life, then I would try it.”

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Posted: April 24th, 2010

Charlotte needs its new owner, Michael Jordan, to turn back the clock and play in order to beat the Orlando Magic.

Orlando is doing it without Dwight Howard scoring a ton of points and being in foul trouble.

Boston is playing like it did early in the season.

No wonder they are each a game away from sweeping their respective first-round series in the Eastern Conference.

The Magic took a 3-0 lead Saturday by winning, 90-86 at Charlotte against the Bobcats. Howard had just 13 points and fouled out in the fourth quarter after playing just 26 minutes.

As for the Celtics, they can sweep the Heat  by winning Sunday’s Game 4 in Miami. Paul Pierce gave them a 3-0 series lead by hitting a game-winning shot at the buzzer to give Boston a 100-98 win.

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Posted: April 18th, 2010

Dwight Howard is a lock to win a second consecutive defensive player of the year award.

(2) Orlando Magic (59-23) vs. (7) Charlotte Bobcats (44-38)

Series schedule: Game 1 – Today at Orlando 5:30 p.m. ET (TNT); Game 2 – Wednesday at Orlando 7 p.m. ET (TNT); Game 3 – Saturday at Charlotte 2 p.m. ET (TNT); Game 4 –Monday 4/26 at Charlotte TBD; Game 5 – Wednesday 4/28 *at Orlando TBD; Game 6 – Friday 4/30 *at Charlotte TBD; Game 7 – Sunday 5/2 TBD. *If necessary.

Series keys: For Orlando: Use bench (Orlando will need reserves later in the postseason). 2. Establish defensive energy (Howard sets tone with shot blocks and rebounding). 3. Handle Action Jackson (Stephen Jackson had 28 points in Charlotte’s lone win against Orlando. For Charlotte: 1. Guard the 3-pointer (Orlando lead the NBA in 3-pointers made with 841 in the regular season). 2. Foul Superman (Dwight Howard shoots a higher percentage from the field – 61.2 percent – than the line – 59.2 percent. 3. Follow the leader (Veteran coach Larry Brown has the knowledge to make this series interesting). 

Series outcome: Magic will win the series in six games, but Charlotte won’t go down easily.

Series stories:

1. Dwight Howard on Hack-a-Dwight: “It’s not a bad strategy” – Orlando Sentinel
2. Magic-Bobcats offer friendly, fiery playoff twist – USA Today
3. Can Michael really let Larry leave Charlotte? – ESPN

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Posted: April 18th, 2010

He’s the man in a difference sense now.

Michael Jordan now owns the Charlotte Bobcats. Here’s clips from an exclusive interview with legendary coach John Thompson. 

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