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Posted: June 6th, 2011
Crab Apple Ridge Golf Course

The Facts:

Crab Apple Ridge Golf Course

Address: 10085 Peach Street, Waterford PA 16441

Phone: (814) 796-3106

Par: 72

Yardage: 6484 (Blue), 6109 (White), 5476 (Gold), 5157 (Red)

Rates (Walking): $16 (9 holes), $20 (18 holes)

Rates: (Riding): $23 (9 holes), $30 (18 holes)


The Best:

1. The clubhouse

2. Wide and narrow fairways create a challenge

3. Ice filled coolers can be rented for beer

4. The scenery

5. Good course/green maintenance

6. Nice bathrooms

7. The benches, garbage cans, and toilets spread across the course

8. Relaxed dress code

9. Decent price

10. Easy to find (Just follow Peach St.)


1. The Clubhouse / Divot’s Bar and Grill

2. Tee Jay’s

3. Sparrow Pond Family Campground


Outside beer cannot be brought onto the course, but beverages are available for purchase at the clubhouse

Driving to Crab Apple Ridge Golf Course was simple since once I got to Peach Street I had to do was head south until I saw the large, gray clubhouse and sprawling fairways on the east side of the road. Even with my poor sense of direction, it was easy to find.

The course spills over 125 acres of land that once helped form the New York-Pennsylvania state line and was occupied by farmland and orchards. The course gets its name from the crab apple trees that grew in those orchards.

I chatted with Helen Tracy who owns the course with her husband, Louis “Rusty” Tracy. Rusty and Helen started building the course back in 1993 and continue to improve the course annually.

Their goal: Make Crab Apple Ridge a public course on par with the quality of a country club.

The course looked very different to me as I moved from hole to hole. Pulling into the parking lot, I noticed the holes closest to the clubhouse hardly had any trees; errant tee shots don’t appear to be devastating on these holes.

Walking farther from the clubhouse, the vegetation grew denser and the holes were more clearly defined. These holes could prove more of a challenge due to the tightness of the fairways.

It was nice to see sturdy benches and large garbage cans at every tee box. With a course so large, having a place to rest is key. A few porta-potties are spread across the course as well. However, a lack of drinking fountains was a downer and I had to suffer because I was too cheap to buy a pop from the vending machine out on the course.

Although I only walked the course, I was disappointed with some of the cart paths. The paths were mostly dirt and had gravel in some parts. There were a few sections I came across that were uneven or had potholes.

I felt at home in the clubhouse. In the pro shop I found myself staring at pictures, plaques, and trophies the Tracy family had placed there. The shop was small, but it had anything a golfer might need.

Divot’s Bar and Grill occupies the rest of the space. The bar was plain, but the smell of homemade pulled pork made me wish my stomach was empty. There were plenty of tables to sit at and a few televisions to watch while passing time in the air conditioning.

The bathrooms were small, but immaculate. As someone who despises public bathrooms, I had no trouble at Crab Apple Ridge.

Outside the clubhouse were a few different colored picnic tables on the wraparound porch. The tables are an inviting place to sit and watch the golfers starting or finishing their rounds.

I asked a few golfers why they played golf and their response was routinely “for the challenge.” I assume the scenery must definitely come into play as I sat and watched over the well manicured holes of the Crab Apple Ridge Golf Course.

Crab Apple Ridge didn’t offer anything in addition to the course and clubhouse. But I did notice that the Sparrow Pond Family Campground wasn’t far down the road. Anyone who decides to spend some time at the campground might find it smart to bring their clubs with them.

But when your round is over, take a few minutes to stop into Tee Jay’s, for some ice cream and can cool down after the round. Although I passed on the ice cream, I couldn’t resist buying some cotton candy ice cream before I headed home.

Some Course Photos:

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