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Posted: June 17th, 2011
Gospel Hill Golf and Country Club

The Facts:

Gospel Hill Golf and Country Club

Address: 4415 Steimer Road, Erie, Pa

Phone: (814) 899-5700 ‎

Par: 70

Yardage: 5527 (White), 5299 (Red)


The Best:

1. The price

2. The contrast between the front and back nine

3. The Clubhouse

4. The deck outside

5. Secluded from busy and loud roads

6. Easygoing staff

7. Scenery


1. Penn State Behrend

2. Sidelines Sports Bar and Grill


Players may not bring their own alcohol. Alcohol can be purchased at the clubhouse

I chose Gospel Hill Golf and Country Club for this week’s Course Report.  The course is tucked in between the houses of a small neighborhood.  It stands out from all of the houses, which isn’t a bad thing.  The course has been in the area for over half a century and is important to the surrounding area.

Back in 1958, Ed Kerner realized the land he lived on was a perfect fit for a golf course.  Kerner and his friend, Mike Brosman, stopped playing golf  to build a course of their own.  It took almost five years to complete the first nine holes of the course, and Gospel Hill finally opened in 1962.

I was told that Ed Kerner wasn’t satisfied with a nine hole golf course; he wanted a full 18 holes.  In 1964, Kerner was able to purchase enough land to house the back nine holes of the golf course.  Two more years of hard work followed before Gospel Hill was completely finished.

Ed Kerner passed away in 1969, but his two daughters, Linda and Becky, continue to run Gospel Hill.

The way the course was created might explain why a few golfers at  mentioned that the front nine and back nine are practically two different courses.  The first nine holes are very short and narrow whereas the last nine are wide and long.

Both halves of the course present their own challenges.  I remember experiencing the shift of the course structure when I last played at Gospel Hill.  It was hard for me to get bored with the layout.

A good sized putting green sits next to the first tee so golfers can warm up before a round.

The owners have done a lot to ensure the golfers have whatever they might need while playing a round of golf.  Benches can be found at every tee box and a drinking fountain can be found between the front and back nine.  A few pop machines are located outside the clubhouse.

The spacious clubhouse has plenty of tables to sit at as well as a small pro shop, bar, and snack counter.  The small TV in the corner was playing ESPN, combined with the wood paneling and outside deck gives the clubhouse a familiar feeling of home.  The deck overlooks the ninth green, making it the perfect place to rest and watch some golf.

The clubhouse has a bar, so any outside alcohol is neither needed nor allowed.

While out at Gospel Hill, I noticed how close the golf course is to Penn State Behrend.  It might be worth it for students to bring their golf clubs to school for the warmer months of the year. Other than Behrend, the area surrounding Gospel Hill doesn’t have many attractions.

Gospel Hill has a few specials to take advantage of.  For instance, Wednesday features a “buy one get one free” on green fees.  The price of a round of golf is another thing to take advantage of.  At $18 for a round, Gospel Hill literally costs one dollar per hole.  More specials and other information can be found at the course’s website (


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