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Posted: June 10th, 2011
Lake Pleasant Golf Course

The Facts:

Lake Pleasant Golf Course

Address: 9170 Lake Pleasant Road, Erie, PA 16509-5752

Phone: (814) 825-5642 ‎

Par: 33

Yardage: 2126 (White), 1956 (Red)


The Best:

1. Clubhouse

2. The course design and the challenges of each hole

3. Mini-golf

4. Good course/green maintenance

5. Clean bathrooms

6. friendly staff/owners

7. The scenery

8. Angel, Linda and Dennis Hancock’s dog


1. Mini-golf

2. The Clubhouse

3. The Boardwalk Tavern

4. The Beechwood Inn


Players may bring their own alcohol.  Alcohol cannot be purchased at the clubhouse

I rolled down the windows in my car and headed out to Lake Pleasant Golf Course for this week’s Course Report.  Lake Pleasant Road, from where the course gets its name, is mostly surrounded by farmland, but a golfer’s paradise sits right in the middle.

Linda and Dennis Hancock built the course 20 years ago.  I was surprised to find that the land the golf course rests on used to be a slaughterhouse in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Dennis, who worked in the cementing business, thought building the course would be a nice retirement job.  He ended up working much harder than he originally thought he would.

The owners took great care in turning the land into a scenic public golf course with a private and professional look.  Dennis said the grass is cut to five different heights to make rounds more challenging.  The course also features five water hazards and a great number of trees to frustrate the golfers.

I played Lake Pleasant last year and those hazards were certainly too much for my mediocre golf skills.  The course forced me to take some approach shots and made me nervous to look at the scorecard.  But that’s what golfing is all about.

The owners made sure to have a bench on every tee box so golfers can rest when they have the time.  A porta-potty is located near the back of the course and each hole has a cart path made of red brick that slowly fades into grass.

My favorite part about the course was the clubhouse.  It once was a run-down barn that was built in the 1850’s, but Linda and Dennis renovated it and made it a part of the course.

The beautiful clubhouse has a spacious front porch where golfers can sit and watch people start their rounds.  Inside, it has a small pro shop and a few tables where people can get out of the sun.  Outisde, picnic tables sit in the shade of the clubhouse.

Lake Pleasant Golf Course offers numerous leagues for golfers to play in.  Dennis told me that he lets the leagues have parties and gatherings in the clubhouse – free of charge.

The clubhouse doesn’t serve food, but there is a grill available for anyone wanting to bring something to cook.  A few vending machines sit outside the clubhouse to ensure players don’t get too thirsty.

Alcohol isn’t sold, but golfers are welcome to bring their own.  The Boardwalk Tavern and Beechwood Inn, both located on Wattsburg Road, provide a good time only a short distance from the course.

Lake Pleasant is known for its golf course, but the land contains a great mini-golf course as well.  The putt-putt course was constructed nine years ago.  It features its own clubhouse and parking lot, but is still a part of Lake Pleasant.  Linda and Dennis brag that I’d have to drive over 100 miles to find a mini-golf course as nice as theirs.

Lake Pleasant’s website ( offers a printable coupon for a dollar off the regular price for a round of mini-golf.

The course also has a small putting green but the driving range was recently closed.

It is obvious that Linda and Dennis take good care of the golf course.  With the course, mini-golf, and their house all on the property, their work is never complete.


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  2. Linda Young says:

    Very nice article on Lake Pleasant course Mike. It is one of my favorite places to play! Great job!

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