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Posted: July 28th, 2011
Green Meadows Golf Course

The Facts:

Green Meadows Golf Course

Address: 2451 North Brickyard Road, North East, PA 16428

Phone: (814) 725-5009 ‎

Par: 72

Yardage: 6307 (Blue), 5881 (White), 5177 (Red)


The Best:

1. The change of pace between the front and back nine

2. The paved cart paths

3. The price

4. The driving range and putting green

5. The owners (Everyone I talked to was very nice)

6. The flat course caters to beginners as well as those with some experience


1. The Clubhouse

2. Townline Tavern

3. The Ruffled Grouse Bar & Grille


Golfers can bring their own alcohol. Alcohol cannot be purchased at the clubhouse.

I knew I was getting close to Green Meadows Golf Course when I suddenly found myself surrounded by the grape vines that define North East so well.  The course is located among countless acres of farm land just off of Buffalo Road.

The overall flatness of Green Meadows Golf Course helped me realize that a farm was once located there, but I was able to speak with Adrienne Hassenplug to find out more.

Green Meadows was opened to the public in 1975 by Robert Boyd Sr. (Adrienne’s grandfather) and the rest of his family.  The course was built simply because the Boyd family had a passion for the game of golf.  During the early years of the course’s existence, the Boyds continued to manage the farm they owned.

But golf courses and farms can be difficult to manage – even individually.  I imagine that worrying about both at the same time could be a nightmare.  It wasn’t long before the Boyd family decided to sell the farm and fully concentrate on the course for which they had so much love.

Many people may not realize that Green Meadows was only a nine hole course until it became an 18 hole course around 1989.  The front and back nine seem to have completely different personalities due to the time difference in their construction.

The front nine was built exclusively on farm land and is very flat.  This, combined with the layout of the trees, created a very open front nine.  It isn’t as important for golfers to have straight tee shots when faced with the wide holes.

In order to make accuracy more valuable, the greens on the front nine are quite small.  It may take an extra shot or two to find the green (yet this makes putting easier).

The back nine is much more scenic due to the amount of trees and the land that borders the course.  The last nine holes appear to have been cut right out of some woods, so there are plenty of trees for golfers to run into.  A small creek also runs through five of the nine holes to give the course another dimension.  Also, grape vines literally border the 14th and 15th holes.  They look great up until you lose a ball within them.

The owners at Green Meadows strive to give golfers everything they might need while out on the course.  Benches are located at the tee boxes to give players a place to rest.  There are two bathrooms out on the course that the owners constructed themselves.  These restrooms also serve as rain shelters.

The entire course benefits from paved cart paths and an irrigation system.  The cart paths offer a smooth ride as well as a place for your cart when it is a bit too wet outside.  But the irrigation system constantly works to try and prevent the course from any sort of flooding.

In addition to the course itself, Green Meadows owns a driving range across the street.  The driving range opens as early as February, when golfers hit from a sheltered area out into the open.  The course also features a small putting green right behind the clubhouse.

Green Meadows’ current clubhouse was built in 1997 and is apparently a great improvement on the original clubhouse.  Inside, golfers can find a pro shop to stock up on anything they need to.  A banquet room is located upstairs for parties and other types of get togethers.  Green Meadows also features a small concession stand where snacks and hotdogs can be purchased.

At the moment, Green Meadows does not sell alcohol, but they allow golfers to bring their own.


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