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Posted: January 19th, 2012
Things I found while surfing around — 1/19/12

Credit: runDisney

The Dish on Disney

A behind the scenes look at the Disney races which are, without a doubt, the ultimate R.D. (race director) challenge.

The challenge with Disney is this is a huge complex. So we have to partner with all the resorts, all of the theme parks, the water parks, because we do our best not to interrupt their transportation and all the day guests’ experience.” Hughes says. “That’s the biggest challenge: getting all of our tens of thousands of people on the road, off in time, through the parks, on a great course, come back, get the finish done and have as little disruption to the overall theme park operation as possible.”



Vibrams hit Hollywood

Yep, those are Vibram Five Fingers poking out under 20-year-old Shailene Woodley’s dress (she’s one of the starts of The Descendants and, like Running is Funny points out…she’s a runner and a jogger.)

After attending the Golden Globes ceremony in the traditional gown and heels, she changed for an after-party into a black floor-length gown and… Vibram Five Fingers.

This caused the celebrity media to go berserk, as dozens of publications dissected her decision.

Read what they had to say here. But, I get it…I’ve often gone out looking like  complete dork with my Saucony’s simply for comfort’s sake. I couldn’t imagine teetering around in Manolo Blahniks all night.


Yoga for Runners

Check out this post-run yoga routine for runners. The got me with this first line:

If you have tight hamstrings (and what runner doesn’t?), the problem may have as much to do with the front of your legs as the back. Tight hip flexors can pull your pelvis forward, putting stress on the hamstrings and lower back. These muscles, which connect your back and hip to your femur bone, become especially inflexible after long periods of sitting. So if you have a desk job or a long commute, you’ll find this series of stretches—which targets the hip flexors and the hamstrings—especially beneficial. Do this routine after a run once your muscles are warm. Hold each pose for at least 30 seconds.

I know what you’re thinking, who has time to do yoga after running 6 miles? But if you do the math (and it’s so simple that even I can do it here),  6 poses held for 30 seconds each, you’ll see that it’s just 3 minutes. THREE minutes. You can fit that in.

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