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Posted: March 15th, 2012
Things I found — 3/15/12

They must be making this up

If only I were tech-savvy enough to upload video, I could totally recreate the dramatic  eye roll (sans eye shadow…gasp!) I did when I read about these new cosmetics just made for gym bunnies.

Reminds me of the time I belonged to one of the higher-end gyms in town which was really more of a dating pool than a gym.


Just say Moo

The chocolate milk marketers are now after you.




Should you only go out after dark?

Do you actually run faster in the dark, or is it all in your mind? Find out here.



Rock star runner

Check out this interview that Runners World News blog did with Maroon 5 lead guitarist, James Valentine, who is planning to run the Honda LA Marathon this weekend.

In honor of James’ first marathon, I give you my favorite Maroon 5 running tune (which is oh-so-appropriate for, say, mile 10 of a half marathon):


T-shirt of the week

Available here for $22.

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