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By Heather Cass Erie Times-News staff blogger
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Posted: March 29th, 2012
Things I found — 3/29/12

Beer belly?

I hate to be a drag, but are you undoing all the good when you run a 1/2 marathon & then party the night away? Maybe. Learn more about drinking & exercise  and how alcohol effects your body.  Some of you may say…hey, sister, it’s all worth it and, to you, I simply say, Cheers!



So you think your fit

Runners have this misunderstanding that because we run our legs are strong, and get stronger the more we run,” says Tom Nohilly, assistant coach of the New Jersey/New York Track Club. “Without additional resistance training, however, over time your muscles detrain and can become weaker.”

Try these 4 tests of overall fitness from Runners World magazine and find out just how fit you really are.



Don’t get ticked off, er…on

Word has it that north east needs to brace for an increase in lyme disease this year. It’s no joke. Seriously. Ask the trail runners and they’ll tell you a post-race tick check is vital. (And, can be fun depending on who your checking and who’s checking you).

It’s so fun that Brad Paisley wrote a whole song about it!



Good intentions pave the way to therapy

Whenever I worry that I’m a bad mom who is totally screwing up my daughters, I’m going to pull up this article and read it again because Dara-Lynn Weiss wins hands-down. Hands-down.  I hope she got a few extra copies of the Vogue article for her daughter’s scrapbook so that Bea just hand it over to her therapist ten years from now and say…SEE!  Oh, but, wait…I forgot, there will be a book.  Take it from a former fat little girl, Dara-Lynn is doing permanent damage to her daughter.



T-shirt of the week

Consider yourself warned….

Available here for $25.

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