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Posted: March 8th, 2012
Things I found — 3/8/12

Put your old kicks to good use

Your old running shoes can be turned into material used to build tracks, basketball courts and tennis courts through the Nike Reuse A Shoe program.  It looks like the closest place you can donate is the Nike Outlet store in Grove City, Pa.




Beats you can sweat to

I hesitate to post this because musical tastes are so subjective (that’s why I stopped posting “Download it” selections), but these songs to beat boredom from seem to have a broad appeal. Load up the old iPod, hit the ‘mill and enjoy!



Saltines are good for you(r form)

Find out how you can improve your running form with a couple of saltine crackers (no, really).




14 Injuries to watch for

Here are the 14 most common fitness injuries, according to Outside magazine. These aren’t all specifically running-related, but most of us do more than run.


Image by Adam Voorhes for Runners World

Don’t go down this dead end

I could’ve written this myself. If you missed this article “Running on Empty” in the March issue of Runners World magazine, be sure to give it a read now and watch for it in runners you know. It’s a dark and winding road, but there are frequent exits.



T-shirt of the week

For the pessimistic, race-weary veteran runner:

“Some sucky race, some sucky place. They can’t all be PRs and Sunshine”

Available here in various styles.


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  1. Tom Madura says:

    Being solidly in the “Clydesdale” category, I don’t think I need to worry about that “disordered eating” thing. In fact, if I tried that trick of running with saltine crackers in my hands I’d probably end up eating ‘em before I finished my run. ;-)

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