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Posted: March 1st, 2012
Things I found — 3/1/12

Kid knows his stuff

Who better than the offspring of world-class runners, Adam & Kara Goucher, to give great advice on running injuries. He may be young, but this kid is wicked wise beyond his years.

AND…. there’s a part II, in which young Colt serves up his opinion on the controversial split shorts:

OMG, I think I can feel my uterus screaming…c’mon, we can still do this!



Nike knits up some supa-fly shoes

If Martha Stewart ran, I’m certain these Flyknit Nikes are the kicks she’d wear. Only she’d make them herself, of course.




Stair workout fun (depends on your definition of fun)

If hill repeats and interval training just isn’t enough for your bad ass, check out this stair workout for endurance athletes. All you need are is a set of stairs, a couple of dumbbells and a sandbag.  And, later, probably a chiropractor….

As for me, I’d need one other thing to do this workout — a gun to my head.  But, hey, I know some of you really get off on this extreme stuff, so have at it.

BTW — Might I recommend Dr. Dan Young, Young Chiropractic, 2431 W. 26th St., 838-9898?



Run AND save the Zombies

In the category of….oooookkkkkkkk (say that real slow and drawn out), check out this new training aid for the zombie apocalypse.

Zombies, Run! is an iPhone Application (Android version to be released later this year) Here’s a description from Runners World who reviewed this new…training aid, game, iPhone thing….whatever:

In the game you take on the role of Runner 5, a zombie-evading messenger for the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. During 13 replayable missions you listen to updates from your fellow survivors, as they direct you to accomplish various objectives, and ambient noises from the zombies lurching through the world around you. In between these radio drama segments the game plays music from your playlists.

It’s about running. And Zombies.

Yeah, so…’s more if you’re interested (geek):



T-shirt of the week

If only I’d have seen this back in our baby-jogger years, I’d have bought a matching set for the whole Cass family.

It reads: “My running stroller is a rocket; The baby has superpowers; Together, we’ll kick your ass.”

Would make a great baby gift for the new running parents or parents-to-be, in your life.

Available here in men’s, women’s and, of course, kid’s sizes for $23 to $40.




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