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By Heather Cass Erie Times-News staff blogger
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Posted: April 19th, 2012
Things I found — 4/19/12

Are you a hunter or a farmer?

According to  Mark Liponis, M.D., author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution your body type reveals your dietary needs. Are you an apple-shaped hunter or a pear-shaped farmer?  I’m an apple, all the way and…I recently discovered (not through reading this book, though…now I want to read it) that eating like a “hunter” did help me achieve my weightloss and fitness goals. I am, literally, eating the EXACT opposite of what I had been eating for a dozen years and I’ve seen a 12-pound weight loss with virtually zero effort (definitely running less than ever now). How about them apples?



Cardio Kitty

Appears there are some cats who like to run….except when a camera crew from New Jersey shows up to film the cat running.  Story & video here.



Helpful advice for recovering runners

Injured? Painful right? Not just the injury, but the mental agony.  Suddenly, you have the urge to run healthy runners off the road, right? We’ve all been there, my friend. But you CAN deal with it and you CAN make it through without killing anyone. Check out this article for 10 Ways to Survive Your Injury Without Being a B*&^@ (or a D#$%).



Don’t drink and Tweet

While tens of thousands pound the pavement at Boston, thousands more stand cheering, drinking, and, apparently, tweeting. Check out the best drunken tweets from the Boston Marathon.



T-shirt of the week

Runner’s math:

Available for $22 here.

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