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Posted: October 4th, 2012
Things I found — Oct. 4

If you’ve not heard of dog shaming, click here and I guarantee you a few laughs. Put your coffee down so you don’t ruin your keyboard.


Marathoners need to lighten up?

According to a recent study, more than 90% of marathoners are heel strikers, especially in the later miles of the race when, presumably, the runners fatigue.

These findings are interesting in light of this study — yet another that has found that minimalist shoes reduce injuries in runners.



Katydid nymph. Photo: KaiMartin/Wikimedia Commons

Best Bugs to Eat

Here’s something for you trail-loving ultra runners — a survivalists’ take on the most nutritious insects to eat.

For your sake, I hope you never get so lost in the woods that need to learn first-hand that roasted grasshoppers crunch like Fritos, but I suppose it’s better than starving to death.

Grasshoppers beware.


Try Best for free

Best Fitness, 2147 W. 12th St., Erie, is offering a 30-day free membership with no strings attached.

The last day to register is Nov. 5 and there’s no limit to the number of people who can sign up.

Learn more here.


Ugly race photos

I can’t remember if I linked to this before, but this is timelessly fun stuff that really never gets old  (and is constantly updated) — we’re talking about some Seriously Ugly Race Pics. Enjoy!

And, for God’s sake, smile when you see the race photographer!


T-shirt of the week

Ain’t that the truth? Available here for $32, but that’s organic cotton and you can probably find a cheaper version made by little children in a third-world country for half the price (oh, relax, it’s a joke…a someone truthful joke, but….a joke. Spare me your nasty emails!)


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  1. Tom Madura says:

    According to the link,

    “A new study from a U.S. Army-Baylor University doctoral program in physical therapy has found a strikingly low rate (13.7 percent) of injuries among barefoot/minimalist runners. In the same study, shod runners wearing traditional shoes reported a 46.7 percent injury rate, or 3.41 times greater than the minimalist runners.”

    Wow. Who knew? ;-)

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