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Posted: January 4th, 2013
Runners share their 2013 goals

I asked local runners: What are your running goals for 2013?

Silver buckle at Western States (sub-24), and a Boston Qualifier. — Pat Krott

To still be running at the end of 2013. — Jan Comi

To get back running – to where I was in July of 2012 – maybe even stronger and better. — Tim May

Simply to get back running after a bad injury. —Christine Vassen

I am still trying to get under a two hour half! — Lisa Shade

To successfully complete series of snares and trip wires so I can beat Heather Cass in a race through Harborcreek Community Park. — Eloise Hawking (LOL, Eloise!)

To not quit just because of no one to run with. — Tom Twohig

I want to try to do at least one half-marathon a year, and find neat places to do them. This year, my goal is the Shiner Beer Run half marathon: — Matt Madurski

Well since I just recently took up running and am only a beginner, I would like to get up to a mile under 7 or 8 minutes. My best was 8:26 in my sophomore year of high school and I’d like to get back to that or better. — Courtney Giordano

Stay injury free! — Ginny Sackett

Half marathon! — Theresa Konzel 

365 miles run total for 2013. — Kristen Gehrlein

To run at least 2 events this year. One at my own pace. One keeping up with Dale. — Lisa Zdunski

To not injure myself.  — Amy Morrow

To run. — Jim Lang

My goals? Meh…been there, done all that.  I’m going for a year of ordinary achievement. My only real goal this year is the help some of you reach your goals.

In that vein, check out this Runner’s World story listing the 10 Most Popular Running Resolution (all mentioned above) and how to achieve them!

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