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Posted: February 22nd, 2013
Friday ?: Winter workout options

What is your “go to” indoor workout when the weather outside is too frightful to run outside safely?

Turbo Fire! — Tracy Jenks

Treadmill or a bike trainer. — Amy Cronk

I run intervals on the treadmill. — Tom Toale

I almost always run outside. Only once the last three years did I run on the dreadmill. Probably 10 times in 37 years. Sometimes the treadmill might be a smart option though! :0  — Rick Armstrong

Hot yoga. — Jennifer Bach

It has to be pretty extreme conditions outside to force me inside to run on the dreadmill.   I ran in a blizzard a couple weeks ago with a face mask and goggles.  I actually crossed path with a guy cross-country skiing on a main road.  Both of us looked at each other with an expression that said, “you must be crazy.” I’ll do just about anything else to avoid the treadmill; cross training, lifting or swimming.  But since I’m training for a spring marathon I have to bite the bullet.   — Mike Lawrence

I am on the same page as Mike and Rick, always outside.  As a matter of fact, I read Heather’s email on my phone as I was headed out for a run last night in that snow storm.  My eyelashes started to freeze together at mile 7 and it made me smile as I thought about how I would respond to this post.   The earth is too beautiful to duck from adverse weather.  I feel I have to get out and breath in the fresh air in order to really feel alive.  That is what keeps me going.  — Patrick Dwyer

When the weather is frightful I hit the treadmill or jump in the pool at the gym.  I also have quite a few exercise DVDs that I enjoy. — Rhonda Berlin

Insanity! — Jessie Zahner

At home I hit my heavy bag for 45 min then hula hoop for 1/2 hr. Do Jillian Michael Dvd, Zumba on the Wii or Just Dance. At the Y I take Zumba and lift free weights. — Amy Morrow

Spin class. — John Guerriero

As for me, it has to be really bad (cold & rain or bitter cold wind) to not run outside because I cannot bring myself to run on the treadmill anymore. Over the years, I’ve burned up a couple treadmills and probably put thousands of miles on those belts, but now….meh…if I can’t run outside, I’ll wait till the next day or I’ll do something else, like…

* Weight training — I’m loving this Cathe Slow & Heavy DVD right now. I’m also a fan of Chalean Extreme and even this 30-minute one if I’m short on time.

* Walking on the treadmill. I like the chance to catch up on reading — magazine or I turn the font up on my Kindle and read that.

* Yoga. This is more of a workout than you think…and…truth: there isn’t a runner out there who couldn’t use more stretching.

* Cross country skiing. I can do this in my backyard and usually right on the roads around my house. I don’t like doing it in the dark, though, so…this is not usually a morning option for me.

* Sleep in. Folks…it’s winter…if ever there’s a time to rest, relax and recover, it’s now. Take this opportunity (and Mother Nature’s cue) to let your body grow stronger. If you’re constantly beating it up and pushing it, pushing it, pushing it…you will end up injured. Muscles get stronger not when you are pushing them, but when you stop and they have the chance to repair themselves and grow stronger.


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