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Posted: February 13th, 2013
More Yoga for Runners Workshops scheduled

Saturday’s Yoga For Runners workshop at Yoga, Pilates & More was well attended, very warm, and quite informative.

Yoga, Pilates & More owner Elyssa Lindenberger taught the class full of runners how yoga poses and help relieve (and prevent) some of the most common running injuries.  She led us through a 1-hour practice, then we went over four “power poses” that runners can use to stretch and strengthen their legs and core, which will help stabilize the body.

I found the 2-hour workshop to be really informative because Elyssa didn’t just teach yoga poses, she taught us WHY they were important for runners, in particular (the muscles and tendons we frequently strain, etc.).  That knowledge really helps you understand how and why yoga can help you.

A body in balance means better race times and fewer injuries. What runner doesn’t want that?

If you missed Saturday’s workshop, you have another chance, several actually, as Elyssa is offering a Yoga for Runners Series:

* March 2: Lower Limb

* April 6: Core Strength

* May 4: Upper Body

* June 1: Nutritional support (team taught with Dr. Dan Young)

* July 13: Focus on Common Injuries

* August 3: Putting it All Together

Each workshop is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

Visit Elyssa’s website for more info or call 636-0198.  Yoga, Pilates & More is located in Plaza 79, across from Champion Ford at 2415 W. 26th Street (at the I-79 interchange).

P.S. Word to the wise: If you go to a workshop, wear shorts and a tank top — it’s toasty in the yoga room (that’s deliberate to warm up the muscles).



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